Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What did you say her name was?

Psycho Supreme Ruler??? I'm on the run, but just HAD to show you she's currently eatting through her lead, I GOTTA GO!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pen Pal Needed, Inquire Within

This I gotta tell ya is conduct unbecoming of a poodle and I demand that someone rectify this situation immediately! While you're at it, send someone over to play with me! I understand you are working over there Mom, with that big schemata stuff.. but a girls gotta play here! I'm only 10 weeks old today ya know? So technically, its my birthday again!! Pleaseeeeee?????? Thanks for the toys, but are ya done yet? Can ya come play now?
Anonymous said...
Dear puppy, I would love to be your pen pal... I love your necklace. It is obvious you have a better hair groomer than me...maybe we could trade beauty tips. Maybe soon your mom will make you a quilt for your play pen :-) Love.. the good dog...
Dear Good Dog, At last someone who understands! Thank you:) My necklace comes from my human daddy. He loves to Pearl up the women he loves.Frankly, I love that trait in a human. As for my groomer, I am easily satisfied with the very best:) ::snicker:: My Mommy has given me a few quilts, but she promised to make one especially with my cousins all over it, I have been waiting a week now.. but then again, I hear tell she has a 2 year old project of her human grandaughters still waiting to be quilted! Can you even believe these humans? I think if she stood still long enough she might turn into a tree! Ok, I didnt mean to be a smarty pup.... I tend to get that way when I'm kinda bored.. OMG Here she comes! Gotta go ! Its walk time! Yep she has a leash! ( wondering if I get a pearl one someday) Wouldnt that be cool?Love, your poo pal Ginny

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sometimes Stress tries to win?

Hey... mornin. Sorry that I have been absent without leave. Left ya in the lerch. I feel bad that ya had no news to chew?

I gotta tell ya something.... I like to keep this blog happy, uplifted, light hearted, funny too:) When I am feeling stressful I find THAT difficult to do. I really want to vent, rant, scream, bawl...but its not your problem now is it? So I'm AWOL because I'm battling the big stress takeover. The power play of negative ~vs~ positive. Don't be concerned, as I WILL win. Mind over matter... I don't mind well, and BS doesn't matter. That's all I have to say about that. Grunt.

Puppy news:

We ventured out for new foods,toys, and harness so that we may attend the Strawberry Festival together. Ginger pranced into the store and chose her own kong puppy rope. She "wow'd" everyone in there and got so much attention that she was actually smiling:) She got her new harness attached, and promptly tried to leave with an old couple. We bought her new foods and dinner she said, was delicious! I couldn't believe she ate the whole half cup!

Until 4:00 am this morning that is. Yep yep yep... Lovely way to start the day aint it? Walt was already working in my studio when he heard me at the sink and asked wtf are you doing up so early? I think I mumbled something about another bath, I dunno... again I say, help me Jesus. If I had a spare minute, I would take some (IF) She is a joy in an otherwise trying time.

Quilty News:

I have been hard at work to get caught up before the conference. The restorations at night, the longarm by day. Most are going well, I am pleased, and yep, still behind. Walt and I are gearing up for the big coastal shop hop scheduled for June 1. I of course wont be able to attend but I am quilting the display quilt for the local quilt shop, and sending beautiful cards out in their goodie bags. I love marketing and sales as much as I love quilting! Last years shop hop my girlfriend BA and I hit 14 shops in 2 days, ( 200 miles) We had such a blast, but didn't win a thing! We did get in lots of meeting and greeting though. I would love to do it again!

* We took 2 hours of for good behavior and went to the strawberry festival to snag a funnel cake!! Mission accomplished:) Ginger had fun and was adored by all. She's all tired out and napping.. (mission accomplished)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tough Mornings Round Here.

I need a new system. period. I think the new pup broke my old one? I woke up an hour earlier today telling this to myself. It wasnt of my own doing you know... Ginger wakes up when birds sing, light comes in, someone gets up to potty... a very light sleeper she is, and then its ON AND CRACKIN round here! First is a potty walk of course. 3 times around the backyard while she dances the like of Sanjaya around my legs. Now we terrorize her human Daddy while he is ironing and I make breakfast for the furry feathered ones. I have Rudy yelling from the top of his jungle perch WANNA BITE??? Ginger woofing at Walt to let her play with his shirt, and of course Walt hollering "HELP come get this lil monster off of me!" All I want is some coffee? I decided to go into a trance like state to sit n sip my first cuppa Jo hoping to calm her down. She chewed my hair, pawed my arm with her nails, as if to say "pay attention u stupid human!" I gave in and gathered all of her toys to play. Now its 8:45, I'm late for work, there is no list, and no blog, no computer time. In fact the ONLLY reason you are hearing from me now is because Im typing one handed while she resumes hair chewing!! I asked her to be certain to remove all split ends, thank you. yep, mornings just got harder round here.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Seaworld San Diego

Hey! Who's missing from this picture??? Yep yep yep, me and Avi! I had stroller detail while the rest of the gang waited forever to ride the rapids! So, we shopped! What else? Yes, Aviana couldn't live without Shamu, and a host of other things in stroller height reach. grunt.

I wish that I had taken more pictures, and yes, I say that every time don't I?And I schlepped that dang thing everywhere too! We had fun with them and our accommodations were very nice too. Overlooking the San Diego bay, and Coronado. This pic was a statue of WW2 soldier kissing a nurse in port. San Diego is indeed a beautiful City, one day I wish to return and "DO" the town. Old town SD was awesome too with quaint shops and lotsa Mexican food restaurants. We were serenaded by mariachi's while dining:)

I loved this photo of the African type penguin chatting with a seagull. Incredible eh? We saw 17 varieties of penguins and yes, Walt was hypnotized by the Emperors, of course. We sat in a theatre all of 20 degrees to get up close and personal with them, but worth it too:) Sorry no pics of that (rules). Really are beautiful strange birds. Very playful and childlike in their antics.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Meet the new Fur Baby, Ginger

OK, So we humans travelled 625 miles in 2 days, had fun with the grand kids at Seaworld, made a Ben Franklin pact never to live in southern California, and picked up our new lil red poo, nine weeks old, drove home in sweltering heat cause our air conditioner went on the fritz We kept hydrated with lotsa water, ice cubes and Ginger was a real trooper. Then were kept up all night by the new little one... I guess she napped too much?. She is literally an ankle biter right now too. Very confidant and happy, as long as she is with her people. I put her in Poodle Prison, (ran to Petco this morning already) and she turns into an R & B artist the likes of Diana Ross in Lady Sings The Blues...., complete with vocal wailing, and a range from soprano to bass. Holy cow how am I gonna do this? Walt keeps looking at me as if I needed exorcism or something. He now freely admits to loving Rudy.(pppfffttt I knew it!) I told him he will feel differently when Ginger grows up. He is just a big push over anyway... I caught him feeding her STEAK SLICES earlier!
Not at all like the lil Lucy that went to my Mom...Lucy was more reddish in color, where Ginger has more brown tones. (read dirt) Lucy was shy and loved alone time with her toys. Gingers toy is our bodies...hands, feet, face? She chased me up the stairs awhile ago... I only thought I could find freedom up there. damn it.
We have been moving furniture, adjusting things to suit her... and I THOUGHT I was ready for her?Anyway, our new lil brat has taken over in less than 24 hours.... Help me Jesus. I have to go now, She just wagged into the studio with my red slipper in her mouth. DOES SHE SLEEP?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

You'll Miss me right?

Yep yep yep.. I'm going to pet a Penguin, Kiss a grandbaby, and bring home Ginger the new fur baby:) Walt will be here tending to the feathered baby, but I don't think he will blog for me too... asking a bit much eh? I have all her little duds packed and Rudy's birdie bread baking.... I'm charging up the batteries and taking lotsa pics. I sure wish I had the photography skills of Moompean, maybe someday she can show me some tricks?Have a good weekend, wish me luck in traffic terror with no GPS ( cry with me Blim)!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One of lifes lessons taught by a 2 year old:)

A: Consider the adventure. Weigh all dangers, ponder the rewards before pouncing.

B: Grit your teeth! Clench your fists! Run with reckless abandon and determination!! Let your passion lead the way!

C: Always rely on those that love you to pick you up when you have gotten in too deep! They have wisdom and can teach things you have yet to learn.

D: Revel in your accomplishments. Savor the victory even if you are soaking wet, chilled, and need your Mommy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Quick ~N~ Easy Ceviche`

Sometimes ya just crave childhood comfort foods. Most of mine are mexican or Italian, which is either too fattening or to rough on my digestive system. An exception to that rule (cause there’s lotsa rules round here) is Ceviche. I raided the fridge and went to work. Of course im in the middle of quilting but a girls gotta eat right? I'm trying to be good here, but I really want a warm tortilla with butter:(
So I'm making the right choice today. I smiled to myself as I strewed items all over the counter because Blima always says, where’s your recipe for that? I kind of shrug my shoulders and say "in my head"? So I will attempt to type it out for you, but there really isnt a hard and fast rule about it, Wierd huh? I better make one up. People will talk.
Guilt free, as avocados’ are the good fat..........

Ceviche ( say vee che)

*one firm but ripe Haas avocado, cubed
*About a cup of juicy and sweet red tomatoes like grape, diced
*half a red onion finely diced
*half of an English cucumber, sliced in half lengthwise, then thinly sliced.
*one jalepeno finely diced ( habanero if you dare)(u can sub green bell pepper if u dont like hot)
*1 cup or more peeled and de-veined shrimp (bay shrimp too)
* About 1/4th Cup finely chopped Cilantro
*salt to taste
*Juice of one lemon, or lime

Fold first 7 ingredients in a bowl, as not to disturb each other. Salt to taste, and finish with lemon to not only preserve freshness, but also to cook fish if need be.
Also, this can be made with Any raw fish or crustation. Couple hours in the fridge, its all cooked! I have made this with Salmon, crab, shrimp, Talapia, ling cod. The crab being my all time favorite:)
A very pretty and delcious cocktail or appetizer served with celery or chips, or in my case........... Lunche`!!

*Note to yourself: Serve within a few hours.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Evolution of Mothers Day `Round Here

All of my adult life I have had the burden of working on Mothers day. Hospitality industry. Restaurants and hotels biggest day of the year. I resented this. I recall after my accident how nice it would be to NOT work Mothers day now..... pffftt... I was now one of the Mothers needing to be recognized in a frustrated overcrowded, restaurant. Not good, and not fun, and not for me. I'll take a home cooked bbq and lotsa laughs over that anyday.

This year, I had written off the "day". Far from family here alone, working hard and so was Walt. Not a problem. Last week I gathered up all gifts, cards, and I really looked like something straight out of a Maxine cartoon going to the postal services. Boxes stacked over my head, keys in my mouth and a smile through my teeth. I had come round to being OK with not being with my family for this blessed day. Or so I thought. I went through my regular routine of the morning and went straight to work. (after coffee and blogging eh?) As the calls came in, one after the other, my sons, sister, nephew,hubby, daughter,all with well wishes for a good day, sorry we cant be there, yada yada yada....I know that I am loved, a lucky Mom I am... I got up the nerve to call my Mom. Yeah, that was the no turning back now point. The faucet of tears opened up as I wished her well and also that we were together. She was clueless of this, of course. I hung up the phone and instinctively began opening cupboards and fridge looking for things to cook. Because cooking is a familiar loved action.I had laughter through tears thinking about my girlfriend laughing at me boiling eggs whenever I am stressed out. Oh look at me now, a dozen eggs on the pot, and its not even Easter!
It was here and now that I decided that I simply cannot breathe without them. All of them. Nope.... no can do....ain't happenin.

As I realized what was going on inside of me, I quickly changed the channel. Done, phew... total meltdown, avoided. I cranked up the volume on some funky music, and back to quilting I went! Walt called throughout the day checking on me, (he worries way too much huh). He then came home early and said guess what? Karen (daughter) who was supposedly on her way to Disneyland with the family for a vacation, has taken a detour and will be here any minute, got appetizers? Well, it just wasnt the first time this daughter of mine sounded the trumpets and saved the day:) About 15 minutes later, (after an appetizer tray and drinks had been prepared) She and an entourage of 8 travelors appeared roses in hand, and kisses all around. We ate, we chatted, we laughed, we even beached, all in about 3 hours time, and off they went! Yes, I was breathing again, feeling quite special indeed. Thank you Karen and Art, grandkids and friends, for filling the need today. I love you. Next year, I would like EVERYONE here for Mothers Day ok?(sound the trumpets) I'll have Walt bbq ribs on the beach for us:)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Kansas Bound!

I gots my Ruby Red Slippers and I'm ready to click my heels! Out of my way Dorothy! Shut the heck up Mother nature! I need my longarm conferance! My wholesale therapy! My Sensi` Fix!
Yep yep yep! Its that time of year again and I am counting the days! (and working nights by the way!!!) I have already started to compile the list of TO DO's before, and TO DO's there! Both, are getting long enough to push that little inside panic button in me:) I can't wait to meet some new colleagues, learn some new tricks, and visit with my Sensi` Jane! I have many wonderful classes scheduled this year, I cant wait! I'm not thrilled with my flight itinerary, but the accomodations at the Sheraton are always great. (So , I'll get over it right?) I need things to calm down round here so I can think! No kidding! Between the Swallow issues, computer issues, Mothers day, My puppy coming, Kansas a week later, (and a host of other things I cant talk about) ( til I have a weak moment) I need someone to turn the hose on me! Yesterday...... I was in such a little panic by noon, I screamed "I cant think with all this hair!" And called the salon, whacked it off! I sometimes cant believe myself!!! I looked in the mirror this morning, called myself a few gooberish names,decided that I look like a poodle now, then consoled the mirrored image by telling G? It will grow back......
Its all true! I need an entire team of psychologists! (apply via email k?)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Why is there no room in the Inn?

Who are we to say where swallows can build thier nests? They know better than we right? Its not right that we pressure wash their hard work down so that there is no place to lay thier eggs, pro create, increase thier flock! In case you havent figured it out yet, I am sad that I can not accomodate these feathered friends. They give me pleasure with their songs daily. Some call them pests. Invasions. Pffttt..... they are creatures of God, and he knows each of thier names! The above photograph is my morning shot last spring. Coffee in hand, I ran out the door when I heard the babies screaming to see thier Mama flying in with food in tow. I clicked away as she fed worms to each one that poked its little head out. It took a village of swallows to build this nest. Hundreds worked feverishly to gitterdone in time.
This year the entire block has been determined to detour the little ones, as not to "make a mess" on the stucco of our second story homes. I really like my neighbors, dont misunderstand, we just do not agree on this subject. I feel like I helped to create homeless birds! Like I should make quilts for them? ok... a stetch, but you get what I mean.
Two nests were near completion before Walt and I caved in. I feel awful about it. Today they came back in force, with mud in mouth, to begin again. Tenatious eh... I like them, and I say so what to the mess. Life's messy, clean it up.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A present for me today!

I'm graduating from my doodle pro to my high tech big girl pen! Walt sent this to me and I'm having a blast doodling everything! I can take the pen straight to my computer, dock it, and voila! Everything I doodled is downloaded onto PC! Text or design! WOOHOO!!! You can imagine how eery it felt seeing my own handwriting on this screen! And now I dont have to wonder around snapping pics of my doodle pro doodlings.. I LOVE IT!! Thank you Mufasa! (I wonder if this is a Mothers day gift? Hmmm)

On a crappy note......... MY computer caught a virus that Norton didnt. GRUNT. Kudos to AOL for catching it for us. If any of you use AOL, you wont get emails from me.. AOL blocked me:( I am now in the process of transferring all to an external hard drive. Its a slow aggravating process I tell ya. Right in the middle of my "crunch" time in the studio. So what I'm saying is.... My blogging, doodling, all computer activities will be slow. Just cross everything that I can save all that I need to, cause if I lose pictures or music, I'm going to be far from OK.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Believe Addendum

So, the personality tag that goes with the believer. Am I a dreamer? How about someone who posses childlike faith? Tenacity? Perseverance? An Artist? A Christian who is a sinner who tries a little harder to be a little better with every turn in the journey of life? Ah yes, its the journey.
"You should be a rich woman by now Gina", people tell me all the time. Why? I have ideas! I have skills! I have talent! I always have! Why I cant bottle it, channel it, and make it happen is beyond me!!!(and don't they know that I AM rich anyway?) This pied Piper believes in Miracles, Mini Miracles, in the impossible, in myself, in you! And yet, I still plug happily along Most times enjoying my journey. Sometimes not as much. I have had a fair share of pain, albeit not as much as others, but fair to me cause I also believe that God wont give to me more than I can handle, and sheesh I'm a whiner u know? (I see you nodding your head) I am certain that we all possess the ability to change the channels in our mind, to our benefit. (Mind over matter) Whether or not this would be considered THE SECRET, I do not know, couldn't say. I do know that whenever I'm feeling beaten or bruised, I hear the words of a woman trying to get us to buy her house...(“come on, buy my house, the universe is beating me up here!!”) I am then told by an inaudible voice to change the channel and move on. Delete the instant replays, and go find a happy place. Nine times of ten, it works. The tenth time you ask? Hmmm, pain.When in pain. Physical or emotional pain. Yes, its Kryptonite. That's all I have to say about that. (click)
The photograph below says it all for me, and it that order. Imagine it, believe it, and relax about it. (oh! and go sew something)
So....Follow your bliss you say? Okay, but lets hold hands and believe that together bliss will follow us!

Saturday, May 5, 2007


A cyber friend recently blogged about believing. I want to share that I feel the same! (about believing) Now I dont have time to bla bla bla about this right now as I have chicken roasting on the ~Q~ BUT.... I gotta tell ya,the power of the spirit and the mind go a long way. I could literally write a days blog here, but for now I'll put the pic up and tend to da chicken. ( not to be confuddled with Rudy, the THUPER chicken:) I shall come back and edit some time... IF you are fortunate, AND you believe:) HEY! I have an idea! I would also challenge fellow bloggers to post a Believe Blog too!!! YEH!!!! OK, consider yourselves challenged! Do you believe? How do You believe? What is it that you believe? And do others believe that you believe?

Friday, May 4, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake!

Who feels the most rewarded here I ask you? The giver? Or the receiver?
I'm having fun sending my pal Bundt cake pans this year, and she is sending me pictures of the results! I of course am drooling over them with coffee in hand, and loving the fact that they are non caloric via cyberspace! I would surely trade a few calories for a bite though. GRUNT.
Ahhh Blima the baker... I miss my dear friend. We see each other once or twice a year ( if lucky) as she resides in Montreal. I'm trying to get her to SnowBird to Pismo soon. We take roadtrips together and make some of the best memories I have. In between these trips we cyber chat, email, and send each other fun things via snail mail. I count myself lucky to have such a love.
You can (and should) check out her website (on the right column) with many of her favorite recipes posted. She loves to cook, and is nothing short of professional, albeit, its generally for friends and family.
She feeds her family, and she feels full.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Wild Animal Park

This quilt picture didnt turn out so well, but I'm really pleased with the outcome of my LIME THREAD play! The back is Minkee print, so I was hesitant to use this lime, but I remembered Linda Taylor telling me about her YEAR of lime addiction! lol So I went for it, and she was correct. It not only works, but its striking!
Today I have errand running to do, and tonight, I load a king custom. Split shifts for me til the cows come home! Thirty days til MQS and I'm getting excited! (Or is it, 16 days til Ginger comes home and Im excited?) At any rate, I have MUCHO WORK ahead of me before I can leave!

Did you see Idol last night? OMG It was a 3 hankie for me. I hated to see Phil go, but what ya gonna do?I thought the Blaze of Glory song was the best "exit" song done to date! I'm glad Jordin was safe, I was concerned after her rock flop. I sure like her, and she still gets my weekly vote:) Poor Walt asked, "who did I vote for last night Babe?". ::snicker::
Speaking of music, have you heard of Nicole Mullen? Christian Contemporary. A new song, When I call on Jesus....... I heard it on KKSF Smooth Jazz, and really loved it!( whoever wants it, ask me, I'll send over) I just love that stations diversity with Genre. They really play music to my liking. A little bit of everything! My latest fav being the guy on Idol last night, THICKE.. cant remember.. but I like his tenor/dang near soprano voice! LOL
Ok, enough fooling around.. I gotta go make it count!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Cell Phone Laws Needed Here!

All I did was run to the corner store for a gallon of milk and I swear I'm lucky to have made it home alive!
Out of the driveway, teen girl late for school, on the cell, nearly rams me broadside. She almost took out the mailbox, but missed by a hair. I have only a few minor burns on my lap from sipping coffee while driving. ( my bad?) I'm composed and figure, oh well... she was in a hurry,might have been her Mom on the line... no harm done, tee shirt is old and tragic anyway.First block, stop sign where I turn right, Soccer Mom, or what I perceive to be one, runs said stop sign while on cell phone and turned round yelling at a small kid in the back seat! I slam on brakes, and let her roll on by. Crisis averted. Phew. Glad those MOM days are done.. I give my daughter a quick thought and smile cause I know she does it too....
Sixth Block, turning into the parking lot, a man driving a Carquest truck, again on cell, exiting parking lot, pays absolutley no attention to me entering and decides to make a left! He nearly clipped the back of my Jeep. Thank God its a small Jeep eh?(Actually its thank God I GUNNED it, cause I saw him coming!)Now I'm no longer happy. Forget that I was moments ago blissfully sipping coffee reading my morning mail. Forget the blogs that made me chuckle over the second cuppa Java... Forget the gratitude I felt for my Walt having made me coffee this morning anyway... NOW I'M PISSED. I felt the little burn I get on the tops of my cheeks when so aggravated as I stomped into the store. What the hell am I here for anyway? I mumbled to myself. I wanted to yell at the cashier about all the num nuts out there in the world, but I figured I'd save it for all of you bloggers instead! ( sorry?)
As I exit the parking lot to go home, I'm feeling very.... guarded? Ok, maybe defensive.... I double dog dare anyone to get in my way on my lousy 6 blocks from home! My eyes were squinted, my hands at 10 and 2 on the wheel... I had the pedal to the metal and just looking for cell phone addicts! Now dont get me wrong, I love my cell phone too. I don't know how I ever managed without one? But theres supposed to be rules! I have my own rules, they need rules too. Damn it.
I want California laws put into action like New York has. I think I'll go Google the legislation on it and jump on the merry bandwagon. Thats it, I'm cheerleading this! I had considered the No butts on the beach laws.... even the ATV disturbances on the beach laws.... but now I have a new cause... yep yep yep.... I AM ON IT!
Now I must begin again with fresh coffee and my own blog, just to feel normal again! Hey, btw... thanks for the rant:)

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Birthdays, ya gotta have `em don't ya?

My first born makes me feel old. PERIOD. Every single May first, I feel old. Dang it. I'm so happy to celebrate this day. The day that all those years ago she was a little pink fluff in my arms. I was clueless about her, and she about the big bad world she was just born into. But we made it, together we learned, and continue to do so. Problem is, the birthdays keep coming too.I dont feel old enough to be her Mother? I wonder if she feels the same.I wish I was there with her today. I think I'll go send some flowers and give her a jingle:) Heres a pic of her and her best friends since school. Andrea and Hope. Karen's the pretty one in the middle:) My Baby girl. Happy Birthday Karen, I love you:)

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