Sunday, May 20, 2007

Meet the new Fur Baby, Ginger

OK, So we humans travelled 625 miles in 2 days, had fun with the grand kids at Seaworld, made a Ben Franklin pact never to live in southern California, and picked up our new lil red poo, nine weeks old, drove home in sweltering heat cause our air conditioner went on the fritz We kept hydrated with lotsa water, ice cubes and Ginger was a real trooper. Then were kept up all night by the new little one... I guess she napped too much?. She is literally an ankle biter right now too. Very confidant and happy, as long as she is with her people. I put her in Poodle Prison, (ran to Petco this morning already) and she turns into an R & B artist the likes of Diana Ross in Lady Sings The Blues...., complete with vocal wailing, and a range from soprano to bass. Holy cow how am I gonna do this? Walt keeps looking at me as if I needed exorcism or something. He now freely admits to loving Rudy.(pppfffttt I knew it!) I told him he will feel differently when Ginger grows up. He is just a big push over anyway... I caught him feeding her STEAK SLICES earlier!
Not at all like the lil Lucy that went to my Mom...Lucy was more reddish in color, where Ginger has more brown tones. (read dirt) Lucy was shy and loved alone time with her toys. Gingers toy is our bodies...hands, feet, face? She chased me up the stairs awhile ago... I only thought I could find freedom up there. damn it.
We have been moving furniture, adjusting things to suit her... and I THOUGHT I was ready for her?Anyway, our new lil brat has taken over in less than 24 hours.... Help me Jesus. I have to go now, She just wagged into the studio with my red slipper in her mouth. DOES SHE SLEEP?


Anonymous said...

Oh she is beautiful!!!! How precious!!!!!!! How will you even be able to quilt?!! I'm glad you got home safe and sound!! Welcome to Paradise Ginger!! :-) Jan

Anonymous said...

waiting for an update.

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO.... sorry.... sounds like my favorite dog when he was a puppy.. and yes there is hope, and you might sleep again some day :-) Remember... dogs are pack animals... and you have removed Ginger from the pack and she is trying to figure out her new level in the pack. It will all work out :-) Although favorite dog has never given up his love for my slippers... I now go barefoot and hide the slippers for him to find and gloat with thru the house... guess that makes me a push over too :-) - Jan

Anonymous said...

OMGGGGGGGG ROFL, I am loving this.
But why do you have to move furniture around for a puppy?

Isnt puppyhood fun?
love u, B

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