Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tough Mornings Round Here.

I need a new system. period. I think the new pup broke my old one? I woke up an hour earlier today telling this to myself. It wasnt of my own doing you know... Ginger wakes up when birds sing, light comes in, someone gets up to potty... a very light sleeper she is, and then its ON AND CRACKIN round here! First is a potty walk of course. 3 times around the backyard while she dances the like of Sanjaya around my legs. Now we terrorize her human Daddy while he is ironing and I make breakfast for the furry feathered ones. I have Rudy yelling from the top of his jungle perch WANNA BITE??? Ginger woofing at Walt to let her play with his shirt, and of course Walt hollering "HELP come get this lil monster off of me!" All I want is some coffee? I decided to go into a trance like state to sit n sip my first cuppa Jo hoping to calm her down. She chewed my hair, pawed my arm with her nails, as if to say "pay attention u stupid human!" I gave in and gathered all of her toys to play. Now its 8:45, I'm late for work, there is no list, and no blog, no computer time. In fact the ONLLY reason you are hearing from me now is because Im typing one handed while she resumes hair chewing!! I asked her to be certain to remove all split ends, thank you. yep, mornings just got harder round here.


Barb said...

LOL I wish I could see you with your hair all messed up...tring to get your cup of coffee.

Anonymous said...

Barb, you have seen her with her hair all messed up, lolol. dont u remember Niagara. gets easier in about 2 - 3 years, :))
Im suppose to be coming in July with Mike for a rest?
enjoy puppyhood!!
Love u, B.

Anonymous said...

LOL... welcome to my life... between 4:30-5:30 I am pounced awake by my two four leggeds... DH is up and then naturally by 5:30-6 the child who does not sleep is running down the hall yelling & throwing stuff for the dogs to play.... my advice... second dog to distract... and more coffee ... lots more coffee.... coffee good ROTFL.. Kong dog toy good too... freeze it with peanut butter in it over night and it will slow her down and it is indestructible... I'll keep thinking... Jan

Barb said...

Yeah Bli...remember that morning we ran out of coffee??? LOL

DearGina said...


Anonymous said...

New post needed grunt

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