Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One of lifes lessons taught by a 2 year old:)

A: Consider the adventure. Weigh all dangers, ponder the rewards before pouncing.

B: Grit your teeth! Clench your fists! Run with reckless abandon and determination!! Let your passion lead the way!

C: Always rely on those that love you to pick you up when you have gotten in too deep! They have wisdom and can teach things you have yet to learn.

D: Revel in your accomplishments. Savor the victory even if you are soaking wet, chilled, and need your Mommy.


Anonymous said...

What a treasure. Enjoy every moment with her G. You are blessed. :)
love u,

Anonymous said...

She is so cute!!! And you are so right, watching a small one teaches you so much!! Just looking at the world thru different eyes. Enjoy every minute of it!! Jan

The Sarah Bear said...

Does she (Avi) do speaking engagements or workshops! Her philosophy is revolutionary and worth sharing! Thank you! LOL! I think maybe we could get her and Sarah on some kind of tour!

I miss you G! I need coffee and your shoulder - your wisdom and your strength. Just sayin'!

The Sarah Bear said...

JUST NOTICED THAT LITTLE GIRLS FEET! Sheesh! It's only May and she has a serious tan line! Damn!

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