Monday, May 14, 2007

Evolution of Mothers Day `Round Here

All of my adult life I have had the burden of working on Mothers day. Hospitality industry. Restaurants and hotels biggest day of the year. I resented this. I recall after my accident how nice it would be to NOT work Mothers day now..... pffftt... I was now one of the Mothers needing to be recognized in a frustrated overcrowded, restaurant. Not good, and not fun, and not for me. I'll take a home cooked bbq and lotsa laughs over that anyday.

This year, I had written off the "day". Far from family here alone, working hard and so was Walt. Not a problem. Last week I gathered up all gifts, cards, and I really looked like something straight out of a Maxine cartoon going to the postal services. Boxes stacked over my head, keys in my mouth and a smile through my teeth. I had come round to being OK with not being with my family for this blessed day. Or so I thought. I went through my regular routine of the morning and went straight to work. (after coffee and blogging eh?) As the calls came in, one after the other, my sons, sister, nephew,hubby, daughter,all with well wishes for a good day, sorry we cant be there, yada yada yada....I know that I am loved, a lucky Mom I am... I got up the nerve to call my Mom. Yeah, that was the no turning back now point. The faucet of tears opened up as I wished her well and also that we were together. She was clueless of this, of course. I hung up the phone and instinctively began opening cupboards and fridge looking for things to cook. Because cooking is a familiar loved action.I had laughter through tears thinking about my girlfriend laughing at me boiling eggs whenever I am stressed out. Oh look at me now, a dozen eggs on the pot, and its not even Easter!
It was here and now that I decided that I simply cannot breathe without them. All of them. Nope.... no can do....ain't happenin.

As I realized what was going on inside of me, I quickly changed the channel. Done, phew... total meltdown, avoided. I cranked up the volume on some funky music, and back to quilting I went! Walt called throughout the day checking on me, (he worries way too much huh). He then came home early and said guess what? Karen (daughter) who was supposedly on her way to Disneyland with the family for a vacation, has taken a detour and will be here any minute, got appetizers? Well, it just wasnt the first time this daughter of mine sounded the trumpets and saved the day:) About 15 minutes later, (after an appetizer tray and drinks had been prepared) She and an entourage of 8 travelors appeared roses in hand, and kisses all around. We ate, we chatted, we laughed, we even beached, all in about 3 hours time, and off they went! Yes, I was breathing again, feeling quite special indeed. Thank you Karen and Art, grandkids and friends, for filling the need today. I love you. Next year, I would like EVERYONE here for Mothers Day ok?(sound the trumpets) I'll have Walt bbq ribs on the beach for us:)

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Anonymous said...

Isnt that just perfect. Karen your the best. attention :))

Love U

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