Sunday, May 6, 2007

Believe Addendum

So, the personality tag that goes with the believer. Am I a dreamer? How about someone who posses childlike faith? Tenacity? Perseverance? An Artist? A Christian who is a sinner who tries a little harder to be a little better with every turn in the journey of life? Ah yes, its the journey.
"You should be a rich woman by now Gina", people tell me all the time. Why? I have ideas! I have skills! I have talent! I always have! Why I cant bottle it, channel it, and make it happen is beyond me!!!(and don't they know that I AM rich anyway?) This pied Piper believes in Miracles, Mini Miracles, in the impossible, in myself, in you! And yet, I still plug happily along Most times enjoying my journey. Sometimes not as much. I have had a fair share of pain, albeit not as much as others, but fair to me cause I also believe that God wont give to me more than I can handle, and sheesh I'm a whiner u know? (I see you nodding your head) I am certain that we all possess the ability to change the channels in our mind, to our benefit. (Mind over matter) Whether or not this would be considered THE SECRET, I do not know, couldn't say. I do know that whenever I'm feeling beaten or bruised, I hear the words of a woman trying to get us to buy her house...(“come on, buy my house, the universe is beating me up here!!”) I am then told by an inaudible voice to change the channel and move on. Delete the instant replays, and go find a happy place. Nine times of ten, it works. The tenth time you ask? Hmmm, pain.When in pain. Physical or emotional pain. Yes, its Kryptonite. That's all I have to say about that. (click)
The photograph below says it all for me, and it that order. Imagine it, believe it, and relax about it. (oh! and go sew something)
So....Follow your bliss you say? Okay, but lets hold hands and believe that together bliss will follow us!


Jan said...

Ahh.. I am nodding my head :-) And thinking yes, I knew that about you ;-) And yup... friends multiply joy and divide the sorrows. :-)

Jan said...

ugh.... let me clarify that :-) I knew you to be a create your own bliss type of person..... that's what I was nodding my head to.... I need more coffee.... someone bring me some coffee!!! :-)

DearGina said...

Dork alert!

<---passing the coffee, but getting into the wine:) My Horsey quilt is getting the best of me on a Sunday!!!

DearGina said...

I need some of Blimas cake right now! (stomping foot)

Jan said...

Oh man... cake and wine... yes please!!!!! I haven't gotten to quilt all day... rain rain go away....

JaneS said...

Hi Gina! Tell me did Bli make both of those cakes? She has invited me to Montreal and I am so going. LOL Watching flights now.
The Secret will be discussed at my church for the next 2 weeks. I'll send you the site to listen......Love you Gina! 28 days until Kansas!! Man alive I hope the storms pass.
Love Jane
Oh Man whats a Google account? you k now i'm not patient Gina

DearGina said...

Yes, indeed she did my friend!And another one too! She is THE MASTER chef:) I'm happy that you will go see her... I wish that I could join you:) I'm looking at fall now... oh how I hope its fall!

Anonymous said...

hmmm...believing and hard work, do the two go hand in hand?
I have a story, going to find it, brb

Love u, B

Anonymous said...

An American businessman, vacationing in Mexico, watched a local fisherman set out every morning, and return in the afternoon with fish.
One day the fisherman returned to shore early. The business man approached, obviously curious. "Why are you back so early?" The fisherman held up a string of fish, smiling. "The fish were biting today and I caught what I needed in an hour."
"What will you do with the rest of the day?" The fisherman grinned and replied "After lunch I will take a siesta. In the afternoon I will play with my children and in the evening I will make music with my friends."
The American saw an opportunity to be of service. "No, no, no! You have it all wrong! Now listen carefully. I am a successful business man and the advice I am going to give you is worth a lot of money".
"When the fish are biting, that is precisely when you do stay out. The extra fish that you catch you will sell to the fish vendor. Within a year you will be able to afford a second boat, and within 10 years you will have a small fleet. "Then you will have enough volume that you can bypass the middle man and open your own fish market. As you grow, of course, you will have to move to Mexico City to run your business more efficiently. In 20 years you will have so much business you will need to move to New York to handle your fishing empire."
The business man paused, seeming very satisfied with his advice. The fisherman, a little confused asked "and what then?" The business man got a big smile on his face and said "Well this is the best part. After 30 years you sell everything and retire to Mexico where you can spend the rest of your days fishing in the morning, taking a siesta after lunch, and in the evenings you can make music with your friends!"

The Sarah Bear said...

Gina - Amen Sister...I know you believe, I know you have faith... I can't count the number of times I have knocked on your door to borrow a cup :)

Blima - Cake Master - LOVE LOVE LOVE your story... thank you for sharing!

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