Friday, May 4, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake!

Who feels the most rewarded here I ask you? The giver? Or the receiver?
I'm having fun sending my pal Bundt cake pans this year, and she is sending me pictures of the results! I of course am drooling over them with coffee in hand, and loving the fact that they are non caloric via cyberspace! I would surely trade a few calories for a bite though. GRUNT.
Ahhh Blima the baker... I miss my dear friend. We see each other once or twice a year ( if lucky) as she resides in Montreal. I'm trying to get her to SnowBird to Pismo soon. We take roadtrips together and make some of the best memories I have. In between these trips we cyber chat, email, and send each other fun things via snail mail. I count myself lucky to have such a love.
You can (and should) check out her website (on the right column) with many of her favorite recipes posted. She loves to cook, and is nothing short of professional, albeit, its generally for friends and family.
She feeds her family, and she feels full.


Jan said...

Those are truly beautiful!! Man... mine never come out that pretty... :-) I bet they taste good too!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank G,
Thanks Jan, yes they are very pretty but its all in the pan.
I really have to stop this for awhile and return to Weight Watchers. :)

DearGina said...

You think maybe that was a hint for me not to send em? ROFL!!

Jan said...

I've baked enough to know while pans make a difference, there's a little more to it than that!! :-) Keep sending those pans Gina!!! :-) And thanks for sharing those! Gorgeous!!

Barb said...

Mmmmmm I can smell them bakingggg!!! I personally know how good a cook...baker Blima is. But Gina...don't sell yourself short. You make the best Mexican food ever. ( Also lots of other food too) xoxox

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