Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Why is there no room in the Inn?

Who are we to say where swallows can build thier nests? They know better than we right? Its not right that we pressure wash their hard work down so that there is no place to lay thier eggs, pro create, increase thier flock! In case you havent figured it out yet, I am sad that I can not accomodate these feathered friends. They give me pleasure with their songs daily. Some call them pests. Invasions. Pffttt..... they are creatures of God, and he knows each of thier names! The above photograph is my morning shot last spring. Coffee in hand, I ran out the door when I heard the babies screaming to see thier Mama flying in with food in tow. I clicked away as she fed worms to each one that poked its little head out. It took a village of swallows to build this nest. Hundreds worked feverishly to gitterdone in time.
This year the entire block has been determined to detour the little ones, as not to "make a mess" on the stucco of our second story homes. I really like my neighbors, dont misunderstand, we just do not agree on this subject. I feel like I helped to create homeless birds! Like I should make quilts for them? ok... a stetch, but you get what I mean.
Two nests were near completion before Walt and I caved in. I feel awful about it. Today they came back in force, with mud in mouth, to begin again. Tenatious eh... I like them, and I say so what to the mess. Life's messy, clean it up.


Love said...

And now you know why I have a bunny sanctuary in my back yard... they told friends... hey... come here... she has plants... she let's us stay :-)

Anonymous said...

OK.... apparently not enough coffee in the universe today... that last one was from me.... ugh.. wrong acct -Jan... which leads me to another point.... sign yourself up for gmail to get to those aol peeps!! And I haven't heard from you..... is my ISP kicking you to the curb???

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