Thursday, May 3, 2007

Wild Animal Park

This quilt picture didnt turn out so well, but I'm really pleased with the outcome of my LIME THREAD play! The back is Minkee print, so I was hesitant to use this lime, but I remembered Linda Taylor telling me about her YEAR of lime addiction! lol So I went for it, and she was correct. It not only works, but its striking!
Today I have errand running to do, and tonight, I load a king custom. Split shifts for me til the cows come home! Thirty days til MQS and I'm getting excited! (Or is it, 16 days til Ginger comes home and Im excited?) At any rate, I have MUCHO WORK ahead of me before I can leave!

Did you see Idol last night? OMG It was a 3 hankie for me. I hated to see Phil go, but what ya gonna do?I thought the Blaze of Glory song was the best "exit" song done to date! I'm glad Jordin was safe, I was concerned after her rock flop. I sure like her, and she still gets my weekly vote:) Poor Walt asked, "who did I vote for last night Babe?". ::snicker::
Speaking of music, have you heard of Nicole Mullen? Christian Contemporary. A new song, When I call on Jesus....... I heard it on KKSF Smooth Jazz, and really loved it!( whoever wants it, ask me, I'll send over) I just love that stations diversity with Genre. They really play music to my liking. A little bit of everything! My latest fav being the guy on Idol last night, THICKE.. cant remember.. but I like his tenor/dang near soprano voice! LOL
Ok, enough fooling around.. I gotta go make it count!


Jan said...

Very nice!!!!!!! Love it!!! And now I'll have to pay attention next time Nicole Mullen is on the radio..... love that sattelite radio... tells you artist & title without ever interrupting the music flow.... love it!!! And I love that quilt... nice job!!!

Vicki W said...

Great quilting! I recently did my first quilt with a Minkee back and I really like the way it looks.

Carla Barrett said...

Hi Gina, Love the job you did on that Wild animal quilt! Thanks for telling me who got booted off the island... I went to sleep early- LOL

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