Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sometimes Stress tries to win?

Hey... mornin. Sorry that I have been absent without leave. Left ya in the lerch. I feel bad that ya had no news to chew?

I gotta tell ya something.... I like to keep this blog happy, uplifted, light hearted, funny too:) When I am feeling stressful I find THAT difficult to do. I really want to vent, rant, scream, bawl...but its not your problem now is it? So I'm AWOL because I'm battling the big stress takeover. The power play of negative ~vs~ positive. Don't be concerned, as I WILL win. Mind over matter... I don't mind well, and BS doesn't matter. That's all I have to say about that. Grunt.

Puppy news:

We ventured out for new foods,toys, and harness so that we may attend the Strawberry Festival together. Ginger pranced into the store and chose her own kong puppy rope. She "wow'd" everyone in there and got so much attention that she was actually smiling:) She got her new harness attached, and promptly tried to leave with an old couple. We bought her new foods and dinner she said, was delicious! I couldn't believe she ate the whole half cup!

Until 4:00 am this morning that is. Yep yep yep... Lovely way to start the day aint it? Walt was already working in my studio when he heard me at the sink and asked wtf are you doing up so early? I think I mumbled something about another bath, I dunno... again I say, help me Jesus. If I had a spare minute, I would take some (IF) She is a joy in an otherwise trying time.

Quilty News:

I have been hard at work to get caught up before the conference. The restorations at night, the longarm by day. Most are going well, I am pleased, and yep, still behind. Walt and I are gearing up for the big coastal shop hop scheduled for June 1. I of course wont be able to attend but I am quilting the display quilt for the local quilt shop, and sending beautiful cards out in their goodie bags. I love marketing and sales as much as I love quilting! Last years shop hop my girlfriend BA and I hit 14 shops in 2 days, ( 200 miles) We had such a blast, but didn't win a thing! We did get in lots of meeting and greeting though. I would love to do it again!

* We took 2 hours of for good behavior and went to the strawberry festival to snag a funnel cake!! Mission accomplished:) Ginger had fun and was adored by all. She's all tired out and napping.. (mission accomplished)


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back friend!! And come on... who can help you laugh at the whole thing if we can't?! Because really... what is your alternative?! ;-) I'd almost feel bad if I had slept an entire night sometime in the last 6 years.. rotfl.... How many days until MQS?? And you are not leaving until the third.. no excuses.. start shop hopping rotfl... - Jan

DearGina said...

OH... no pressure eh?

Anonymous said...

ROTFL... NEVER!!! No matter how you get to that destination.. it's going to be the same destination... you want to get there with no hair, no fingernails and a lot of gnashing or fly in on laughter thinking what a ride!! :-) Now eat a funnel cake for me! I was trying to find one last weekend and no luck :-( Jan

The Sarah Bear said...

G - I missed you... that's all I am sayin'! The stress stuff, I get! I got! And I know it's a bear to "do it all" all the time... But I missed you.

Carla said...

I miss eating funnel cake! Big yum! Love your puppy pics, too, Gina.

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