Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A present for me today!

I'm graduating from my doodle pro to my high tech big girl pen! Walt sent this to me and I'm having a blast doodling everything! I can take the pen straight to my computer, dock it, and voila! Everything I doodled is downloaded onto PC! Text or design! WOOHOO!!! You can imagine how eery it felt seeing my own handwriting on this screen! And now I dont have to wonder around snapping pics of my doodle pro doodlings.. I LOVE IT!! Thank you Mufasa! (I wonder if this is a Mothers day gift? Hmmm)

On a crappy note......... MY computer caught a virus that Norton didnt. GRUNT. Kudos to AOL for catching it for us. If any of you use AOL, you wont get emails from me.. AOL blocked me:( I am now in the process of transferring all to an external hard drive. Its a slow aggravating process I tell ya. Right in the middle of my "crunch" time in the studio. So what I'm saying is.... My blogging, doodling, all computer activities will be slow. Just cross everything that I can save all that I need to, cause if I lose pictures or music, I'm going to be far from OK.


Jan said...

OK... that pen is wayyyyy cool!!! Bummer on the virus dude!!! Hope you don't loose much!!!!

Linda M said...

Hey Gina,

Finally getting a chance to sit and read your blog ~ loving it!!!

I love that pen ~ very cool! Walt is a great guy!

I'm getting pretty excited about MQS!!! Less than a month away! WHOO HOO

Be safe out there in Calliforna (saying it like Arnold would!!!) HAHA

Jan said...

Hope your day looks better today!!! :-)))

Anonymous said...

lolol you and your toys. :) Your as bad as Walt, or good?
have fun with it, doodle me a geo design :))
Luv, B.

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