Monday, April 30, 2012

MM Good Lord I'm Going To Make It!

Thanksd be to my network of family and friends who love me.
Somewhere, somehow I must have dont something right to have such abundent love in my life. Ya'll know Ive been having having more than my share of trauma  since 2008.  I'm so glad to have had the good sense to have loved as I have, so that those will be there for me.. It has given a whole new life to a grand child book that I have in the making!
Thanks be to the one who just came prancing in...charming as could be, toting an In and Out Burger to cheer my dumb ass up! LOL

God bless...a lot.
What a week Dear Blog readers...  But still I breath. Maybe I really AM a persecuted Jewish girl?
I dunno... sheesh.... No matter, Again, I am young, strong, and I wont break.They havent seen the last of me!

M& M's include:

HUGS, in more ways than one
chimes rocking me to sleep
Burgers & flowers:)
quilt finishes!
working computer!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tickled On Tuesday!

Good morning! Its Wednesday, yes, For me, Tuesday is still with me!
Do you peoples know whats as maddening as it is a tickle? A beautiful bouquet of flowers to greet me at the door step...With no card attached for a thank you! Does this mysterious person UNDERSTAND my curious nature? Know that I cannot rest until this mystery is uncovered? Was it deliberate? and accident?
Somebody please fess up for me k? ln the meantime, I am so enjoying the happy happy orange colors, and the lovely aroma in the shop! So....THANKS EVERYONE,!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dwight Yokum Concert MM

Dwight didnt disappoint!
Off to the Silver Legacy in Reno was I with sis and brother in law for a fun filled night of Dwight and all I could eat crab legs! woohoo!
He was quite charming and funny too. Complete with his infamous leg moves and hat tips, Dwight was a real showman this night! Many (not me) were dancing in the isles and pissing people off with huge hats, but all and all everyone was just having a blast. I did notice the blast was blastier as the nights beers went on! Great fun with family weekend.
Good to be home, but I miss them all already!

Marvelous Mondays include:

Much needed family time!
music to soothe my soul!
baby grand fun!
Caring drive safe wishes!
Computer about to come home!
NEW SHOES,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hunger Games Review

I was hesitant to see this with a few bad water cooler reviews, but ya know how I am right? I must see/do/be for myself out of curiousity! First let me say that  I like the name Catness far more than Kitten so Im pinching it! Theres a few pair new age shoes in there I want too!
I must be among the few who havent read the series so I was not disappointed at all. Quite the opposite in fact. I had one good scare, one good cry,and one good chuckle. Not a big deal, but good enough. I was a bit off on predictability, but damned close. Catness is cool. Stunning young beauty I say. This concept is rather barbaric and odd, but interesting? It kept my attention anyway. I may have to learn to shoot a bow and arrow. Not.
I had a great evening out with friends so THAT was awesome alone! I wish That I could get the books on audio and get ahead of the game. Good flick.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Monday! I Like Em!

Mornin! I know most of you love your weekends, but I dont. I personally think its baggage, but we wont go there. Mondays are just a great reflection day and a new beginning for me. A day where I can convince myself that all is well and I am going to be okay! It sure been a journey right?
This week I will finish up a custom quilt and hopefully take calls for more! I ve been getting quite bored lately, so ive made plans to rectify that! My beach visit was nice, but not nearly enough!  lol I am truly going mad without my computer,but Im hopeful as always. Man!! I would L.O.V.E. to vent here but I cant :(
Seriously intrudes on my unplugged blogging habits! One day........we will have a nice long chat about that! For now, Im off to the clipboard! Make it a Marvelous Monday Dear Bog buddies!

M&M's include:
Fresh seafood!
caring gift givers
yard work therapy!
grand girl calls
April showers!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I' m So Not Alone In My Wierdness!

Blinging those babies just got better!   I MUST get this book? Now in addition to blinging my shoes, I can quilt them! woohoo! I need a pair of the converse with heels because pictured here are too flat for my spring loaded arches! I think  I should do these in grand girl sizes first...yep...I shall. Go have a look!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kiteboarding Beach Day!

Amazingg kite day at the beach! I had to run errands over the grade today and took a much needed break watching all of the festivities. All of the families and kite enthusiasts coming in by the hundreds! I really wanted a kite!! It does my heart well to sit on the beach, coffee in hand and thoughts a plenty. Ive loved, I ve lost, but thank God, I live. And I always will.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Three Clicks Away!

Who needs blue suede shoes when we can choose red? If I click these heels  three times can I go anywhere? So let me ask you this then.... If I pour champagne in the heel, will it ruin the suede as it pours through the toe? ok, damn... Scuse me while I change the channel! ( or turn the hose on myself) I really shouldnt blog at night huh? After internet shoe shopping eh? Keeps me out of trouble. NOT.
I was simply looking for some new white stappy heels for summer, and got all flustered with all of the other choices at ! These are on sale! I may need them for Montreal in August! Wait, I need to get a bff on board to justify this! Help!
Oh noooooo , she hasnt gone round the bend yet, but its close! Maybe I should stick to quilting? Oh come on, do you know how difficult it is to find someone with the same footy fondness as this quilter??
Hey! Did I show you the gold strappys I got a few weeks ago? yeah, that was fun..after enjoying an outing with know..... to bond I nearly broke my neck shutting the garage door! Twisted my ankle and had to wear my tragic sneakers for a couple days! Wedgies are tricky! I ll try and snap a pic of those for ya.

Monday, April 9, 2012

MM Beautiful Coastal Days

Good morning! I made it through! yeh me! Holiday weekends are tough...I am tougher.
Its been so pretty out days and evenings. Huge moons and fantastic sunshine! I am trying to whip my yards into shape and my nails took a beating between playing in the earth, and cooking my brains out for no apparent reason. Mowing needed Corona, and that was awesome, and mex food is a suicide mission on weight loss programs. geez...I sabatoged myself! was fun. I had a few friends over late night and we enjoyed the fruits of my labor. Lord send me a gardener, a bug killer,a stud finder,and a computer geek. Other than that, Im good. well, and a super lotto winner ticket.
Altho.... I must say, I did manage to pulverize my own moth the other night! barefooted! yep! go me! the little creepy thing was hell bent to get into my cotton and he paid for it. I was nearly as victorious as I was braving a snowy Donner Summit, but not quite. Baby steps they say. Have a marvelous Monday dear blog readers, im off to work on a really puckery king....grrrrr

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rise Above It!

Perfect for today!
Happy Easter! He has risen, and so will I!
Even though I am taking care of business, and without my Lovies for like the FIRST time in my life...I am you really arent surprised are ya? Naaaaaa
I know I should be in church this morning, but the football stadium is rough on the shoes? I know...really lame excuse....Im cooking...Im quilting...Have a wonderfully blessed day! love your guts!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Ain't it the truth? what better quote could I have found today?
How is everyone? I am quilt much as I can anyway. You know...inbetween all the BS which doesnt make for a good DQL,but its all good. Someday....Someday.
Do you want to hear my latest lotto lucy move? k....So I too located coinage to buy into the big 640 million dollar day right? I just KNEW there would be no better time than right frickin now! (for me to win it). I go to the market for some lettuce and bottled water case. These cases are generally kept by the exit doors. Along with the little lotto checker upper.On my way out, and before I hucked a case of water, I stopped to check my ticket. The little machine said, and I quote,"youre a winner! please see cashier! I nearly peed my pants! No wait, i think i did a little...but anyway. in one fell swoop of a step I was back at the cash out line digging for a pen in my bag to sign the said WIENER ticket. I must have been wide eyed handing it over to the checker guy because he just smiled at me and ran the ticket. Which was for 10.00! TEN DOLLARS! Talk about deflated! Shes up! shes down! And she leaves the store WITHOUT THE CASE OF WATER, Or a receipt to prove it. I still dont know where THAT went.
I shook my head and scolded myself all the way home. With no water. But I gots me ten bucks!
Serious Dork alert.
Its really difficult being me these days.
Love all yalls guts!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I guess that I have never gone so long without blogging eh? I am sorry for that. It helps me too, but times are tough and words are weapons they say. Because of tht i am careful. Sometimes Im not, and do things i wish i hadnt. Like jacking up my car, like drunk dialing. Not all is bad, fear not. Some things are actually quite refreshing. I wish that I could speak freely. ya love my guts though right? Thanks:) Ditto! As alwYs, thanks for your caring emails and calls..and the snail mail too!!! I will try to come back and chat mindlessly, however i have no computer:(
MMs include:
safe trips
good kids
road dawgs
weight loss! 

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