Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hunger Games Review

I was hesitant to see this with a few bad water cooler reviews, but ya know how I am right? I must see/do/be for myself out of curiousity! First let me say that  I like the name Catness far more than Kitten so Im pinching it! Theres a few pair new age shoes in there I want too!
I must be among the few who havent read the series so I was not disappointed at all. Quite the opposite in fact. I had one good scare, one good cry,and one good chuckle. Not a big deal, but good enough. I was a bit off on predictability, but damned close. Catness is cool. Stunning young beauty I say. This concept is rather barbaric and odd, but interesting? It kept my attention anyway. I may have to learn to shoot a bow and arrow. Not.
I had a great evening out with friends so THAT was awesome alone! I wish That I could get the books on audio and get ahead of the game. Good flick.

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