Monday, April 9, 2012

MM Beautiful Coastal Days

Good morning! I made it through! yeh me! Holiday weekends are tough...I am tougher.
Its been so pretty out days and evenings. Huge moons and fantastic sunshine! I am trying to whip my yards into shape and my nails took a beating between playing in the earth, and cooking my brains out for no apparent reason. Mowing needed Corona, and that was awesome, and mex food is a suicide mission on weight loss programs. geez...I sabatoged myself! was fun. I had a few friends over late night and we enjoyed the fruits of my labor. Lord send me a gardener, a bug killer,a stud finder,and a computer geek. Other than that, Im good. well, and a super lotto winner ticket.
Altho.... I must say, I did manage to pulverize my own moth the other night! barefooted! yep! go me! the little creepy thing was hell bent to get into my cotton and he paid for it. I was nearly as victorious as I was braving a snowy Donner Summit, but not quite. Baby steps they say. Have a marvelous Monday dear blog readers, im off to work on a really puckery king....grrrrr

1 comment:

Marilyn said...

Sounds like you had a good holiday, especially
the mex food. Good job with the moth too,
you go girl.Glad to see your posts again.

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