Thursday, April 5, 2012


Ain't it the truth? what better quote could I have found today?
How is everyone? I am quilt much as I can anyway. You know...inbetween all the BS which doesnt make for a good DQL,but its all good. Someday....Someday.
Do you want to hear my latest lotto lucy move? k....So I too located coinage to buy into the big 640 million dollar day right? I just KNEW there would be no better time than right frickin now! (for me to win it). I go to the market for some lettuce and bottled water case. These cases are generally kept by the exit doors. Along with the little lotto checker upper.On my way out, and before I hucked a case of water, I stopped to check my ticket. The little machine said, and I quote,"youre a winner! please see cashier! I nearly peed my pants! No wait, i think i did a little...but anyway. in one fell swoop of a step I was back at the cash out line digging for a pen in my bag to sign the said WIENER ticket. I must have been wide eyed handing it over to the checker guy because he just smiled at me and ran the ticket. Which was for 10.00! TEN DOLLARS! Talk about deflated! Shes up! shes down! And she leaves the store WITHOUT THE CASE OF WATER, Or a receipt to prove it. I still dont know where THAT went.
I shook my head and scolded myself all the way home. With no water. But I gots me ten bucks!
Serious Dork alert.
Its really difficult being me these days.
Love all yalls guts!

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