Monday, August 31, 2009

Update On As The Stomach Turns- M & M's

Yep.... or..... no need to watch soaps, when ya got SUDS? I really dont even know where or how to express the happenings of the week at all. Very blurry.
Walt's superbug as I said has been identified and named. Streptococous-Intremedous. It began in his lung disguised as Pnuemonia and as it was being attacked by antibiotics, fled to his blood and liver. ( This I am told is why doctors hurry to catch the bug in the throat before it aggressively travels on.) He has had now uncountable units of blood and the fight is still going on to out race the bug. Tonight the other 2 absesses on his liver will be ( attemt to be) drained. Nutrition is indeed a factor since he is so weak and in pain that he cannot accept foods. IV for that too going in.
When this is all wrapped up and we are ahead of the bug he will come home with his IV and drainage tank to recover with me and a home health nurse for several months. ( best case scenario, says I). He has 2 specialists onboard now, infectios disease, and GI. The nurses and staff personal really dont care much for me, so I think I will bring them chocolates tonight. It cant hurt right? I think it is divine intervention that all vacationers are gone until this thursday... allows me time for a shower. Today i cleaned up my smelly self along with a smelly poodle. She is so smart and knows somethings up as she sits on my desk chair, or walts spot on the sofa and looks pathetic. Rudy too... dang animals... he just sits up there telling me that he loves me. In Walts voice, this helps.
Thanks to all who call, write, post notes, and help me with Paso directions! Walt says thank you too for the cards, books, and well wishes. When we talk, we are both in total disbelief of this. His colleagues, students, friends and family are helping to keep his spirits up. I had him up yesterday getting his email and he was moved at the outpour of support. Thank you all. What the hell would I do without you?
My days are filled with a routine of caring for the guests here, taking off to the hospital, tending to Walt, pointing a lot, and using my lap top to forget the world in Farmtown on Facebook. A great distraction ... I can SOLVE those problems! These days I am having trouble with the stupid fax machine!!! It always sums up with one sentance for me... I just wanna go make a quilt....Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Marvelous Mondays include XANEX, FARMTOWN, and all of you.

Friday, August 28, 2009

So Far.........

We have SOME news. I will be brief as I am here with Walt now. The infectious disease Dr has identified the bug. The Superbug. He says that he believes the Pnuemonia in June, never died, only relocated to the liver. He had a surgical procedure yesterday in which they drained one of the 3 absesses, and still draining. A biopsy is being done. He recieves blood transfusions daily. We are at least hopeful, but not out of the woods. Thanks to all for your prayers, Im sorry Im so vauge, but trying to respect Walts wishes for privacy too. As for me, without my support system, I would have fallen by now. Thanks again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How ya Doing G?

Is the question of the day. Asked by many, including myself.
ANSWER: I've been better.... but I've certainly been worse.I'm sorry for being AWOL...AGAIN... But I find it most difficult to negatively blog!! I really do! I mean how many sad blogabouts can there be???? SO we will keep it as UP as we possibly can. I refuse to go down the rabbit hole just to see how far it is.

By now I'm sure that most of you know two things. That the quilt retreat was great, despite the "head up her ass" of yours truly.
And that my Walt fell very very ill the day that our gracious instructor arrived. What a two edged sword for me eh!!! All that fun and learning to be had and I couldnt keep a thought in my head! However, I do deserve an OSCAR, for the award winning performance. grunt.
Thanks to all for your hugs, help and comfort much needed. I have pictures ... somewhere? Our happy historian slash promoter, marketer.. Heather was the lucky winner of the Key Lime Pie. I'm happy for her too. She worked hard on getting this gig together! ( OH! Now I now where the pics are!!) LOL
As for my Walt, its Tuesday night and we know nothing of his illness. He has taken a turn for the worse today. The blood transfusions do not seem to be working. I am about to have a throw down to get him sent to Stanford or ANYWHERE there is a big brain in the house. As I said, I seriously refuse to be negative. Besides... lightning doesnt strike twice in the same spot. So pray with me, please.
I am juggling time with the hospital and the Inn, so I dont know how often I can write, but I shall try. It just feels good.
Love yer guts still, G

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot Lists

My lists changed names. From just a plain ole TO DO list to big bold White Board HOT LIST! Yep, countdown and I think everyone in the world, I do mean WORLD is on vacation!!! WTH! Do these peple not know that the quilters are coming??? Can they not see that I am just dieing to go in the shop and prep?

Oh well... If I dont finish the HOT LIST, I'll get Heather, I mean Ethel to help me:) Ethel can you come on Wednesday?? Did you see my homework? Poor Ronda, I mean Ethel # 6, 7, or 8, I forget.. is doing it for me. The secret you know to true delegation:) ETHELS EVERYWHERE!

I think its called California Star now... I will be re decorating a whole new room for this babay~

Hey! You wanna make one too??? Come over!!! DayCampers all welcome, 150 per day! Pick one, piecing or quilting... The more the merrier!

M & M's Include:

*Look up

* Ethels...MY Ethels.

*Hope ( I always say that huh?)

* The new fruit parfaits I ordered for breakfasts.. ( that wont arrive in time, grunt)

*The way cool find for Sarahs weekend room:)

*Fax machines.. man can I get that thing humping!

*Ginger caring for Walt, because I have no

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day Camp Open!!

***This just in***
Come spend the day with us as day campers for only 150.00 per day! Pick your day, Friday piecing,8/21 or Saturday Longarming!8/22 This includes Our beloved professoree`(Ronda Beyer) and Mi Casa Es Su Casa! No rooms, no meals, just jam packed quilt making!
Wanna come?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Comaraderie Of Colleagues

Geez I feel needy! Ever get this way? I need to talk! I need to share skin! I need to laugh!
I need! Sometimes I just get too darn sensitive, I know, but damn it. I REALLY need some good stuff to happen around me! Enough already! I try VERY hard to stay positive. I do this on an hourly basis. But sometimes the waves of despair overcome me! I miss my boy. My minds eye carries his eyes, and when I weep, so do they. Why does this happen? I shudder a lot. A quiet thunder of of unbelieveable pain, shock and absolute horror at the thought of reality. Still today, over a year later, reality bowls me over time and time again. Come on! Is it really true? Wait. Clic.

I dont think I have worked this hard since I was in my twenties. All I can say is hurry winter! What gets me the most is my uncanny NEED to sell sell sell, then wonder what the hell did I do that for?::;competitive side of me::: Much like that Fred Flinstone episode when Freds eyes go buggy when he hears the word BET! Did you see it? Do you know what I mean? It is so darn hard to be me.
My boy Jake came this week with the Fam. They stayed only long enough to watch me run like a nutbar, and get me sick! ( thanks Jake) I miss the kids already. While it hurt to say Jamie's name aloud, it warmed me to snuggle her, touch & kiss her tender neck. She is walking everywhere now and so adorable! She is quiet, happy and easy to please. Shawn is the investigator. So curious and full of life and so in love with his Daddy:). Jake took us to dinner and I had a whole 2 hours off! Jamie number one would be over the moon for these kids. I wish so much that he would left me with a grand. Shoot.. clic

Hey! The whole reason for the blogabout was in the title.. I forgot! ::: menopause:::
The quilt workshop.. retreat... class.... no matter the wording is a much needed stitch & bitch week end! I wish that I had more prep time, but I will be lucky to capture people at the airport and KNOW what day it actually I dont think anyone will mind that Im not ready.. we will GET ready together right? It will be so nice to have quilt speak going on. Warm hugs, laughter & learning. :::I didnt say wine, see.. I can be good:::::
I know.. I REALLY know that the heart of life is still good. I just sometimes feel like stomping my foot with hand on hip and having a 6 year old throw down tantrum, demanding answers to questions. If not answers, at least a smoother ride and happier times. As always... thanks for the chat. Now I better do the dishes.

You Know The Drill! <--click it!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday =No freak outs allowed!

I am running like a chicken with its head off but...............

THIS cannot go without a shout out. Enjoy, get a few hankies, call your Mother, then call Heather at Moomp.
209 244 4549

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Need Quilters!

You know whats up for grabs right? This beautiful quilt, and Rondas Tips ~N~ Tricks!!

I'm serious! You all know that Ronda so generously agreed to come teach the class although not half full! Lets make it up to her and get a few more heads shall we? I'm just saying, its the best price EVER for the class, the food, the rooms, you will get anywhere! Go read again if you have forgotten :0

Come sign up! You will be so glad that you did!:)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Catch Ups And M & M's

If not for an 81/2 x11 thicker than a phone book registration book, I wouldnt know the day of the week
Does EVERYONE vacation in August? I wont bore you with whining of all the goings ons here, but suffice to say that I dream about the likes of french toast with pure maple syrup. I suppose its because Walt and I find wierd things to squabble over these days , like, why do I insist on buying PURE maple syrup when Aunt Jemimas is right there cheap. I tried to tell Dear Walt about the differances... citing the differance between margarine and butter. He doesnt get it. HERES what I dont get.... He goes down the candy isle of smart and final and fills a cart! HELLO SAVINGS??? He claims its for the kids. He enjoys spoiling them. Or making thier parents mental, one. Which brings me to a piece of sunshine.... Jake is down from Idaho with the kids!! yep yep yep.. I have my baby grands for a few days! Jamie is walking all over and Shawn is still a whiner! ( he gets it from his dad). They are so cute and I miss them so very much. Tonight we went out after the wine 30 crowd and ate cippino together. They did the beach while we did the guests today.
In other news I sent out emails at midnight last night cancelling my highly anticipated stitch and bitch. I mean class retreat. You KNOW that hurt more than words eh? Now I must stand on my head, on the corner of our block to sell those rooms to keep the boss happy. Thats all I have to say about that. CLIC
I must report that we named the impulsive kitty purchase. We named her Arrivederci` :::And re homed her with my housekeeper Francela:) I dunno... maybe I am a little insane?

Still, I must find the M & M's: Where's John Mayer when ya need him?

*Steak & Jeff being here with the kids
*Cute back to school clothes at Marshalls. I found the boys the cuteset Ed Hardy sweatshirts:::squeel:: And of course, all my girls a dress::;wink:::
*Emails from loved ones asking about me, thank you:)
*Jamies kisses

hey! Did I mention that I miss Aviana?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Second Cuppa Questions

I thought I would share some Sybilness questions with you this morning....while I have a second cuppa...

If I'm so tired of running like a mad woman night and day, why am I gaining weight?

If I enter every blog contest that comes my way, why doesnt the law of averages apply to me? Do you know I could have been found PRAYING for the kitchenaid stand alone mixer last month on the pioneer womans site? :::shaking my head::: Poor God, has to deal with me all the flipping time:::

If I see a blue eyed kitten, why must I bring it home? I'm not a cat person. GRUNT.

Why havent I heard from my big brother in so long?

How much is enough?

When will I learn to stop burning myself on the EVILSKIVER pans?

Why am I obsessed with that damn bejewelled game?

Would Clark Gable have a black & white bedroom with cobalt blue accents?

Where did I put the Petty Cash box now?

Why cant Heather come do a session for me this month?

Should I stop wearing sleeveless shirts cause my arms got too fat?

Wouldnt you think that someone would invent a better way to cook danish pancakes?

No wonder I cant win the lottery, I cant even win a blog contest... Whats the deal with that?

Will I get to go to Montreal someday before I need a facelift?

Heres the backstory on the questions.
My Mama has always been annoyed to some degree ( varies with ages) of my incessant need to ask who what when where,how why. She either thought that I would be an attorney or a star reporter. I'm an Innkeeper quilter!!! So.. either I continue to ask questions to those who will listen, myself included... or I hurry the heck up and change professions.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Musings and M & M's.

August 3rd. Can you believe how fast time is going? We have about a week left of promoting Ronda Beyers Quilt weekend before my boss puts the NIX on all of these rooms booked. We have 4 of 10 sold. I need some help, talk it up ladies, sell, sell, sell! Incredibly low priced retreat as I have siad before. A must for we as long armers growing our careers. I hope soooo much that we can make this happen.
This past week has been our fullest in the Inn so far and I am the MOST exhausted too! Every bone is feeling this one for sure. We had several countries represented too! Bulgaria, Cuba, France and Finland chatted the evenings away with people from Los Angeles! LOL ( ya had to be here)
In a weak moment while searching for strawberries downtown, I ran right into a humane Society stand. This resulted in a new family member coming home with me. I am still shaking my head citing..."WTH HAVE U DONE G?" Walt has wanted a cat for years and I have a parrot. NOT a good combo. None the less there she was with her big blue eyes staring at me as if she was in suffering pain where she sat. I picked her up and she snuggled my neck with a pitiful meow. tsk tsk tsk....A Burmese mix, beautiful and bashful, and still 3 days later , no name. I will post a picture when I get her out from under the bed again and you can help. She seems loving while being held, but everything scares her and she runs for cover. She is eating and using her box well.... she is a scardy cat? I will welcome cat lover advise. Ginger is curious, and she actually isnt afraid of her! Now people.... another story. grunt.
Marvelous Mondays include:

*Happy guests
* Good Kona Coffee, via IV!
*fabric to fondle and quilts to hope
* Madelines restaurant discounts!
*Signage.... love signage... my new ones says... Wherever you go, go with ALL your heart.

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