Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot Lists

My lists changed names. From just a plain ole TO DO list to big bold White Board HOT LIST! Yep, countdown and I think everyone in the world, I do mean WORLD is on vacation!!! WTH! Do these peple not know that the quilters are coming??? Can they not see that I am just dieing to go in the shop and prep?

Oh well... If I dont finish the HOT LIST, I'll get Heather, I mean Ethel to help me:) Ethel can you come on Wednesday?? Did you see my homework? Poor Ronda, I mean Ethel # 6, 7, or 8, I forget.. is doing it for me. The secret you know to true delegation:) ETHELS EVERYWHERE!

I think its called California Star now... I will be re decorating a whole new room for this babay~

Hey! You wanna make one too??? Come over!!! DayCampers all welcome, 150 per day! Pick one, piecing or quilting... The more the merrier!

M & M's Include:

*Look up

* Ethels...MY Ethels.

*Hope ( I always say that huh?)

* The new fruit parfaits I ordered for breakfasts.. ( that wont arrive in time, grunt)

*The way cool find for Sarahs weekend room:)

*Fax machines.. man can I get that thing humping!

*Ginger caring for Walt, because I have no


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Gina it will be fine. You got us. Quilters are always good help. Is Walt sick again or still??

Desert Threads said...

The yellow button under your hot that a panic button??

Gina said...

lol @Sharon.. kinda? Its my annoyed button, its the mad Queen in alice in wonderland, when u hit the button it says
Off with thier heads!!"
The housekeeper gets a big kick out of it when I smack it.. annoyed with someone. I have seen her hit it now again too! LOL

Anonymous said...

Love the colorway in your California Star quilt! I WANT one of those buttons!!!! Fess-up where'd ya get it?

Turtles In North Dakota said...

I am sooooooo envious.....Have fun fun fun! I will be wishing I were there.Ü

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