Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Almost Through These Holidays!

"I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's." Henry Moore

Good Morning:) I see that ten days have past since last we chatted? I'm sorry. I cannot even say that I have been too busy. You peoples now how I feel about downer blogabouts, so I dont write about downer days. Tis a shame, because I would really love to.
Thank you all for your caring emails. What would I do without ya? They feel like a nudge and a prayer all at the same time. I like it.
It was wonderful to be with my family over Christmas days. Just for awhile I didnt have reality stinking up my head. I arrived home last evening and again flip flopped all night. The traffic was just incredible,however I had a great Audio to drive with me. Breaking Dawn! ::Sigh:: Great readers.
I'm off to run a million errands, have a great day Dear blog readers. I'm trying?

Marvelous Mondays:

Family days
Safe drive
Ginger. God bless my Ginger!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Guess Who's Coming For Christmas?

I cant wait to see them!!!This is my Son Jake and his BEAUTIFUL family! Stephanie, Shawn, and Jamie. I cant wait to see them! Oh I said that.... I know it will be ever so short, but I will love em up while I can. I havent seen them since August and I tell you, these kids grew a foot!
Even though its a very crappy time, I will still find Christmas in my familys arms.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Messenger Bag Obsession Now

I guess its keeping my mind sane right? Of course right. Im so sorry that Im not writing. Life is really rough right now. I will be fine, no worries. ( Never let em see ya sweat?)
This cheetah is for my neice. I have a bunch going in different varieties. I will post when I can. This one has the coolest glide verigated thread that doesnt show up. I am also hanging out with my crystal bejeweler!  A stitch in time, saves my mind!!!
Love Yer guts!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week Ends Still Stink!

Bored! What happens when I'm bored? I do crazy things like Bling my butt! I have had these jeans for awhile now. Nice, boot cut, except that the back looks like a mens slacks back! So... I blinged it. Then I looked around for other things to bling. Nothing is safe when I'm in this mood. I had to hide the tool box from myself! Then, I decided to make a messenger bag. I got as far as a nice hand dye and a leather, quilted it, and lost focus. I really must finish up Christmas gifts, but my poor brain is scattered. WAY too much on my plate. Its disturbing my artistic harmony for sure!! And its so cold I cant think!!
( no, I'm not bitchy am I?) Love yer guts!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

DearGina Up!

It's Official!

Lives again!!!
Go see!
Leave me love notes!
Suggestions for more content!
Pretend I have a white board and we are doodling a million ideas and see which ones stick!
Market Me!!
Ya want me to keep going with this?
Okay then! Go See!!
A much appreciated thanks to Heather for all of the many hats that you wear, including a G Hat:)
Love YOU!

Friday, December 9, 2011


Let go.
 And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.
 Oprah Winfrey

No guarantees eh? Yep yep yep. Proven. How is your Friday going? I made a list and had breakfast? I function so much better late morning on you know. I think its sleep, or lack thereof. I spent most of the night following Ginger around because she had a tummy ache. I wonder if I gave her too many cookies? ( well, someones gotta eat cookies round here!!!) Oh shoot! my pills! brb.
So wait until you SEE what Heather is doing with the revised web site! Its a big PITA so its moving a bit slowly. This one will be easier to manage myself, because she has a full plate with all the many hats she wears!Stay tuned!
Other news... I have a woodpecker making me absolutley MENTAL this week! He just wont stop! Its usually right in the stairwell, and between Ginger barking, and me running to the door, its nuts! Anyone know how to stop a woodpeckers knock?
Sorry no Foodie Friday for ya. Im still perfecting the cabbage short rib soup:) I think just one more correction to perfection! I'll make another this week end and let you know. I STILL think I should be the beach soup Nazi...  No Soup For You!
I have Linda's Japo loaded today:) I am putting Ginko Leaves on it in verigated King Tutt. I dont like king tutt. grunt. Or should I say... Greta doesnt like it? I personally LOVE the look, I just dont think its worth the PITA! Well, Linda is, so onward says I.
 I leave you with a funny.............. TGIF

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Then What?

"Then What?"
Dr. Daniel Amen

Morning. I listened to this doctor on PBS and rather enjoyed it. It was about changing the brain. Google him. Fascinating seminar. In the middle of all of my post it notes I stuck one up with above qoute. It can really be applied to absolutley anything! After I eat this cookie, then what? After I say this, or do that, then what?  In my subjective opinion, it keeps me "mindful" of all things big and small. I love it. I'll use it.
 I got a nice surprise this morning. The ever magical H woman is boosting my website and making it user friendly! Then what? Then I can manage it, and you peoples can gather information to send me your works of art for finishing!Also, see whats new and whos zoomin who! See! It works! My DQL will be improved with this new site!
 Stay tuned:)
I have a long list of to do's so I better get to it. I am not doing so well on Christmas gift quilts, but I am trying for sure. I get so easily side tracked with other things. Organizing this shop mess being one of them. I dont want to talk about the others. THATS for the scary journal. CLICK

Have a great hump day:)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Coffee Blogabout May Be At Wine 30

"Never apologize for showing feeling.
 When you do so, you apologize for truth."– Benjamin Disraeli

Ya never know with me these days right? Its wine and cheese time, not coffee and cottage cheese time! lol  Sorry, I was seeing Mr Wizard. Good Lord I needed it too! It helps to not beat myself up so much. Thats what they tell me anyway. Also to my Dr Appt, did you remember the fateful December meet up? Yep yep yep.. You will be pleased to read that I do not have to go on insulin yet! I lost 2 more ( Ill take it) pounds! Which has given me another month reprive. New meds too for the Neoropothy. I have no idea what it is, but that other stuff was awful!  So I seem in good spirits yes? Well, I am experianced at faking it til I'm making it!. Its what I do. Mister Wizard thinks its healthy. I'll take that too. I enjoyed leaving the frost and venturing into the sunshine today. I left all wrapped up, and returned with layers gone!
I am thinking about my Uncle Henry today. He is my biological Fathers brother. He died Sunday night. He had a long and wonderful life, and we loved each other very much.I spent a good deal of time with he and my Aunt Edith in my youth. I adore my cousins and I hope I never lose my Terranova family. I guess Im thinking of him because it is really EERY how every year in my life, someone is leaving. Like clockwork. It occurred to me that it might be my age. My generation the next to go? It all began with Uncle Smiles remmebr? Just before my James untimely death. Three more loved ones, in three more years. My Dear Mother, my young sweet neice, and now Uncle Henry. I find this quite EERY. Its no wonder that I can go nowhere without a slight panic attack wondering who may or not be MIA while I'm away. PTSD.
 I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner and when Avi played Sanja on her playlist I melted down over giblet gravy. Seems that these things happen while cooking... It hit me about this loss, and loss of other kinds. At that very moment I was overwhelmed with a sense of loss, grief, sadness. While hugging it out with KareBear, I felt peaceful too. Peaceful in the knowledge that all be be well, no matter what. I haven proven that I am a survivor. Whatever it takes.
The gravy was saved, and delicious as always. ( so they told me)
No idea why I am rambling away. Only one sippa wine, swear!
Here is a sweet photo of Ma and Uncle Henry a few years ago. I think I'll go finish my new Russian Zoupa! See me Friday for the outcome!
PS: Have you ANY idea how hard it is to fake it till you make it???

Monday, December 5, 2011

Never Forget How It Made You Feel

"People will forget what you said; People will forget what you did.
But people will never forget how you made them feel."  

Oh Mercy how true is that??? Good morning:)
It's Monday and I'm looking for gratitudes in my sleepy head. I found some, no worries.
 Its tough when its rough eh? Yep, yep, yep.
I was up far too late last night. Feel crappy now. Ginger was "on duty" and kept me up due to neighbors fooling around outside. I have much to do so the coffee is going in fast. Bummer too because AGAIN I missed going for blood work because of the coffee! Dang it!
Its absolutley freezing here this week! In the 20's and now I hear the teens soon! Is it going to snow??
I will try to RE Tackle Tee shirt quilts this week too. Lets call them Christmas. Sad. Click.
Aviana called 3 times yesterday while I sewed away. It was fun. I need a photo of her snatching a parents phone and speed dialing her I think she may have been bored. I like it. She even called once while I was in the theatre! ( mental note: turn off phone like the screen says)
Sigh.. I hope to see the Baby Grands soon.
I think I'll make a new soup today. I have lost a few more pounds and it is giving some motivation! I have been drinking this Chinese tea at night, and I hear also that cabbage helps. So I shall dream up a soup. Stay tuned. I used to like those Russian soups.. I remember Ma making them. I ll have to research that. I'm really SICK of chicken, for sure. Thats what happens when you buy out the birds at Costco eh? I'm off, you peoples make it a great day!

M & M's include:

Aviana Calls
The Twilight Saga! ( A nice distraction)
An awesome lil lotion from Bec, Dolce & Gabbana " The One" How fittin`

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Twilight Saga

A little late, but I finally am up to speed with the Twilight series! Go me! My Sis just KNEW that I would like it, no matter how many times I told her that I had absolutley no interest in Vampires and Wolves. She is just trying ever so hard to distract my mind and heart for awhile, however little it is. Thanks Sis. So... I was mistaken! Totally investied in the series I watched three, back to back and now I'm hunting a movie buddy to take me to see BREAKING DAWN.
WOW! How entertaining was this??? Not reality mind you, but darned good entertainment! I think I will call my Baby Grand "Bella" Now! ( her middle name) I just heard about the MOST popular baby names this decade and of course all of the Twilight people rule. Jake, Edward, Bella, Charlie...etc....
 I personally think Bella should have gone back home long ago, but then where would the series be right? I am still stuck on the whole no blood inside of a vampire anyway. I mean... no juices inside? Ya cant do that! Theres no lovemaking without blood, come onnnnnn
Oh yeh, fiction entertainment, I forgot. I nearly ralph everytime one is killed and thier bones break and resemble a mannikin. Speaking of Mannikins.. I think I want one! yeah, A male one.. I'll call him Wilson and stick him in the window. Dress him all metro-ish...or naked? My Bestie has one, her name is Eve... She's a looker too:) Oh! I'll call mine Adam!  I know what youre thinking... Oh Mister Wizardddddd G's gone round the bend.......
So.. who wants to go see Breaking Dawn with me?

ADDED Tonight: Awesome movie!! I went alone in celebration of finishing a big task. I did our new VIP Screening room. Complete with red rockers and wine. What a kick! The movie ( Breaking Dawn) didnt disappoint! WOW... WOW..., OKay, so I 'm hooked.
Wheres my cuppa blood?
PS: That dingy Bella totally made the wrong choice. Poor Jake.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thirteen Inches Whacked Away!

As you peoples can see by the LOOK on my face, I am totaly unsure and in shock myself!
 Man, I guess I could never have a poker face eh? Not a stitch of make up on, this is really unplugged...LOL
I LOVE the color, but its too short. I have played with it a lot, and got it a few ways that I think is fun.I am getting used to it, although my neck is chilly! Ginger keeps sniffing me like WTF? I say its less hair to PULL!!!
I asked Amer if I could donate that tail of cut off hair, but sadly, it must be untreated hair and mine was not.
 So the pile on the floor was quite strange to say the least. I dont know that I will keep this length, but I will keep the layers of height and volume:) I was amazed at how easy it is to wash and condition damn near no hair!! (well, in comparison)I need some BIGGO earrings now. Yeah, put THAT on the list eh? Thanks for the Treatment KareBear!
 OK, good coffee break, I need to sew. A stitch in time, really does save my mind.

Too longer for fifty??

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