Sunday, December 18, 2011

Guess Who's Coming For Christmas?

I cant wait to see them!!!This is my Son Jake and his BEAUTIFUL family! Stephanie, Shawn, and Jamie. I cant wait to see them! Oh I said that.... I know it will be ever so short, but I will love em up while I can. I havent seen them since August and I tell you, these kids grew a foot!
Even though its a very crappy time, I will still find Christmas in my familys arms.


Anonymous said...

Im happy for you, Merry Christmas G

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!!!! Enjoy them!!!!

Marilyn said...

You'll have a wonderful Christmas with your
children. Glad to hear they are coming,seeing
them will far outway the crappy things.

Linda S said...

Visiting family is always good. Hug them tight!

Marilyn said...

Gina, so glad you will have your son and family with you. Wonderful! Now, what is the menu. (PS. i was diagnosed as diabetic 1 yr. ago and my A1C is great. The hard part is taking off more pounds.

Merry Christmas. Know that your son is wishing you and his siblings the same. He will be missed, but he is watching over you Enjoy this holiday!


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