Sunday, August 31, 2008

Don't Jack Me Up!

This is a picture of Aviana (aka smarty pants) Adhering her butterflies to the sliding glass door telling Pappa and me that this will not let her jack herself up. You see the first time she came to this home she ran in, mach 1 with her hair on fire RIGHT into the door causing a HUGE goose egg on her head, at which time she announced that the door jacked her up. ( who talks like this?)

Altho its hard to see, She and Ginger played "Disney" one morning and Avi dressed Ginger in mickie Mouse ears and chiffon, and what an angel this dog is! Hmm...poodles with mickie mouse ears.... how cute:)
Every night, shower time... after I de-dangled Avi's hair, she insisted on preening Nonni too:) A most endearing time of day. I remember her Mommy crying over doing her long blonde hair, but a smile soon returned upon torturing me! LOL History, repeating itself...

Aviana went home to Mommy, she missed her terribly. I will take Nonni shifts when I can, hopefully longer each time. I miss her already, and so does Ginger. I still need to take her to the Estuary, the embarcadero, and the Art in the Park festival!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shopping is Inherited?

Since there is no time to blog, I'll share a few pics of a shopping day with you. THIS girl wore me out! Need Snack to keep going :Perfect treat for someone sweet!

She bought out disney the store, is decked out for Halloween too, and didnt forget presents for mommy and friend Sarah.

Olives are lunch arent they? She loves to eat! Wasnt a bit shy to order up a Quesadilla, some strawberries and a sprite, thanks. ( olives were a bonus) THis is one of our fav outdoor grills in Arroyo Grande, Alphies, always fresh:)

This victorian store mezmerized her the most.... tea party anyone? The only thing she bought here was a fairy wand!!!! Oh! And some teenie queenie sox for baby jamie, she is so very thoughtful:)

Moons Over My Hammy???? I gotta tell ya, THIS is the most beautiful girl in the world!

Its in the blood? She needed help with these bags!

she found so many hair related items that she needed a new train case?
Can I say......................

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Princess Pancakes On The Patio

Who's got time for blogging with coffee when a demanding lil princess orders up blueberries and pancakes upon opening her eyes???

She is quite happy now watching the ships come in and out of port and yelling at the smoke stacks. I'm blogging thanks. OK, waking up that is. (camera phone in reach) It looks like we are getting a pretty good routine down, however I'm exhausted and both nights dozed off on the sofa before getting to bed. Our shower ritual alone is an hour long "wear me out" session. I tell ya I dont know HOW I did it with 4. I guess thats something that we have in our 20's-30's? I havent had time to even answer my emails over here! ( sorry H for ever raising an eyebrow)

We are off to the beach today, and some disney outlet shopping. She wishes to get a present for her Mommy and Sarah, she has a long list! I plan on wearing her out so that I can get some work done on the late shift tonight. I am seriously falling behind and not happy about that...Have a good Wednesday Blogland:)


And just in case you havent wondered over to SarahBear in awhile, she has an ongoing Tuesday contest you should enter! Go have a look at WHO won the first week! ( not me, but close enough!!lol)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Marvelous Monday Starts With Aviana

THATS why I'm late? I drove to meet the FAM and pick up the Avinater for a few weeks. ( wish me luck) Shes my lil pistol you know? She woke up before me this morning so she got Pappa ready for And he even ran out to get her strawberry AND chocolate milk. While snuggling with her milk, sticker book and cartoons she announced that her hair was irritating her.( her hair was irritating her????) So sleep eyed nonni had to deal with hair ties and hot coffee....I have much to get used to eh? Send 3 yr old tips, cause I forgot...LOL

<----This is her idea of high fashion travel! !!!

*Grand daughters

*Good Friends


*camera flip phones

*Nestle Quik Strawberry Milk!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Emotional Ride (WORDY,get a whole pot)

Minus 24 hours until Ronda and Jim arrived, I was frantically cleaning the house, picking up fresh flowers, putting the last few touches on the "lipstick on a pig" washroom, when there came a knock at the door. It was the UPS man with a box in the shape of a quilt. ( much like the ones I send out) Now at first I thought, I KNOW Ronda didnt send the quilt ahead of her, but could it be? I looked at the return address to find that it was from my Sensi` Jane Sandercock in Niagara On The Lake. What could this be? Upon opening the box I found a beautiful thimbleberry type memory quilt of all of my family members. I lost it for the rest of the night. All good mind you, but lost it just the same. What a beautiful thoughtful friend is Jane, and I am so very touched, grateful, happy, shocked, you name it, I'm it. I tried to call her and could not find her number I was such a blubberbutt. I yahoo'd with her and only became worse? What an amazing act of friendship and kindness for ::::::ME??:::::: I love you Jane. ( still a bit wobbly)

Then, another knock on the door. USPS man, with a box shaped like a quilt. I cant open it. It might put me over the edge. Jane convinced me to stop sniffling and open it. It is a lovely artful print with a sentiment very befitting of my unusual dreams of late, from my secret quilter Karen Anderson. I am so moved at the thoughtful attention spent to gift me with such a treasure. Yep yep yep, lost it again and even more..............I think sometime around 2 am I drifted to sleep wrapped in my families arms. When I waked up and the rush was on for the arrival of our company, I was once again in control. ( phew) I spent the better part of my day cooking and texting with Ronda in route. We laughed and joked and I teased them with pictures of the dishes I had been preparing. I was truly having such a good time and in such good spirits, (read control) that I wasn't really prepared for their arrival at all! On the deck, wine in hand I saw them turning in the drive and hanging out the window. What a thrill! We hugged and the transferring of energy was electrifying at that very moment. There is a bond there that has never been and could never be with another. A most unusual feeling indeed, and while I don't wish it on anyone else, I'm glad that it was shared. I'm glad to own it.
Flash forward to yet another package...the size of a quilt. A beautiful , BEAUTIFUL comfort quilt for ::::ME?::::: Oh, I remember those feelings, here they come again.....
Morning coffee wrapped in love

To my dearest Ronda and each and every one of my friends and colleagues, and to Jim for bringing Ronda to me, I struggle to find the right words that could possible convey what I feel. I cannot. I am forever grateful for your kindness, and I wish each of you many many happy returns of kindness. I slept again that night, wrapped in the quilts of love. Thank you so much for such a precious gift, a comfort indeed.
Never more true than right this very minute, the sentiment about tears on the top right of this page.
Now that I am "with myself" again I will tell you that Ronda, Jim, Walt and I had a wonderful weekend beach hopping and quilt shop shopping, oh yes and eating...or was that wine tasting? Not sure...:::wink::: We have decided that Jim needs to make Ronda a new studio, and Gina needs to spend more time in hers. Walt decided that he needs a fishing trip with Jim, and Jim decided that he drove a LONG freaking way and had a great time anyway! Ginger decided that they dont call em Jack Russel TERRIERS for nothin! Sophie decided that furry ears a great source of entertainment!
Rudy decided that he would spend the week end telling everyone that "IT'S OKAY". And that's all he had to say.
We have collectively decided that a weekend is much too short a time to visit, and next trip is Walt's to drive:)
They are on their way home now, with a long haul ahead of them. I am a lucky woman sometimes huh?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Washroom Pics & Blog Nitpicks

G'Mornin`.... Hows blogland today? I've been busier than a one armed paperhanger. :::Pun intended:::: The washroom has been kissed and completed. Oh how I wanted to do more to it, but I like this for now. I cant tell you how happy I was to wad that wallpaper up into the trash cans! I found nasty stuff underneath! Mold! Mildew! What a job!!! First of all, I just dont think its Kosher to put up paper over a bathtub, do you? Secondly, enclose said tub with glass door enclosures. Can you say moisture? I really wanted to remove the doors and floor but, that must wait. A good X14 kinda cleaning will do for now. I found just the perfect shells for the window treatment and shelving area. Now getting Walt to hang them was alot harder! Man! he gave me grief over that! But finally relented, sawed off ends, hung them, stood back and said "Wowwww, those are pretty cool":::men::: Why cant they all just hush up and do as their told? I KNOW my stuff, he KNOWS his.... theres really nothing to argue about. Mind you, thank goodness I have him to clean up my messes eh? sheesh! The man can do stuff! I think that we are a great team:)
I'm off to finish blogs, make my lists and get to the store. Speaking of blogs... Do you guys like those blogs you happen upon that music begins? Music in every fashion? Country, Rock. Rap, Metal, gospel, and the occasional elevator? I'm trying to decide. I dont think that I do? It startles me, and frankly its getting annoying. If I want to hear your music, YouTube, Wave file, LET ME CLICK ON IT MYSELF. Sorry.... JMHO, I love to read your blog stuff, I really do, but the music is not why I am here. THAT is a huge reason I cannot stand MYSPACE accounts. Most people do those crazy graphics that you cannot see the text, and a song blasts your monitor upon arrival, causing me to hunt down the mute button, often times sleepy, or relaxing, or on the laptop which is more difficult to locate the volume in a hurry! Hey!!! What about those of you who are at work, in a cubicle, and websurffing on the sly??? Awwwwww BUSTED!!!!
Ok, I'll quit now.... just wanted to whine a bit. I know that I have the choice to change the channel, just like my TV, but some peeps I really want to read/chat with?
I'll go get busy now... I am excited about the week-end, which is a good thing....being excited.
Love yer guts!

PS: Dianah, thanks for those cutie pie fishies up there!! I love em!

real color, fleshy---->

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tye Dyed True Love

So after the Thesis was submitted, I presented my Walt with this beautiful tee shirt. He was so excited I thought I'd share how it really went down. ( please oh please dont read this today Walt)

ME: Babe, try on this shirt so I can alter it for you, ( white dress shirt in background)
Walt: OK, sorry I've been so removed, but you know how it is, I had to gitterdone.
Me: Oh I know, not a problem, Ive been knee deep in projects myself.. (nervous giggle)
Walt: Whats this? A NEW TEE FOR ME??? You have been making these? Is this your projects down there? ( said with so much excitement I wanted to pretend that I DID IT (vicki)
ME: Oh nooooo this is from a friend far away, Virginia I think, Her name is Vicki, she is a very talented colleague who knows you love tye dye and she is honing her skills.
WALT: Oh wow.. why would she make this for me? I mean... is she selling them or what? Can we buy some?
Me: Um, well, we cant buy any, but yes, she sorta sold this to me? Its a long story.
Walt: Babe? I know that tone, what HAVE you done? And btw I heard banging downstairs, we need to discuss that too, K?
Me: Ok well, see its pretty easy actually
Walt: What are you doing with that camera?
Me: I'm trying to tell you dear.. hang on
Walt: Am I modeling, come on Gina I dont want to model.. I told you not to write about this journey of mine.
Me: No no, its not like that really... Its just a little picture in trade for the tee shirt for YOU, Just for YOU. Cause I lub u...
Walt: I'm not modeling, is there wine for tonight. (while pulling shirt over his head and petting himself on the cool dyed parts) This is so cool.... who did this again?
Me: I'll get you some in a sec.. just do me this one favor, Oh that looks so nice Babe, I should learn how to do this eh? Vicki... remember me talking about post cards a few months ago?
Walt: Wow, yeah, and soon! I could wear this down to art in the park and fit right in.
Me: You love me right?
Walt: shit, here it comes
Me: can ya just kiss my foot down there for me a little bit? ( pointing to my toes)
Walt: big grin... This shouldnt turn me on should it?
Me: ::smack:: come on I'm serious
Walt: Me too? Thats it, kiss your toe? Thats your big spend? Man, thats cheap! I want to hear the whole enchilada though.
Me: Ok, sure, later, just do it.. ( positioning camera) You're actually getting off easy, you're supposed to be kissing the ground I walk on if I DID make them myself!
Walt: I cannot believe the things I do for you Woman. You better hurry up, you got one shot at this and thats it.
Me: omg you are so full of it, you know you wanna play with my toes...
Walt: I dunno Babe, camera? Toes? Tye dye? hmmm... I'm just sayin.......
Me: :::snap::: Thanks babe, Be right back:::running down the stairs:::::
Walt: Gina!!!!!
Vicki, thanks for the fun, and the Tee shirt! He loves it, wore it all day, and wont let me wash

He has since seen my washroom mess and is now bargaining for a texture job.

Monday's First Hour, & M & M's.

Sometimes one just doesnt know what to blog about. Do ya tell it like it is, or blow fluff and BS up ones skirt? I dunno, tough choice when you believe in positive thinking, living, speaking. The Marvelous Monday entries help. Ever tried it? I woke up with racing thoughts this morning. I am now trying to channel You know how my Mondays go...
Good Morning Babe, shuffle to coffeepot... Pour, drip. slurp. Good morning Rudy... GOOD MORNING RUDY! Babe, when is he going to say good morning to me? I mean crap, 8 years of this? Im getting tired of it.". Walt refused to respond nursing his own cuppa.
I sat down and it all began. the race is on.
Should I go down and start knocking down some texture on the walls in the washroom, or let Walt do that? Omg who is that nutbar bounty hunter offering up bail money for Caylees mother? Hey, dang it. I missed the interviews with the presidential candidates on the Purpose Driven Lifes Pastor... dang it. Bet it was good. Omg why didnt I do those dishes last night? I hate waking up to that.. dont look G. Whos texting me at 7:00 am? OK, Karen has her Mothers Monday-ismns. Poor thing.
I need to find a yard maintenence service, wheres that Tribune page I saved. Oh shoot I didnt press that backing I washed last night... Maybe I should load a different one this morning. Oh man I havent altered Walts shirts yet.. Better get on that today too. I wonder what time Moms up this morning.. I better wait on calling her... (time for second cuppa, I'm now walking as opposed to shuffling) Babe? What clothes you want pressed for today? He responded, "casual". I sat back down and said OK, I'll go get my email.... I wonder what Ronda and Jim like to eat? I better get a market list going... Damn.. look at that storm, I hope Deb isnt in harms way. Oh look at Sarah, God she is getting big! Oh shes so pretty... I cant wait to see them!!! (now of course Hawaii flashes me and the whole funeral takes over my mind.) I try and change the channel and quickly look for a happy blog. What do I blog about today? I cant change the channel cause its wondered over to pictures of Jamie and an email came in with a recent picture of his headstone and fresh flowers. And theres one from Ronda about a grief site blog. I decided that I am surley not alone, deal with yourself Gina. Rudy just said " Bite Me". Geez, good morning isnt in his vocabulary is it? Quick! Go iron... Ok, I'm handled.. third and final cuppa....... blog, Marvelous Monday...omg you are kidding me? I dont want to write that. Lets think. Geez wheres the sun? Must be hot again in the valley. Maybe I do need vitimin D? Looks like winter all the dang time. Hate that. Hey Rud! I love that song! ( whistling dock of the bay song) Now I get more texts... I should text Blima, damn it I miss her.. wonder if she is coming? Bet she isnt... stick my lip out to there...I think Im hungry... I better get up and get in gear. Not yet, do a blog, hurry up... well, do I fill it with fluff and BS, or tell it like it is? Yep... tell it like it is... Im gonna go make it a good Monday... glad you're in my head for an hour.

*blog readers to vent to
*damn good coffee
* text messaging
*Rudy saying anything at all, especially he loves me
*people who go thru the fire with me
*Walt fixing my messes
*HDTV, amazing I tell ya.... wow
shes 3????? come onnnnnnnn...... Say Hi to Sarah:)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


You know I can't pass up a good sign right? Of course right. I think I just love signage? I notice they are in just about every room of the house? LOL Its kinda like chattin with ya... you know I'm there if you are just reading them:) So in my travels this morniing to a local hardware store, I was shopping for primer and paint.

:::I dont know how I ended up in the garden center SWEAR:::

But I did. I found this treasure for the deck. I found it "fittin", just "fittin". I truly woke up this morning (after a long and fitful night) just aching to do a TAWANDA on the guest washroom downstairs. I sat on the deck cuppa in hand trying to shake off the cobwebs and wondered wtf happened during the night. Walt said he woke me a few times crying about a dog, and I can only remember that I was sobbing. Anyway.... I digress... Our new humble abode hasnt be redressed since I KNOW the 1980's. Its full of wallpaper and 80ish colors, non of which match our last home. Now I am fully aware of the ALMIGHTY word, TIME. But, Some things are just bugging the crap out of me! So I said to myself, "What, Deargina, is in your control?" ( a swift self help move on my part) The washroom wallpaper!!! No kidding, I should take before and after shots. But its too hidious. I'll do afters.. So today I begin what Walt calls.. ::::Lipstick on a Pig::: treatment. Its where you really cannot afford with time nor money a full on gutting, so you choose to kiss it as much as possible. Now my handy dandy man is knee deep in his Thesis and wont come up for air, so I guess its all on me? I shall try, I hope its not another Lucy move on my part. I bought stripper, primer, paint, do dads... and this lovely sign...........(for the deck though) ( I just love the font on this one too) pppfffttt... theres that smurfy blue, please overlook that part.....

Wish me luck, hows YOUR Saturday?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Whats on YOUR desktop?

I must admit that I have quite a few to choose from lately thanks be to talented photographers:)
This one is such a capture of how well a 3 year old can stay inside the lines coloring? Orrrrrrr is it her beautiful eyelashes and how the sun catches the light in her goldenbrown hair? Any way ya slice it I adore this desktop background today. Stay tuned for a few more favorites Im SURE comin!
Vicki: a little longer as Master Walt is hard at work on his master thesis (longarmed quilting) and simply rolls his eyes at the very mention of my shenanigans.
::but I'm on it:::
I think that I may need a photo shoot of Rudy and Ginger..what you think girls??? heyyyy our new little Jamieeeeeeeeeeeeee

<---is not spoiled, just loved.
:::kinda like her Nonni:::


Suzannes hosting par-taay, I think I should go and bring vodka for that luscious lemonade of hers!:::SPIKE::: ( ssshhh) Wanna join me? I hear there are presents involved........

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Friends When I Need `Em

And even when I dont, I know you're here, or somewhere, and I thank you from the very core of my being.
Karen A, thanks for the timely smile. Your card was placed directly on my table in front of my face:) Vicki, I think my cheeks went hot with that smile, and I'm on the case.( he just doesnt know it yet) Today was one of those days when someone just knew that I needed a pick me up. I have been down here for several hours trying to load and quilt a simple 45x55 mystery quilt... I have changed my mind 3 times, frogged once, and now Im going in an entirely different direction with neon PINK thread and a panto! ( oh man wish me luck). (I get ticked alot these days for no apparent reason) I took Rudy upstairs to his cage because he annoyed me, telling Ginger to SPEAK a gazillion times, ( which she turns her nose up to) I found myself yelling at Ginger to ANSWER HER BROTHER! (yes, Im worried)

Walt told me this morning when I expressed my own concern for myself, that I am only fighting a battle and that I will win. I hope he is right. I hope, is a good thing.

So I went to the mailbox in a huff, and came back with a smile. All of you who are pulling/praying for me and mine,thank you so much, I dont know how I could ever thank you enough.
I'll go quilt now... I hope

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sixth Month Of Forever

So maybe he wasn't the perfect man, but he was the perfect child. He really was such a love.
This is a picture of setting up for a boy scout swaree` and Jamie was into the popcorn instead of the job at hand. I snapped a pic and threatened to "fink" on him to the den master. ( guess he was scared huh?)

Not a day goes by that I don't fall you guys. Not one, not yet. I'm waiting. At least once a day or more I say it isnt true, it didnt happen, its not real, and I KNOW that it is.

In grief counseling I am told to mentally prepare myself for upcoming remarkable dates. Today marks six months of mind boggling, torturous sadness. I did, do, AM preparing myself, but what good does that do when I still fall? His birthday will soon come, his deathday will come too. They will come and I will need to survive.
I haven't told you about my little trip to visit sis and family to Disneyland/Hollywood. I'm very glad to have gone, and I so enjoyed our time together. Its great to belong to such a nutty family:)
The first ride they sprinted me onto was called Soaring California. I was a bit apprehensive as I don't do " rides" well. I never have cared to have the bejeezers scared out of me. I trusted them, so I didn't show fear. To my pleasant surprise, the ride was amazing, freeing, and all that I could think of is wheres Jamie? Is he up here? Can he see the world this way? Is life after death and heaven in the sky a big myth? (ain't easy being me remember?) Its a thrill ride which makes you feel like a bird covering nearly every inch of California from the clouds. Complete with scents of wherever you were.. Napa valley fermenting grapes, the sea breeze of the Pacific ocean, green grass of our infamous golf courses, and even ( i swear) peat dirt of our agriculture valleys. Five minutes of pleasant ponderings. I wanted to go again and again, and to this day recall the feelings. (and of course ponder how far is heaven?) The next ride didnt go so well for me. As I said, I trusted the little nephew and niece, AND my sis! ( what a fool) I now trusted them even more since my initial experience was so serene. As we practically skipped across the park to a building that said Hollywood Towers I just assumed it was like universal studios or something... a movie studio maybe? I was clueless. We were so busy chatting inside I didn't take the time to ponder what fate was before me. NOT ONE OF THEM lead me to believe that I had just entered the TOWER OF TERROR. I made it out alive, just barely. My body was shaking, tears were raining down but hey I'm accustomed to that anyway. I needed wine in a hurry, and my sister and brother in law could barely control their laughter while purchasing the tee shirt that says I survived it. Understandably my wonderful family was only trying their best to bring me pleasure in an otherwise tumultuous space in time.
From right to left front row, Matthew,(nephew) me, Jackie,(niece) Patrick,(bil) Kelly(sis). U see their hysteria in laughter and my hanging on for dear life horror eh? Meanies.......

The reason I'm telling you about this experience is because it will forever be equated to the DAILY FALLING FEELING that I have and cannot seem to rid myself of. When my sweet baby James crosses my mind, I feel that sinking falling from 50 floors of the elevator of my life, flashing each stage of his life, OUR life......over and over and over again. I re-coop, of coarse, but it still comes unexpectedly, and I am beginning to loathe it.

6 months... and the rest of my life to go. Sometimes, (and this is one of them) its just too difficult to fake it. I miss my Munz.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Removed due to unnecessary cruelty.

Perfect Signs & M & M's

I just love signs around to make me smile. I'm sure you've seen a few in pictures here on the blog. Well, theres a new tickle above the buffet now. (havent hung it yet, its on the honey DO list:) Its hysterical! I think it beats the

"Its 5 O' clock somewhere" Sign!

Walt and I had a quiet relaxing, uneventful kind of week end. We didnt so much as hang a picture, unpack a box, or do a dish. Nice and needed and UNPLUGGED. Now, Monday brings a new week, new lists, new goals, new quilts to get done, and challenges. Have a great Monday everyone:)

*Underwear days to improve ones DQL!
*That darn king panto quilted and binded and almost gone!
*My lime green happy visor
*Gingers groomer in Pismo
*This laptop (saves stair trips)
*HDTV for the summer games!
*The new sign we found!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Go Team USA!!!

First of all I spent a rather lazy Saturday binding this King and watching the games. ( I called an underwear day)
Michael Phelps made my night, and his Mom made me bawl like a baby. ( news?) The joy/pride on her face was second to none! (Hurt some too) His event was heart racing and I found myself yelling at the TV cheering him on as he broke the world record, and claimed his first gold medal. WOW... Even Rudy yelled along with me! ( this entertained Walt more than the games). Beach volleyball was fun, its much easier playing this game on the Wii you know. I cant believe how tall one has to be to be good in this sport, however the Japanese girls did very well against USA... not well enough, ( i think cause they were short) I also think I may suffer from little woman syndrome. It was very fascinating to watch men's gymnast's. Especially looking at their beefy arms ::wink:: Why is this a sport anyway? :::just pondering::: Do you suppose we could have a quilting category as a sport? Yes,
I am now eagerly awaiting our 40 yr old Mom swimmer.. ( forgot her name already..grunt) I love to watch the swimming because it makes me smile with memories of my own brood growing up as swim team kids. We thought Karen would be an Olympian with her amazing butterfly races, but she chose a different path.
Notice I put down the binding and switched to the blog right? I think tomorrow we will go estate sale shopping early.. maybe I'll come back with a treasure to show ya!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Favorite Rocks

PEARL: Purity, innocence and honor, teardrop of the moon.

DIAMOND: Indestructible, unconquerable

OPAL: Precious

RUBY: Passion, Power

MOONSTONE: Spiritual healing, balance

What woman doesn't love shiny gems? I am absolutely fascinated with pearls, their origins, and growth. They bring me comfort, as well as pleasure. A feeling of home. Security, and above all femininity.
I am curious to say the least to know more of diamonds origins. Ever see Romancing the Stone with Michael Douglas? Diamonds are exciting and sexy. I have a marquis to elongate my little fingers. I enjoy looking deep inside its shape to define the colors.

A reflection of self in color would be my birthstone of Opal. How mysteriously brilliant they are! How different, curious and colorful! I want to be THIS stone!

A new stone to investigate is..............Moonstone (Beach). I'm trying to find them like every tourist that comes to the central coast! If ever you are in Cambria or near, you must wade in. Many local artisans manipulate these stones into gorgeous jewels. Once in awhile I walk the black beaches hunting a stone of my own, I haven't found one yet:( Its serious fun trying though! Therapeutic in fact. I highly recommend rolling up your pants and filtering through sand and icy water to find a few of your own. The bonus of course being our wonderful display of wildlife at you feet!

Lastly, Ruby. Why? I have no idea, except that I have never had one, I LOVE red, but I dont like lab created, so I wait longer. LOL I have no idea about this stone, which is enough to peak my curiosity anyway right? Its just so luxuriously passionate!
Ya know whats fun? Playing with Cheri's crystals on fabric, ::pretending::
You might be wondering why I am discussing jewels. Seemed right at the time to daydream? It might help me sleep? I have another craving? Choose your own adventure... lol... Have a good week end, go rock hunting!
Btw, whats your favorite rock?

*Every girl needs her shiny stuff. Maybe collecting gems is a good hobby. lol

Friday, August 8, 2008

When Things Dont Go As Planned

When you feel like you spend much of your time in a fetal position looking for the next warm tortilla with butter, and you think that you have nothing to pull from, you do. You really do.

How many times does one need to re-invent themselves? I ask myself this alot with one hand on my hip, one foot turned to the side, one eyebrow in the air, about to have yet another six year old temper tantrum.

With many self talks I call upon every learned skill that I have acquired to get me pulled out of the weeds of life. The best tool being the exercise of the heart.
When I take my eyes off of myself, and onto my loved ones, or even a stranger, I feel stronger. I am in fact stronger. Trouble is, these days that is extremely difficult. I'd sure like to say that I can immerse myself in my quilting but I cant say it. Do it. In fact, I wish I could say that I am immersing myself in anything to change my channels, but I cant... grunt. Dont misunderstand, I'm not having a pity party for one, I'm just on a mission to get better. Notice I didnt say heal.. I will accept get better. I wonder how many times will I need to redefine "happy ever after"? As many times as it takes, I know... TIME.

The best exercise for the heart is to reach down and lift someone else up.

"Tim Russert". I'll miss his insight fullness.

This exercise isnt as easy as one may think when you yourself are buckling.
Sometimes you must fake it till you make it.

<----I'm on it.

PS: king panto done. finally. Now I am binding it.... grunt.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Photo Re Direction

A MUST BLOG VISIT THIS MORNING!!! Heather and Kymn, AND their camera were here last weekend lusting after the perfect picture??????
H put up a few teasers.... I love her AND her as I told them both, sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Working Alone-Self Talk

"In my isolation I grow stronger,"

Paul Gauguin.

"My work is always better when I'm alone and follow my own impressions,"

Claude Monet.

"If the artist is serious he must sink himself in solitude,"

Edgar Degas.

Add a parrot with a sassy mouth, Keep a princess poodle close by for fur friendship. Make sure ya got some friends in the box nearby. Have many forms of audio entertainment available. Stock your area with fabric stashes, and every tool imaginable to manipulate said fabric stash... and VOILA`, you gotta job!

I know that we have discussed this before haven't we? Hmmm, menopause.... hang with me anyway. Its not easy is it? My very first teacher Has a set up a bit like mine. Studio basement. So she is away from everything while she works. She goes to work, and comes home. This could be beneficial right? To actually GO to work. Its not an easy adjustment for me though. Wheres YOUR shop? I mean in relation to your fridge, kids, computer, hubby.... you get me yes? Well, I'm working on it, but wow. I really am accustomed to an open floor planned area, where this one is "stacked" so to speak, and I feel somewhat removed. I go down a couple flights, I stay until I need something ... you know, coffee, wine, Walt? Maybe I'll check out Craigs list for a teeny fridge for down there. Consequently, productivity is low. I'm certain the reason isnt geographics alone.. I mean geez... look around here eh? Changes R Us. I know what will fix it.. the same damn thing that will fix it all.... TIME. Yep yep yep, thats what they tell me.... time. My Mom always says "Nothing stays the same but change". One would think that having that drilled into me I could roll with all of this easier. I find that being alone nowadays is kind of a breeding ground for dwelling on missing my boy. :::change channel:::I better go... I'm still on the same square spiral panto:(

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Craving Sushi

One of our favorite Sushi places here on the Central Coast can be found in either of our ( thank goodness) San Luis Obispo is closest now, but for the last 2 + years in Pismo Beach. If you swing by, lets go K? I gotta craving. I am rather fond of the traditional rolls and tempura, while Walt is far more adventurous. He orders up Sashimi dishes with names like Sex On The Beach, or More of me to Love.... all coming out raw and exotic. Oh! His favorites are oyster shooters! I taste.... its good..... but nothing beats crab, salmon, cucumber or avocado eh? I love the seaweed salads, the Sunamono, and the Miso Soup too. My favorite appetizer is Chilean Sea Bass with eel sauce. There is a close second of a Grover Beach Crunch roll with a tempora shrimp wrapped in creamy crab... OMG LETS GO!

I made dinner you know, I shouldnt be hungry.. but with this craving going on, that pork chop didnt do it for me. I baked them in panko crumbs, hoping the Japanez-y thing would suffice.... nope.... Grunt. Im down here supposedly stitching a square spiral panto.... can u see me doing it? Well, I'm having a coffee break with ya. A very late one... I wonder if crusie ships do a midnight sushi buffet? I would really dig a lazy susan like the one pictured above. The really cool thing is, not only do my kids love this fare, but so does Aviana!
Hmmm, I have never had a desire to learn to prepare this..... I wonder why? Maybe because its too easy to go get it? Hey you know what would be great? A sushi delivery service!! I would put them on SPEED DIAL! I could set it to automatically call on certain days of the week! Sushi Saturday!!!
ok, sick woman... I better go to work while I have some energy to expend. Thanks for the break, You guys like Sushi? Do you use your fingers or the chopstix? See ya tomorrow. Maybe I'll feel Italian again.

Monday, August 4, 2008

August 4? & M & M's

Wow, I guess I DID keep myself hopping eh? Well, its Monday and time to re-focus and get back to work both in the shop and in the house, ( true, not settled in yet!!)
I had a great time with Sis & family in So Cal, a blast with cheerleading stitch n bitcher pals Heather & Kymn, and a good dose of Aviana smooches to top it all off. I had so much to blog about until I woke up this morning in a panic about it being Monday! You see Marvelous Mondays are just a G way of self soothing the anxiety of Mondays! Ahhhhh You are having a lightbulb moment eh? I absolutley ( life long) freak out on Monday mornings with so much to do do, so much on my mind. I calm this by reflecting on the gratitudes of the past week. It works? Just a fast glance at the weeks events, no ponderings, just spit it out, large or small. important or not.........Give it a whirl.......

*A smokin hot SAFE car to roam freely around the country by myself with no fear.
* My sis and family who share my belief in lifes laughter being good medicine.
*Sharing time, meals, laughs, cries,....sharing.. with friends.
*Barking Sea Lions and crying sea gulls
* Aviana's love
* Rudy not biting anyone:::shiver:::
* My new "Hot Cotton" black linen slacks!

Have a stress-less Monday!

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