Monday, August 4, 2008

August 4? & M & M's

Wow, I guess I DID keep myself hopping eh? Well, its Monday and time to re-focus and get back to work both in the shop and in the house, ( true, not settled in yet!!)
I had a great time with Sis & family in So Cal, a blast with cheerleading stitch n bitcher pals Heather & Kymn, and a good dose of Aviana smooches to top it all off. I had so much to blog about until I woke up this morning in a panic about it being Monday! You see Marvelous Mondays are just a G way of self soothing the anxiety of Mondays! Ahhhhh You are having a lightbulb moment eh? I absolutley ( life long) freak out on Monday mornings with so much to do do, so much on my mind. I calm this by reflecting on the gratitudes of the past week. It works? Just a fast glance at the weeks events, no ponderings, just spit it out, large or small. important or not.........Give it a whirl.......

*A smokin hot SAFE car to roam freely around the country by myself with no fear.
* My sis and family who share my belief in lifes laughter being good medicine.
*Sharing time, meals, laughs, cries,....sharing.. with friends.
*Barking Sea Lions and crying sea gulls
* Aviana's love
* Rudy not biting anyone:::shiver:::
* My new "Hot Cotton" black linen slacks!

Have a stress-less Monday!


Carla said...

Love your list Gina! Let's see... I'm thankful for:
*cats that don't pee on my fabric stash,
*clean garages
*nice clients who invite you to Tahoe,
*DH who travels on business- may he safely come back home!
and of course:

*Great Tension Karma!!

There, I feel much better.. Thanks!

Freda said...

I'm glad you had a good time Gina.

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