Sunday, August 10, 2008

Go Team USA!!!

First of all I spent a rather lazy Saturday binding this King and watching the games. ( I called an underwear day)
Michael Phelps made my night, and his Mom made me bawl like a baby. ( news?) The joy/pride on her face was second to none! (Hurt some too) His event was heart racing and I found myself yelling at the TV cheering him on as he broke the world record, and claimed his first gold medal. WOW... Even Rudy yelled along with me! ( this entertained Walt more than the games). Beach volleyball was fun, its much easier playing this game on the Wii you know. I cant believe how tall one has to be to be good in this sport, however the Japanese girls did very well against USA... not well enough, ( i think cause they were short) I also think I may suffer from little woman syndrome. It was very fascinating to watch men's gymnast's. Especially looking at their beefy arms ::wink:: Why is this a sport anyway? :::just pondering::: Do you suppose we could have a quilting category as a sport? Yes,
I am now eagerly awaiting our 40 yr old Mom swimmer.. ( forgot her name already..grunt) I love to watch the swimming because it makes me smile with memories of my own brood growing up as swim team kids. We thought Karen would be an Olympian with her amazing butterfly races, but she chose a different path.
Notice I put down the binding and switched to the blog right? I think tomorrow we will go estate sale shopping early.. maybe I'll come back with a treasure to show ya!

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Doc said...

Hiya G...

I was watching and cheering last night as that record was broken as well. He is amazing and he has so much family support...that is the way to be a champion!

The Olympics amaze me because of the dedication, tenacity, and perseverance...and it all comes down to just a few last pushes at the end of a race...or the little hop one takes as they try to "stick" a landing. Your whole life...down to the tenths and hundreths of a second or the bend of a knee.

But...what a show eh? What an example...just think...if we could muster that kind of dedication and endurance...that kind of persistance and perserverance...what could we be capable of?hmm...makes me think...

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