Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Craving Sushi

One of our favorite Sushi places here on the Central Coast can be found in either of our locations...lol ( thank goodness) San Luis Obispo is closest now, but for the last 2 + years in Pismo Beach. If you swing by, lets go K? I gotta craving. I am rather fond of the traditional rolls and tempura, while Walt is far more adventurous. He orders up Sashimi dishes with names like Sex On The Beach, or More of me to Love.... all coming out raw and exotic. Oh! His favorites are oyster shooters! I taste.... its good..... but nothing beats crab, salmon, cucumber or avocado eh? I love the seaweed salads, the Sunamono, and the Miso Soup too. My favorite appetizer is Chilean Sea Bass with eel sauce. There is a close second of a Grover Beach Crunch roll with a tempora shrimp wrapped in creamy crab... OMG LETS GO!

I made dinner you know, I shouldnt be hungry.. but with this craving going on, that pork chop didnt do it for me. I baked them in panko crumbs, hoping the Japanez-y thing would suffice.... nope.... Grunt. Im down here supposedly stitching a square spiral panto.... can u see me doing it? Well, I'm having a coffee break with ya. A very late one... I wonder if crusie ships do a midnight sushi buffet? I would really dig a lazy susan like the one pictured above. The really cool thing is, not only do my kids love this fare, but so does Aviana!
Hmmm, I have never had a desire to learn to prepare this..... I wonder why? Maybe because its too easy to go get it? Hey you know what would be great? A sushi delivery service!! I would put them on SPEED DIAL! I could set it to automatically call on certain days of the week! Sushi Saturday!!!
ok, sick woman... I better go to work while I have some energy to expend. Thanks for the break, You guys like Sushi? Do you use your fingers or the chopstix? See ya tomorrow. Maybe I'll feel Italian again.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gina! I recently got to go to Yanagi for the first time about a month ago--it was one of those places we kept meaning to go to but never got around to it. We have been back twice already! I love it. I am allergic to crab so there are a lot of things on the menu I can't have (unless I'm willing to pay for it, and I'm seriously considering this), but it's a wonderful place to go. I love the Gyoza. I use chopsticks.

Desert Threads said...

Hmmmm.....looks like fish bait!

The Sarah Bear said...

Do they have a fish and chips deep fried sushi sans the seaweed?

Carla said...

Yum!!! That sushi and shashimi look might good!

I love most sushi except the eel. Dang... now I'm craving sushi, too!

Smiles! Becca said...

yuuuuuuuum.Hubby makes this about once a week.Or we have to go to Anchorage to get it.Well atleast the really good stuff. He claims its super easy all I know is its super good!

Anonymous said...

Oh GROSS! Today was the first day that I had really didn't want to continue reading...all that sushi talk!! UGH! Raw, seaweed-smelling stuff. You probably figured out by now that I do not do sushi.

Karen A.

Anonymous said...

Nope - any fish I eat must be cooked. I'm not a sushi fan, but then again, I can't eat rice anymore either. I'm glad you like it -- someone has to! ;-)

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