Monday, August 18, 2008

Tye Dyed True Love

So after the Thesis was submitted, I presented my Walt with this beautiful tee shirt. He was so excited I thought I'd share how it really went down. ( please oh please dont read this today Walt)

ME: Babe, try on this shirt so I can alter it for you, ( white dress shirt in background)
Walt: OK, sorry I've been so removed, but you know how it is, I had to gitterdone.
Me: Oh I know, not a problem, Ive been knee deep in projects myself.. (nervous giggle)
Walt: Whats this? A NEW TEE FOR ME??? You have been making these? Is this your projects down there? ( said with so much excitement I wanted to pretend that I DID IT (vicki)
ME: Oh nooooo this is from a friend far away, Virginia I think, Her name is Vicki, she is a very talented colleague who knows you love tye dye and she is honing her skills.
WALT: Oh wow.. why would she make this for me? I mean... is she selling them or what? Can we buy some?
Me: Um, well, we cant buy any, but yes, she sorta sold this to me? Its a long story.
Walt: Babe? I know that tone, what HAVE you done? And btw I heard banging downstairs, we need to discuss that too, K?
Me: Ok well, see its pretty easy actually
Walt: What are you doing with that camera?
Me: I'm trying to tell you dear.. hang on
Walt: Am I modeling, come on Gina I dont want to model.. I told you not to write about this journey of mine.
Me: No no, its not like that really... Its just a little picture in trade for the tee shirt for YOU, Just for YOU. Cause I lub u...
Walt: I'm not modeling, is there wine for tonight. (while pulling shirt over his head and petting himself on the cool dyed parts) This is so cool.... who did this again?
Me: I'll get you some in a sec.. just do me this one favor, Oh that looks so nice Babe, I should learn how to do this eh? Vicki... remember me talking about post cards a few months ago?
Walt: Wow, yeah, and soon! I could wear this down to art in the park and fit right in.
Me: You love me right?
Walt: shit, here it comes
Me: can ya just kiss my foot down there for me a little bit? ( pointing to my toes)
Walt: big grin... This shouldnt turn me on should it?
Me: ::smack:: come on I'm serious
Walt: Me too? Thats it, kiss your toe? Thats your big spend? Man, thats cheap! I want to hear the whole enchilada though.
Me: Ok, sure, later, just do it.. ( positioning camera) You're actually getting off easy, you're supposed to be kissing the ground I walk on if I DID make them myself!
Walt: I cannot believe the things I do for you Woman. You better hurry up, you got one shot at this and thats it.
Me: omg you are so full of it, you know you wanna play with my toes...
Walt: I dunno Babe, camera? Toes? Tye dye? hmmm... I'm just sayin.......
Me: :::snap::: Thanks babe, Be right back:::running down the stairs:::::
Walt: Gina!!!!!
Vicki, thanks for the fun, and the Tee shirt! He loves it, wore it all day, and wont let me wash

He has since seen my washroom mess and is now bargaining for a texture job.


Vicki W said...

yeah!!!! I LOVE IT! That made my day. Tell Walt thansk for playing along and I'm glad he likes his shirt!

Anonymous said...

What a cool picture of Walt kissing your foot! Oh and Vicki did a snashing job on that Tee-shirt. Howly cow, it's beautiful. I can see why Walt won't take it off.

Deborah Levy said...

Good job G! And Walt... such a good sport!

Anonymous said...

Man does he love you! He knows he's being played with and he does it anyway. What a sport.

Karen A.

Turtles In Northern Florida said...

Rotflol! Great job Vicki on the shirt! Walt you are a great guy! Gina you are one lucky gal but then you deserve only the best!

Lori in South Dakota said...

Snorting!! Hooting! Cackling!! Will you sell your husband?? Take trade-ins?? I'll take him without the tee even!! What a great sport he was!

Freda said...

Toooooooooo funny Gina. Made me laugh first thing this morning.

The Sarah Bear said...


Gretchen said...

Now, that's true love, LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Walt has some educating to do this weekend (lol)....... Getting excited, what color of Oregon wines ya want???? Hugs Ronda

Anonymous said...

Such love!!!
Thanks for the smile!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet story. Especially the way you told it.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet story. Especially the way you told it.

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