Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Working Alone-Self Talk

"In my isolation I grow stronger,"

Paul Gauguin.

"My work is always better when I'm alone and follow my own impressions,"

Claude Monet.

"If the artist is serious he must sink himself in solitude,"

Edgar Degas.

Add a parrot with a sassy mouth, Keep a princess poodle close by for fur friendship. Make sure ya got some friends in the box nearby. Have many forms of audio entertainment available. Stock your area with fabric stashes, and every tool imaginable to manipulate said fabric stash... and VOILA`, you gotta job!

I know that we have discussed this before haven't we? Hmmm, menopause.... hang with me anyway. Its not easy is it? My very first teacher Has a set up a bit like mine. Studio basement. So she is away from everything while she works. She goes to work, and comes home. This could be beneficial right? To actually GO to work. Its not an easy adjustment for me though. Wheres YOUR shop? I mean in relation to your fridge, kids, computer, hubby.... you get me yes? Well, I'm working on it, but wow. I really am accustomed to an open floor planned area, where this one is "stacked" so to speak, and I feel somewhat removed. I go down a couple flights, I stay until I need something ... you know, coffee, wine, Walt? Maybe I'll check out Craigs list for a teeny fridge for down there. Consequently, productivity is low. I'm certain the reason isnt geographics alone.. I mean geez... look around here eh? Changes R Us. I know what will fix it.. the same damn thing that will fix it all.... TIME. Yep yep yep, thats what they tell me.... time. My Mom always says "Nothing stays the same but change". One would think that having that drilled into me I could roll with all of this easier. I find that being alone nowadays is kind of a breeding ground for dwelling on missing my boy. :::change channel:::I better go... I'm still on the same square spiral panto:(


Jan Thompson said...

Hi, Gina - I would be what you call a loner. Don't get me wrong, I have many friends, and enjoy them immensely. But I love being alone (I'm a born introvert!). There is a difference in being alone and being lonely. My friends know I will come out to play upon request. But they also know who I am and give me space. How great is that!

Dianah said...

My Studio was our Nursery. BUT when Delaney was on the way I decided that I could give up the guest room easier than my Studio. It is closer to the bathroom and Keg-A-Rator than the kitchen and Computer. Priorities I guess.


Mary said...

I'm a hermit and most of the time being alone works for me. I've been in Minneapolis for a year and a half and don't have any friends here (doesn't that sound pathetic?) I just don't make friends easily. Luckily, I have friends *in the box* as you say.

My longarm is housed on the bottom of 3 floors and the sewing room on the top of 3 floors - Keith travels frequently so you can imagine I spend a lot of time alone...except for Chesty who keeps me company.

You seem to be a more social person so I can see how being away from people might not work as well for you. Maybe you need to find a partner.

The Sarah Bear said...

Hey - miss you - and you didn't answer me!

DearGina said...

Hey Mary, How do ya do it????? WOW! I am not

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