Thursday, August 21, 2008

Washroom Pics & Blog Nitpicks

G'Mornin`.... Hows blogland today? I've been busier than a one armed paperhanger. :::Pun intended:::: The washroom has been kissed and completed. Oh how I wanted to do more to it, but I like this for now. I cant tell you how happy I was to wad that wallpaper up into the trash cans! I found nasty stuff underneath! Mold! Mildew! What a job!!! First of all, I just dont think its Kosher to put up paper over a bathtub, do you? Secondly, enclose said tub with glass door enclosures. Can you say moisture? I really wanted to remove the doors and floor but, that must wait. A good X14 kinda cleaning will do for now. I found just the perfect shells for the window treatment and shelving area. Now getting Walt to hang them was alot harder! Man! he gave me grief over that! But finally relented, sawed off ends, hung them, stood back and said "Wowwww, those are pretty cool":::men::: Why cant they all just hush up and do as their told? I KNOW my stuff, he KNOWS his.... theres really nothing to argue about. Mind you, thank goodness I have him to clean up my messes eh? sheesh! The man can do stuff! I think that we are a great team:)
I'm off to finish blogs, make my lists and get to the store. Speaking of blogs... Do you guys like those blogs you happen upon that music begins? Music in every fashion? Country, Rock. Rap, Metal, gospel, and the occasional elevator? I'm trying to decide. I dont think that I do? It startles me, and frankly its getting annoying. If I want to hear your music, YouTube, Wave file, LET ME CLICK ON IT MYSELF. Sorry.... JMHO, I love to read your blog stuff, I really do, but the music is not why I am here. THAT is a huge reason I cannot stand MYSPACE accounts. Most people do those crazy graphics that you cannot see the text, and a song blasts your monitor upon arrival, causing me to hunt down the mute button, often times sleepy, or relaxing, or on the laptop which is more difficult to locate the volume in a hurry! Hey!!! What about those of you who are at work, in a cubicle, and websurffing on the sly??? Awwwwww BUSTED!!!!
Ok, I'll quit now.... just wanted to whine a bit. I know that I have the choice to change the channel, just like my TV, but some peeps I really want to read/chat with?
I'll go get busy now... I am excited about the week-end, which is a good thing....being excited.
Love yer guts!

PS: Dianah, thanks for those cutie pie fishies up there!! I love em!

real color, fleshy---->


Desert Threads said...

I really like what you did.
I've come across blogs with music that is loud no matter what you have your volume set at and hate it.

Vicki W said...

I hate music blogs - they get me in trouble at work! Congrats on getting that chore done. I'm surprise that Walt didn't make you kiss his feet for hanging the shelf and beads!

The Sarah Bear said...

LOVE the bathroom - love the shells, fish, color - everything. And do tell - are those the same glass fishing ball thingies from Walts house before you were DATING him that hung in the corner in a net?! I gotta know!


Karen Anderson said...

I, too, can't stand music on blogs/websites. It is usually something I really do not want to listen to at all!!!!

Nice job on the washroom!


DearGina said...

LOL H... no, I bought these at the sheel house here. I should have gotten more!!

Smiles! Becca said...

LOVE the bathroom! I dont like music either usually because it interferes with what I am already listening too. So I leave the pc sound off.But then I have to remember to turn it on when I need it.Annoying.Ü

Anonymous said...

I dont know what a music blog is....I'm in the stone ages, I still have a mauve bathroom: Helpppppppp
Love ya Gina :)

Anonymous said...

That was me, Jane :) ---the mauve bathroom thing,,,,,,,

Freda said...

Looks great Gina. I'm not much into music on blogs either.

Anonymous said...

The washroom looks fabulous. Very clever what you did with the shells. Cotton Ball has some cool shells on a strip, just FYI. Trims for that wallhanging you'll make.

DearGina said...

HEY! great idea!!! I'll meander over to the cottonball!!!

Jan Thompson said...

G - looks great - I'm sure your guests will love it. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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