Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday's First Hour, & M & M's.

Sometimes one just doesnt know what to blog about. Do ya tell it like it is, or blow fluff and BS up ones skirt? I dunno, tough choice when you believe in positive thinking, living, speaking. The Marvelous Monday entries help. Ever tried it? I woke up with racing thoughts this morning. I am now trying to channel You know how my Mondays go...
Good Morning Babe, shuffle to coffeepot... Pour, drip. slurp. Good morning Rudy... GOOD MORNING RUDY! Babe, when is he going to say good morning to me? I mean crap, 8 years of this? Im getting tired of it.". Walt refused to respond nursing his own cuppa.
I sat down and it all began. the race is on.
Should I go down and start knocking down some texture on the walls in the washroom, or let Walt do that? Omg who is that nutbar bounty hunter offering up bail money for Caylees mother? Hey, dang it. I missed the interviews with the presidential candidates on the Purpose Driven Lifes Pastor... dang it. Bet it was good. Omg why didnt I do those dishes last night? I hate waking up to that.. dont look G. Whos texting me at 7:00 am? OK, Karen has her Mothers Monday-ismns. Poor thing.
I need to find a yard maintenence service, wheres that Tribune page I saved. Oh shoot I didnt press that backing I washed last night... Maybe I should load a different one this morning. Oh man I havent altered Walts shirts yet.. Better get on that today too. I wonder what time Moms up this morning.. I better wait on calling her... (time for second cuppa, I'm now walking as opposed to shuffling) Babe? What clothes you want pressed for today? He responded, "casual". I sat back down and said OK, I'll go get my email.... I wonder what Ronda and Jim like to eat? I better get a market list going... Damn.. look at that storm, I hope Deb isnt in harms way. Oh look at Sarah, God she is getting big! Oh shes so pretty... I cant wait to see them!!! (now of course Hawaii flashes me and the whole funeral takes over my mind.) I try and change the channel and quickly look for a happy blog. What do I blog about today? I cant change the channel cause its wondered over to pictures of Jamie and an email came in with a recent picture of his headstone and fresh flowers. And theres one from Ronda about a grief site blog. I decided that I am surley not alone, deal with yourself Gina. Rudy just said " Bite Me". Geez, good morning isnt in his vocabulary is it? Quick! Go iron... Ok, I'm handled.. third and final cuppa....... blog, Marvelous Monday...omg you are kidding me? I dont want to write that. Lets think. Geez wheres the sun? Must be hot again in the valley. Maybe I do need vitimin D? Looks like winter all the dang time. Hate that. Hey Rud! I love that song! ( whistling dock of the bay song) Now I get more texts... I should text Blima, damn it I miss her.. wonder if she is coming? Bet she isnt... stick my lip out to there...I think Im hungry... I better get up and get in gear. Not yet, do a blog, hurry up... well, do I fill it with fluff and BS, or tell it like it is? Yep... tell it like it is... Im gonna go make it a good Monday... glad you're in my head for an hour.

*blog readers to vent to
*damn good coffee
* text messaging
*Rudy saying anything at all, especially he loves me
*people who go thru the fire with me
*Walt fixing my messes
*HDTV, amazing I tell ya.... wow
shes 3????? come onnnnnnnn...... Say Hi to Sarah:)


The Sarah Bear said...

I'm tired! Dang G! YOU are a nut! But I like nuts :) Wait, that sounds bad, will she know what I meant, yea, she will, but will others. Speaking of nut, I need to talk to Don the insurance guy, I wish I could find the paperwork for the house insurance, I should have stayed home and worked on home stuff, I have pictures to proof too, I really love pictures, I wish everyone knew the importance of them, the real pictures, the ones of people laughing, thinking, pouting, loving - life pictures, I gotta update my website with the new stuff, man - there has been some really good new stuff, I need to offer chrsitmas specials too, and a camera strap, I want a new camera strap, one that is funky and says "now that's a cool photographer", I should look that up today on Etsy, Esty rocks, I love that people are so creative and now there is a one stop site that lets you buy unique things, oh, but I am at work, I should work on work stuff, grrrr, my desk is a mess, so unlike me, maybe I will clean my office, or maybe I will look at one more blog?

Smiles! Becca said...

Coffee and text messaging, two of my favorite things also! Isnt it wonderful to talk to loved ones all day and not tie up the phone!

DearGina said...

rofl... I'm so not alone:)

Anonymous said...

My goodness she is gorgeous!

Your post this morning sounds like what I go through some days...just plain whirlwind of thoughts going on inside.

Karen A.

Vicki W said...

Rudy really says "bite me"?!

DearGina said...

He REALLY says "bite me". The bad part is, he says it like he knows what it means, so it tends to tick ya off... like when he calls me a dumbass for running around the Gammil frustrated. He can sense my frustration and acts up. I much prefer his wanna margarita, or wanna go outside, or the all important I LOVE U MAMA... he is at about 600 words/phrases now. I am easily amused?

Anonymous said...

I am tired, relax, nothing special but many hugs, great wine, walking the dogs and husbands and more hugs... Can't wait tile friday, see ya friday, yahoo..... Miss ya, my day hasn't been much better, soo much to do and Mom just called and is coming over, AAACK..... That little girl is gorgeous..... Ronda

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