Friday, November 30, 2007

Favorite Piece of Furniture

No one noticed as I watched Aviana play in the living room today. She laughed and chased Ginger round and round throwing her stuffed toys for a game of fetch. I had one eye on the two of them, and the other on mindless busy work and adult conversation. I am always tickled to watch her at play, but today she intrigued me. I stopped counting how many times she paused to look inside Nonni’s Curio cabinet. Each time was only for half of a minute at best. I could see that it was on her little mind. I wondered what she was pondering. I pondered whether she liked pondering like me. I suppose it may be pretty amazing to a 2 year old to see a piece of furniture so huge filled with shiny objects that glisten and turn color with every change of the suns movements. I saw her pause from the chair, from the floor on her knees, while standing still, and from across the room. I dont think she could keep her mind off of it. What was she thinking? Was it the mirror backing and she loved to see herself? Maybe the little animals fascinated her. A cherished family photograph?

Five adults chatting, eating and laughing, and the sixth one, being me, in my own little world watching history in the making. The heart of life is truly good.
Ginger was clearly her toy for the half hour or so of this playtime, but she was noticeably distracted every couple of minutes. When the kids packed up and went home to the valley, I sat down for a while in front of the curio to investigate further. I had told no one of Aviana’s ponderings and mine. Not even Walt. With coffee in hand, I sat to admire each piece of glass and its origin. I wondered what it was that kept catching her eyes. I thought if I knew I could pull it out and give it to her right away. I felt anxious to do just that. I soon changed my mind and decided that this watching through the years will be fun. I will move things around and really mess with her until she knows each piece herself. I will tell her stories of her great grandmother during WW2 and breadlines, and her Uncle Jake in today’s ongoing war. I’ll talk to her about the pieces from her mama to me, and how they came to be. We can discuss who the Nina ,the Pinta and the Santa Maria are.. and how her ancestors came from Italy to thrive in our wonderful country. How her Pappa gave me his heart, see it over there?...and how my friends know me so well and leave their mark for me here. She will see every pet her Nonni has loved, and whom I hope to see again one day. How wonderful it is knowing that she may love these silly material things as I do.. I think it so funny how the things we wished for our children, are so different from the ponderings we have for grandchildren. It very well could be my own mortality in the foreground now... not sure. I hope I never lose the memory of today. I hope there are many more like this to ponder too.

PS: TY Heather for this cherished portrait:)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mindless Chit-Chat

Being the creature of habit that I am, I did my 5 am morning routine of getting Walt out the door, grabbed fresh coffee, and came in and sat down to do a new Blogabout. Only trouble is.. I didnt have a thing to blogabout? I shall hold that thought and read others .... done. Now what? I'm a blocked blogger? Ahuh... I think I am! Does this mean I must begin work without my chat fix? Dang......Lets work on a few issues on my mind this morning shall we? K...

One... What do you do with all these audio books you have spent a small fortune on, read, and need more? Keep buying? Ebay them? Got to the Library? Where IS the library? I'm behind in my reading/listening anyway. I'm still on Culture Warrior and Walts gone all through John Grishams... I think we have at least 20 invested in so far since he has been a super commuter. What you think?

TWO... That darn Duvet cover up stairs... I am in the process of re doing the master bedroom in Plums and purples. A Majestic color palette if you will. It all began with my clown portrait gift. I found a yummy down comforter, and a BEAUTIFUL duvet cover in plums and sage. The problem is that it not only makes ruffling noises all night, but it wont stay put either! Now I know that we sleep as though there is an olympic match going on.. toss, turn, wrap, flip and flop... but how do you keep that thing from becoming a ball? I went up last night with yarn and hook needle in hand....gonna do battle on the duvet... Walt says, why dont you quilt it? Well, that would defeat the whole fluff purpose now wouldnt it? MAybe some of my quilty pals will throw me a lightbulb moment.

THREE.... I went to sleep with sweet dreams of yet another restoration project on its way to I know! A gluten for punishment! Its Shoo-Fly, not yet established a year on it, and I love it... but I dont want to take apart all of the handquilting, so I am trying to devise an evil plan of applique.... heres a quick pic... I have now influenced my Jappy friend Blim into quilt hunting! (thats so cute I think) She has even expressed a desire to piece herself!!! OMG!! I cannot wait for this I tell you!

So you can see now that I shall be pondering this and so much more you really dont want to know about... (7 more quickly come to mind). I'll be waiting for your insight in these trivial ponderings.. I'll do the big ones with Rudy.. cover all the chat basis you know. Have a good day! I'm putting on another pot! Love yer guts!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sea Shells on a Christmas Tree?

Well? I suppose its ok? It's really quite unique, and even I must tell you that I have been a bit of a brat (who me?) giving up control of a tradtional tree. Walt wanted to do this last year, and I just couldnt do it. This year, we have compromised like every good lil couple should. He is in charge of the decor, and tree..... however a few time honored ornaments reside on the branches. Meaning the glass icicles, and family photos in pewter frames. He has carte blanche` on the rest of it. I have enclosed pics however he hasnt made the "garland wrap" as yet. (I was thinking stringed cranberries, but not saying a word) Also the village hasnt been put up, I wonder if there will be sand and water neath it?
He had fun making the ornaments and dressing the little tree. I had fun watching the process. Yes, I did help a little. I got to fit sand dollars together, wire and hot glue them in place:) His tree top is just stunning, albeit, top heavy, but really cool. He tried for a star shaped, and it grew! lol.

I have to admit that all of the years ornaments are still spread out in the studio, and I'm playing with them, remembering. One grown child has her assortment, all of the boys are still with me. I think I should call and give some up. (naaaaa......) Truth is I have kept my word, when they settle and begin a family of thier own, they can take them. Could be they want them to stay with Mom? I dunno.... I'm going to begin collecting "grandchildren" ornaments now.... I also need a few more pics this year dont I? wow.... Change is funny. Change is difficult. Change is good, and change isnt.
<---confuddled arent I?

Enjoy our beach tree blog readers:) I love this tree top!
yes, it's a surfboard...grunt.

Yes, for our Aviana and Sarah, Barbie fun under the tree! ( I like the hermit crab above her)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tamale Time

Every Christmas season, I get the urge... The urge to begin this tradtional fun. It has been a void 3 years now, as Mom has no drive to do it. I am contimplating gathering the girls, my Sis, putting down the quilts, and reviving a memory. Enjoy the post.

As far back as I can remember in my childhood, Making Tamales during the holidays was a tradition. It consumed the entire family and the whole house as well. The bathtub had water and corn husks in it for the duration of the event. The kitchen was clean enough to eat off the floor and filled to the ceiling with strange looking supplies that we see only once a year during the Christmas season. Giant pots for steaming, long tongs for burning ones fingers, aromatic dried red chili’s, large vats of masa, boxes of lard (which everyone hides) and husks of corn we call Oja’s.(oh haas) The Shopping, gift-wrapping, errand running were all put on hold at this time. Including, but not limited to our lives.

I wanted desperately to help with the process, but it wasn’t until my teens that I was allowed into the kitchen. Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true! After what seemed to be a million incorrect tamale spreading, I wanted out of the kitchen, never to return! I was the newbie…the novice…and I didn’t speak a word of Spanish damn it! My mother and her cousin Nicki would chatter away and I just knew they had juicy gossip that they weren’t sharing with me. And the only time I was spoken to was to be corrected yet another time! This went on for days! I would sit and plot my escape while my fingers became increasingly bent in an uncomfortable spatula position, aching from the cold of the Masa. It was generally too cold to ride my motorcycle or do anything out of doors. I was trapped in a non English-speaking kitchen! I watched almost every move my Mother made in hopes of graduating to another job in the process. Assembling the luscious concoction, or making the chili, or steaming a batch to hear the raves of the rest of the family! One that was a bit more challenging. That day wouldn’t come until I was in my late twenties and had children running everywhere to challenge me!

I spent the next 2 decades relishing in the time spent through the holidays with my Mother making Tamales, and also dreading that period of time. Our dozens of tamales were to be shared with friends and family all around. Neighbors and business associates as well. Everyone knew the gifts were coming and could hardly wait. Our Tamales soon became the gift that couldn't be bought. Because of this, we increased our recipe to a whopping 40 dozen! Often times we toyed with the idea of actually putting our dish on the market. (At the request of others) That notion was always dispelled as soon as presented. After all, the purpose was gift giving from love, not monetarily beneficial. The work is exhausting, and the mess is tremendous. The fruits of our labor and the time spent with Mom were well worth the efforts made. It was the only time of year I could actually connect with her, and her with my children and me. Both good and bad she witnessed the kids, from their curtain climbing years, through their terrible teens. It has been a treat to watch my own daughter go through the apprentice stage of joining us in tamale time. And while we diligently worked the days and nights away we chatted in English for hours on end. We solved the world’s problems at my kitchen table. We handled a few of her troubles and some of mine too. We laughed and cried, bossed each other around, sang the days away to Christmas music and gospel tunes. On some occasions we were able to steal away for a round of Bingo or a late movie. (This always resulted in burnt Tamales)

I am certain that we learned a lot from one another. More so than in all of my childhood years. I know I learned how to make Tamales from beginning to end, and even became an expert in the field! I possess at least 10 different recipes with variations of spice and quantity. Striving always for perfection. I do this journaling every evening as we wind up the days work. And when I laid down each night to rest, it felt like having been comforted by my Mother as a child. Since she and I have never shared a great deal of physical affection, this is as close as it gets. The Fond memories Mother and I have made are a treasure that I keep in my soul. For that reason alone, this time will always be cherished, for it isn’t really tamale time at all.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Marvelous Monday 11/26/07

Hi!!!! :::waving vigourously:::

I have never been so happy to say Happy Monday!!! wtf? I'm excited to get back to work, find some MOJO, get a routine back, and well.... work like a slave girl till Christmas! I have many emails to answer, and a wall of quilts that are hollering at me! Its been a wild ride indeed eh? How long now running at full speed? Since I was counting down valley quilts right.. I think 2 weeks. Lots of company, ( I MEAN LOTS) Lots of laughs and good time.
Walt has the helm of the Christmas decor this year so the house is a little topsy turvey.. but he wanted to make a beach tree, so ...since I am busy in the shop, he is hard at work with a hot glue gun, sea shells, and all kinds of neat ideas going on in there. I cant wait to see the outcome. I know he bought a small fake tree, some costco mini colored lights, and a bunch of glue stix? Oh Dear is right..... He claims the grandkids will love it, so go full steam ahead I say!
I'm off to brew Pot number Two... Load an Aunt Gracie, and try and solve some of lifes mysteries!
Monday's thankfulness list

* For the wonderful and yes, wierd family and friends of ours, old and new :)
* For Rudy not being too upset over all the hussle bustle round here
*For a "G"-licious Thanksgiving dinner, and even better Left overs!
*For that red velvet cake that topped any pie around here! lol
*For Santa's help with overload.
*For extra funds when needed.
Have a Great Monday everyone!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Super Santa Is On The Case!

Black Friday. Who braved the crowds? My Walt oh man... 4:00 AM with all the rest of the crazies were at Best Buy trying to get the deal of the year. He was about 500 in line so he didnt score the 199.00 computer systems (they had 15 woohoo?) But he did do considerable damage to my list with our grandsons, daughters, and ME!!!! Yep yep yep, he couldnt resist buying Mrs Santa a new tech toy and I LOVE IT!!! I loaded up 2GB full of family/friend photos and strategically placed it on the buffet and man oh man the show is non stop! And it even has a remote control!!! (Walt can flip TV channels while I flip kids pics) Brilliant color and clarity, and now I can miss everyone even more! LOLOL
Seriously, you must go play with this. I have decided to get it for my Dad for Christmas too. (ssshhh) He can relive old memories of his fishing/rving days... get all meloncholy and call me up to bug me about it. (sounds like a plan right?) Its actually Walts idea for retirement homes... what a great thing for an elderly person to have in their rooms eh?Every family member right by thier side and they dont lift a finger to turn the page of an album! I think that they should target THAT market ASAP!

I am personally going to stock up on them. I think the guest room will be next!

First pic to go in frame: Aviana being BEGGED to smile for the camera! Oh yes, and my dear daughter, Karen:) LOL We had a great time with them here for the hoilday, and Walt made it home in time for his brothers arrival:) Now we are planning the week ends TO-DO's. I thought about Indian casino, ($$$) and then Vaudeville..(wait for H on that), maybe American Ganster movie.. How about we just stay in and watch movies while emptying the fridge of all these dang tupperware containers???? I actually had time to load a small quilt, and I WANT TO QUILT!!! Isnt that great???

Grunt... maybe tonight, coffee in hand, Ipod in ear, away I'll go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy To Be Home

Whoever coined the phrase "Gettin Old Aint For Sissies", sure knew what they were talking about!!! WOW! I am spent!!! These fast ~N~ Furious roadtrips are kicking my behind! Lessons learned:

*Stop taking hwy 41 to save time, the construction work is brutal on patience

*When your pup says pull over in the form of whining, DO IT!SHE NEEDS TO RALPH! (like human mommy eh?)

*DO NOT forget your IPOD, it wears out John Mayer

*Add in an extra day to see your buddies cause DAMN it hurts not to see them. (waving, hi girls!!!)

Its on and crackin now.. Hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 10(not bad?) and then more company on the week end. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving as we all have MUCH to be thankful for:) I will leave you with my favorite turkey photo!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Valley Road Trip

Walt's gasing the car...(SKY HIGH PRICES!!!) we arent happy, I should fly there!

<----I'm dark til tues or Wed, You know you'll miss me!

Check list:

Nine Quilts.........8, ok, almost made it?

New stuff for grand babies...check

bottle of wine...(packed 2, what the heck)

clothes..(im on it?)

pain pills, knee brace...check( Yep, gimpy)


Ipod loaded...(check, put the pedal to the metal and rock out)

Ginger brushed and loaded...( I threw the brush in the car? Mom can do it.)

Friday, November 16, 2007

I Get Knocked Down

OMGoodness where did the week go? I'm feeling better today, swelling down considerably. The Doctor said its tendonitus, and all I can do is baby it until its better. His thoughts are that I injured the injury?Xrays shows screws/rods all still in place... So what did I do? Cortizone shots and pills...pppfffttt
Alllrighty then.... So, a couple days ice, anti inflamitories, Mufasa cheering me on, and I'm still quilting:) SO TGIF!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Before I go whine to my Doctor, I'll count some blessings.

So Cal Fires:
Renne Reds/ cal fire

This link will take you to my Poodles Breeder's Mother. She breeds Toys ( member Lucy?) While Marsi at WEST COAST POODLES breeds mini's. ( Ginger). Marsi and family were evacuated and thankfully did not lose their home. However, her Mama wasn't quite so fortunate. They have their lives, and their dogs, and nothing else. The photos just make me ache. I am heartbroken for them. It makes my darn knee seem so petty eh? I am getting things together for the family, and should you be called to do so too, please contact me. At this time, I see that she has requests for pet supplies on her web site. Sharon Spingler over at Desert Threads, and I will be making some bedding for the little poo's, and I have asked for a human list from Marsi too. This isn't a call to enlist your help as much as it is to share a realization that whatever goes on in life... it really can be worse, and it sure helps to have that smack in the back of my head occasionally. Life is good, no matter what. I cannot, having tried, even imagine losing it all.... I just can't.

I'm off to my doctor to see whats wrong with this knee... film at 11:00 ::::Snicker::::

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I'm not a happy camper today. There, I've said it. Its not usual, or accepted. I am cranky because I'm cranky!
My Bionic knee has decided to flare up just when I need it most. I have precious little time to finish valley quilts, and standing is about to kill me:( So can I vent to all Yall?( Linda Taylor speak)
I havent worn a FOOTBALL for a knee in quite a long time, and since last night, man oh man.... I could barely sleep for the pain last night! If I had known that this would happen to me, I never would have had the knee surgery at all. And God forbid the right knee goes, because its just not happening. This morning, I held on tight to come down the stairs..remembering days gone by. I am hobbling, and I have all that work over there----->

I took Naproxen, I'm going to find my knee wrap, and send me good thoughts please, cause I just have to keep going:(
It poses the question...Do you wish to have your mind go first, or your body? Well, I STILL have to have a ponder right?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Cherished Handmade Gift

With Heather and family came this adorable new necklace that she made for me. It of course depicts the likeness of my much loved grand daughter Aviana:) THIS photo is my favorite picture in the world! Its a new H THANG she is doing with tiles and Swarvarski crystals, beads, etc... It will coincide with her photography business and as you can see, its what separates her (1 of many) from others in her field with her own "bonus" line of products. Her calls come in for not only captured moments, but for jeweled cherished memories as well! TY Heather, I have her close to my heart always:)

So all of you California readers, pick up the phone!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Poker Mama Is On The MM List!

Well, For as far back as I can recall we have played all kinds of games in this family. From Monopoly to Aggravation and every one in between, but the most fun has always been Poker. Mom especially loves this game. I have made a video for ya , and she is very "sweet" in this, I assure you, she is never sweet playing poker.. it HAD TO BE THE LOLLIPOP!!! Most times she shouting out rules and regulations, the pots light, shuddup and play, don't spill the coffee, turn that TV down... and ALWAYS whines when the deal comes to me and I call Black Jack. ( she really doesn't like that one) But its dealers choice right? Of course right.

This night Mom was just along for the ride, however John dealing Texas hold-em got her riled up quite a Lucy kept her company as they are pretty inseparable these days. She lost all of her chips early in the night so I'm glad I got at least one video. ( shes cute too)

I'm getting this video-ing down well, however I cannot for the life of me find a program to edit it, and I have HP Media player!!! I know , I know, the problem is between the keyboard and the chair(me).. Enjoy!

And I got a new belated Birthday gift from her and sis too! A new IPOD for my audio books woohoo!!! If only I could figure that out too? I am usually on top of my tech toys, but I gotta tell ya.. I'm feelin a bit old..""cough"""er?
And we sure had fun with Heather, Kim & Sarah Bear for the second part of the week! We shopped, chatted, vegged, beached, consumed alot of coffee, Ate good stuff:) killed spiders, learned new terms for hushing spouses ( Less Talking). Had a great time, and I have much to be thankful for this Marvelous Monday! This sarah watching the tube with her new widdo friend the penguin:)
Side note: I just have to tell you how adorable my Walt is shopping for Aviana and Sarah at Costco! He is always "lost" in there, and can be found with large toys/animals under each arm wondering the childrens sections. He is a great Santa/Pappa/Uncle and makes me smile inside and out.> go gina go!

Friday, November 9, 2007

PICS:::Found Family:::PICS

Where do I begin? I have so much in my BWAIN that I have had racing thoughts for days! OK, first let me say that my younger sister and I have a long lost brother...found. Along with him comes a whole lots of new family members! Many of which we had the pleasure of hosting this week!
Last year my Dad got a phone call from his son who he had lost touch with 40 some years ago. I had remembered him from when I was a little girl, but only faintly. Well, we have a big brother and he came from Alaska to see all of us! I wont bore you with all of the particulars, but this year John (new big bro) came to see Walt and I and brought my parents and my sis and neice joined them. We had a wonderful time this week, and as luck/fate would have it, Johns oldest daughter was vacationing in Disneyland with her young family and came to Pismo too! So BB John has a wife, 3 sons, one daughter, 2 beautiful grand daughters... do some math and JUST look at all the new family we found!!!! My Dad is in 7th heaven with "Johnny" as he still calls him, and sis and I are just tickled pink. Speaking of pink, we had a fabulous time at the Madonna Inn last evening dancing, visiting and stuffing ourselves too. (Be sure to click on thier site and go see all of thier wierd ornate rooms) Each night we have played poker together and tried very hard to instigate lost sibling rivalry. Its fun to poke fun eh?All in all it was a most enjoyable time and we hope for many more memories to be made. I'm personally going to look for some trouble to get into so I can have a big brother that I never had come get me out of it! ::Snicker::
I'll come back for editing to show you some pics when I get the camera unloaded and make ready for company #2, Heathers family is coming! Woohoo! ( I think I have all of 8 hours to change sheets , maybe I really am a B & B?..better run....)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Company Coming! Chili Colorado

Family coming in and Mexican food is what they asked for, well except for the Tirimisu ( thats for me) LOLOL
I may be quiet the next few days as I'll be playing the interactive B & B game:)
I'm already at making flour tortilla chips,chili de Arbol, guacamole, Beans, spanich rice, zuccini salsa medley, and this recipe is the main course this evening. Anyone wanna come help me cook?
Chili Colorado

Believe it or not my youngest Son, Jake, was taught to say and prepare this dish with a color crayon. He is famous for tangling words and this was another tongue twister for him. Lake Taco (for Lake Tahoe) is one of my favorites. I didn’t really mind since the interest in cooking always made me smile. Chili Color Crayon, for this dish, was his choice. So…Crayons we dragged out and made the chili to match! (Burnt Sienna is the color that matched) These days he still loves to cook, however the color crayons memory lives only with me. By the way, I haven’t told him yet of the secret ingredient!

TIP: Do what it takes to fill those kids with inspiration!

1-½ lbs Top Sirloin cut into bite-sized pieces
2 tblsp oil
3 crushed garlic cloves
Red Chili sauce (See recipe below)
Salt and pepper to taste

In a large skillet sauté garlic in oil. Add meat and brown. Pour in red chili and allow simmering until meat is tender. Season with salt and pepper if need be.

Please Note: make the meat BEFORE the sauce and use meat drippings for your sauce recipe

Red Chili
(short cut version)

I will send whole chili pod process recipe to those who ask for it

Base for many Entrée’s

A thousand times at least I watched Mother make this chili. I had duplicated it. I had perfected it. But still, something seemed to be missing. Annoyed by this one day I telephoned here and complained. You can imagine my shock when she said these words to me. “ Well, did you use the secret ingredient?” OH MY GOODNESS! Some 20 years later she lets me in on it? I was furious with her! What secret? I do it just like you Ma! I shrieked back into the phone line! She sounded quite serious and told me that I should have watched more carefully, because she always puts a teaspoon of peanut butter in the sauce because THAT’S the way her Mother did it! I said well, did Grandma keep this information from you too? She never did answer me so I am sure that there has been a conspiracy here.

TIP: Keep an Eagle Eye on these women with their family secrets!

1/3 cup Oil (is best if you have some meat juice included in this)
1 crushed garlic clove
1/3 cup flour
1/3 cup New Mexico Chili Powder (California is more mild)
Chicken broth to desired consistency
The secret ingredient
Salt to taste

In a medium skillet, with medium heat, sauté garlic in oil. Brown the flour in oil. Then add chili powder and brown as well. Be very careful not to scorch chili. (You will have a browned paste) Slowly begin to add broth while whisking consistency to break the paste back down.
(No Lumps) When you reach a desired “gravy like” consistency, add salt and secret ingredient.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Paying It Forward

I found this great BLOGABOUT on Rags~N~Quilts site and decided it was for me!
Now who wants to be next?

Pay it forward rules:

I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.
What a tickle to make someones day! Come on! Join in the Reindeer games with me!


Monday, November 5, 2007

Dresden Restoration Completed

With the exception of a good soak and block, she is done. 60 x 60, about 3/4 of its original size, and 14 of 20 blocks salvaged. (pictured here 12, I saved 2 for the grand daughter to make a little something for her sister. Its been several months as you know, and a lot of perseverance, not to mention nimble finger work. I so enjoyed the journey, and will cherish the time that I had with Grandmother Amanda's quilt. I know I'm sappy... but, I helped preserve history both in materialness, and sentiment, and it just felt good. I guess as I have told you before, maybe a part of me wishes that it was MY grandmother, not a lil ole lady I never had the pleasure of meeting physically. It just felt right. Thats all I have to say about that. The process?

The entire quilt was disassembled (completly) and those parts that were ragged and torn set aside. Each blade that "made the cut" was reassembled and returned to a plate with the addition of antique feed sacks located online. Walt and I "aged this fabric by method of sea salt, Ocean water, sand, and elbow grease. I then cut new blades to match Grandmas, and reassembled with old blades. Once the plates were remade, the original caps went on, and stitched where needed in center pedal. Reproduction fabric was used for the block foundations. Now the needle turning begins. Thank God I have friends who love me enough to needleturn with me!(again, TY Sharon & Ronda) This process must have taken Amanda a year at best!
Blocks were assembled in rows of 4, and then machine quilted with (thanks be to Ronda sending me that wonderful book!) Hari Walner quilt designs from yesteryear. It is more quilting than Grandma did, but it needed to be down at least this much. Two batts were used, one for foundation (QD cotton) one on top 4 ounce poly for space filling and to preserve old fabrics should they happen to be folded for storage. The backing was again, reproduction polka dot fabric, and the binding the same as the blocks. The fabric label has been left blank for the owners words of wisdom:) It really should hold up well for another hundred years now...smiling....I know that the grand daughter, Mary, will love it always:)
Thanks for listening to my journey all of the way. It has helped to yak about it! It was my greatest restoration challenge to date, exceeding the GFG last year by far. Enjoy the photos. I wish my photographer was handy to get better ones for me. Grunt.

Happy Anniversary to Us!

The Dream Chaser

As I live today my mind travels to lands of distance.
I dream of a love laced with flowers ever so soft
My heart races as the raging rivers, bending wildly out of control
I am lost, evaporated in your eyes
I feel pleasure with just the thought of your touch
As I taste your lips My soul replenishes the dry desert bed of my life ,
I have loved you all of my life
Yet your image I did not recognize until my heart identified you
I shall chase this dream for all of my days
Love I will share, for I lived endless days with you embedded in my life
When I awake, I will know that this is my reality.
Again I will drift into a wonderful slumber,
And dreams I will chase.

W.A. Vickrey

Sunday, November 4, 2007

New Olympic Land for Rudy

While I slaved further on the Dresden today, Walt made Rudy's quarterly house. I say quarterly because it takes just about 3 months for him to literally chew down his own walls. No kidding, he is so lame that he actually will chew up the perch he is sitting on, until he does a goonie bird fall to the ground! We figure what the heck, it gives him something to do besides incessant yakking right? LOL This really turns him on. He feels secure and safe to roam up and down and all around. We affectionately call it parrot olympics, in Rudyville! On here Rudy can climb, perch, sit on a shelf and hide out.. swing and seranade us, and of course ding his bells. (alot). He only goes inside his cage to sleep at night (at our request of course). On the lower perches is where he taunts poor Ginger on a daily basis. Altho I must say, she does her fair share of bothering him too. She simply hates his tarzan antics, and goes running to tell him so each and everytime. He doesnt listen, it just eggs him on...grunt. Rudy's manzanita tree in the shop isn't quite so "penthousey", but he has great sunshine and and alot of fabric strips to fondle. I told he is sewing, he believes it too!
Poor Walt spits n sputters about building this or cleaning that, but he really loves Rudy too. They have a "special" relationship in that he minds Walt, and has chosen to take his voice, however there is NO friendship involved whatsoever. Walt can handle Rudy only to a point. And of course, he will gladly accept all foods from him.
Rudy inst fond of men at all. Those who visit, know this and keep one eye over there to see where Rudy is hanging out. Often times Rudy will go silent, and sneak down on walkabout only to surprise a male foot in the living room. When you see your guest go green and TRY to yell, We know that Rudy has indeed stalked them. Damn bird. He isn't that way with women/girls. He rather likes us and needs our attention.How odd huh? Maybe its his aviary vet? Not sure.. I need a parrot psychiatrist I suppose. Oh wait... maybe theres a parrot whisperer around.. its California you know? It could happen?
Ok, I shall return to my binding. Its been a long week end. I'll leave you with a pic of the new cedar to

Friday, November 2, 2007

Restoration Journey with Grandmother Amanda

I'll bet you thought I was a slacker on this didnt you? Nope nope nope.... It just takes forever and a night to needleturn all these plates! I am happy to announce that by midnight last night, 14 of 18 plates were salvaged, and she is together and actually a quilt top again! Locked and loaded will begin quilting today:) YIPPEE!!!! I will share the before and after photos when complete, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the top. Its very close to Grandmother Amanda's, albeit, the plates are closer together. Why you ask? Well... when I bought, cut, and beat up the foundation blocks, I truly thought I would end up with less plates than I did. ( kudos to me I say) Therefore, they must be sewn closer together. I asked grams..she didnt mind a bit. (j/k Lord). I will also discuss the journey in the last word about this subject! LOL Stay tuned? For now, I shall try some RONDANESS on it... not too much tho.. I've no room to work? LOL
Altho, I must say too that I have the talented hands of Sharon and Ronda on here, and that just tickles me like crazy!! Thanks girls for your nimble needleturning fingers!


Thanks to all that blog hopped with me for the PHOTO CONTEST! Sarah isnt in the lead, and to be honest, judging from the site meter, someone is REALLY plugging in numbers for another contestant. (not fair eh?)

I got a chance to view their site and a few others and was impressed with the creativity over there! I think I shall return again and again!
Have a great week end everyone!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1 does NOT = Christmas time!

Can we get through my punkin decor first? Can I enjoy fall stuff first? I woke up to Tony Bennett singing "Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"!!! I know that but WAIT FOR ME K????
Day after Halloween, we commercial up to Christmas. Forget the fact that we havent had Thanksgiving yet huh? Jeez oh criminy! Didnt we used to have rules for this too? Yes, I remember them... Black Friday, (day after thanksgiving) is kick off for shoppers and husbands cue to begin zapping themselves with little twinkly lights. (or was that beer and football, I cant recall)
The weekend that we women make a list, check it twice and let the hip shoving begin! Nooooo.... I'm feeling pressure to do it now! I went to Marshalls yesterday for a new mattress pad and there were women hip shoving in the 75 percent off for fall decor isle!!! Know what? I JOINED EM!!! yep yep yep... I got lots of clearence items giving way to Christmas.. for 75 % off that! (imagine 120.00 to begin with, then clearenced, then move em out) bottom line was... CHA-CHING 14. 27 cents!!! Oh I nearly peed my pants! Heres what I want to know... WHY wasnt it this price to begin with? Look what they are doing!!! K.. I'm off track here... I got the mattress pad, and fall clearance stuff, and I felt pressured coming home and quilting yet another Christmas tree quilt. I'm not ready for Christmas time yet. I wish to enjoy fall first. I missed Montreal in the fall:(.. I think I'll ponder this more while quilting today. Im not loading another tree either. GRUNT.

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