Friday, November 9, 2007

PICS:::Found Family:::PICS

Where do I begin? I have so much in my BWAIN that I have had racing thoughts for days! OK, first let me say that my younger sister and I have a long lost brother...found. Along with him comes a whole lots of new family members! Many of which we had the pleasure of hosting this week!
Last year my Dad got a phone call from his son who he had lost touch with 40 some years ago. I had remembered him from when I was a little girl, but only faintly. Well, we have a big brother and he came from Alaska to see all of us! I wont bore you with all of the particulars, but this year John (new big bro) came to see Walt and I and brought my parents and my sis and neice joined them. We had a wonderful time this week, and as luck/fate would have it, Johns oldest daughter was vacationing in Disneyland with her young family and came to Pismo too! So BB John has a wife, 3 sons, one daughter, 2 beautiful grand daughters... do some math and JUST look at all the new family we found!!!! My Dad is in 7th heaven with "Johnny" as he still calls him, and sis and I are just tickled pink. Speaking of pink, we had a fabulous time at the Madonna Inn last evening dancing, visiting and stuffing ourselves too. (Be sure to click on thier site and go see all of thier wierd ornate rooms) Each night we have played poker together and tried very hard to instigate lost sibling rivalry. Its fun to poke fun eh?All in all it was a most enjoyable time and we hope for many more memories to be made. I'm personally going to look for some trouble to get into so I can have a big brother that I never had come get me out of it! ::Snicker::
I'll come back for editing to show you some pics when I get the camera unloaded and make ready for company #2, Heathers family is coming! Woohoo! ( I think I have all of 8 hours to change sheets , maybe I really am a B & B?..better run....)


Vicki W said...

Didn't you work in the hotel industry previously? I think you are such a great hostess that all kinds of strangers are going to show up and claim blood connections just to get some of your great hospitality! That is a great story!

JudyL said...

WOW! What an interesting week you've had. Sounds like a very fun week too.

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled for You.
As always you freak out before but everything is completly under control.
Enjoy and make lots of memories.


Deb said...

Sounds like you're having a ball, inspite of all the work! But you have it all under control! Rest for a moment, then enjoy the next group!

Ronda Beyer said...

Missed ya, glad you survived the week.......

Anonymous said...

Wow..what a week. Sometimes I am exhausted just reading your blog. LOL.

Donna S

karen anderson said...

Holy Smokes! Those rooms are WILD!!!!! I'm not so sure I'd be able to sleep in any one of them!

Karen A.

DearGina said...

LOL And you should see the dining room!!!
Its a must do for any central coast visitor:)

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