Sunday, November 4, 2007

New Olympic Land for Rudy

While I slaved further on the Dresden today, Walt made Rudy's quarterly house. I say quarterly because it takes just about 3 months for him to literally chew down his own walls. No kidding, he is so lame that he actually will chew up the perch he is sitting on, until he does a goonie bird fall to the ground! We figure what the heck, it gives him something to do besides incessant yakking right? LOL This really turns him on. He feels secure and safe to roam up and down and all around. We affectionately call it parrot olympics, in Rudyville! On here Rudy can climb, perch, sit on a shelf and hide out.. swing and seranade us, and of course ding his bells. (alot). He only goes inside his cage to sleep at night (at our request of course). On the lower perches is where he taunts poor Ginger on a daily basis. Altho I must say, she does her fair share of bothering him too. She simply hates his tarzan antics, and goes running to tell him so each and everytime. He doesnt listen, it just eggs him on...grunt. Rudy's manzanita tree in the shop isn't quite so "penthousey", but he has great sunshine and and alot of fabric strips to fondle. I told he is sewing, he believes it too!
Poor Walt spits n sputters about building this or cleaning that, but he really loves Rudy too. They have a "special" relationship in that he minds Walt, and has chosen to take his voice, however there is NO friendship involved whatsoever. Walt can handle Rudy only to a point. And of course, he will gladly accept all foods from him.
Rudy inst fond of men at all. Those who visit, know this and keep one eye over there to see where Rudy is hanging out. Often times Rudy will go silent, and sneak down on walkabout only to surprise a male foot in the living room. When you see your guest go green and TRY to yell, We know that Rudy has indeed stalked them. Damn bird. He isn't that way with women/girls. He rather likes us and needs our attention.How odd huh? Maybe its his aviary vet? Not sure.. I need a parrot psychiatrist I suppose. Oh wait... maybe theres a parrot whisperer around.. its California you know? It could happen?
Ok, I shall return to my binding. Its been a long week end. I'll leave you with a pic of the new cedar to


Anonymous said...

Gina, Since Rudy is male, its understandable that he likes girls better than boys, after all opposites attract. By attacking the males, he trying to eliminate the competition, or better yet, he's showing the other males present that he is superior to them. I think that male ego is alive and well in all species.

I'm so glad your resrtoation project is coming to an end. Everyhting you have done for this project is well worth it, and knowing that you have preserved a part of history is an event that will live with you forever (of course, after the nightmares go away).

Karen L

Anonymous said...

Good Job Walt!

Sharon said...

Hey Walt, I could sure use one of those for Tazzy! Only make it 4 sided. She loves to come visit anyone in the kitchen. Good job!

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