Monday, November 26, 2007

Marvelous Monday 11/26/07

Hi!!!! :::waving vigourously:::

I have never been so happy to say Happy Monday!!! wtf? I'm excited to get back to work, find some MOJO, get a routine back, and well.... work like a slave girl till Christmas! I have many emails to answer, and a wall of quilts that are hollering at me! Its been a wild ride indeed eh? How long now running at full speed? Since I was counting down valley quilts right.. I think 2 weeks. Lots of company, ( I MEAN LOTS) Lots of laughs and good time.
Walt has the helm of the Christmas decor this year so the house is a little topsy turvey.. but he wanted to make a beach tree, so ...since I am busy in the shop, he is hard at work with a hot glue gun, sea shells, and all kinds of neat ideas going on in there. I cant wait to see the outcome. I know he bought a small fake tree, some costco mini colored lights, and a bunch of glue stix? Oh Dear is right..... He claims the grandkids will love it, so go full steam ahead I say!
I'm off to brew Pot number Two... Load an Aunt Gracie, and try and solve some of lifes mysteries!
Monday's thankfulness list

* For the wonderful and yes, wierd family and friends of ours, old and new :)
* For Rudy not being too upset over all the hussle bustle round here
*For a "G"-licious Thanksgiving dinner, and even better Left overs!
*For that red velvet cake that topped any pie around here! lol
*For Santa's help with overload.
*For extra funds when needed.
Have a Great Monday everyone!


Carla said...

Happy Monday to you, too!

Jan Thompson said...

Great things to be thankful for - it is a great Monday!!

Karen Anderson said...

Hi Gina,

Happy Monday! It was a good day today! It started out a little rocky but improved when I changed my attitude - what a gift!

Karen A.

PS - I hope you post pics of Walt's Christmas creation!

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