Thursday, November 15, 2007

Before I go whine to my Doctor, I'll count some blessings.

So Cal Fires:
Renne Reds/ cal fire

This link will take you to my Poodles Breeder's Mother. She breeds Toys ( member Lucy?) While Marsi at WEST COAST POODLES breeds mini's. ( Ginger). Marsi and family were evacuated and thankfully did not lose their home. However, her Mama wasn't quite so fortunate. They have their lives, and their dogs, and nothing else. The photos just make me ache. I am heartbroken for them. It makes my darn knee seem so petty eh? I am getting things together for the family, and should you be called to do so too, please contact me. At this time, I see that she has requests for pet supplies on her web site. Sharon Spingler over at Desert Threads, and I will be making some bedding for the little poo's, and I have asked for a human list from Marsi too. This isn't a call to enlist your help as much as it is to share a realization that whatever goes on in life... it really can be worse, and it sure helps to have that smack in the back of my head occasionally. Life is good, no matter what. I cannot, having tried, even imagine losing it all.... I just can't.

I'm off to my doctor to see whats wrong with this knee... film at 11:00 ::::Snicker::::

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Dianah said...

G- Where's the list? I'll get some stuff together.

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