Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mindless Chit-Chat

Being the creature of habit that I am, I did my 5 am morning routine of getting Walt out the door, grabbed fresh coffee, and came in and sat down to do a new Blogabout. Only trouble is.. I didnt have a thing to blogabout? I shall hold that thought and read others .... done. Now what? I'm a blocked blogger? Ahuh... I think I am! Does this mean I must begin work without my chat fix? Dang......Lets work on a few issues on my mind this morning shall we? K...

One... What do you do with all these audio books you have spent a small fortune on, read, and need more? Keep buying? Ebay them? Got to the Library? Where IS the library? I'm behind in my reading/listening anyway. I'm still on Culture Warrior and Walts gone all through John Grishams... I think we have at least 20 invested in so far since he has been a super commuter. What you think?

TWO... That darn Duvet cover up stairs... I am in the process of re doing the master bedroom in Plums and purples. A Majestic color palette if you will. It all began with my clown portrait gift. I found a yummy down comforter, and a BEAUTIFUL duvet cover in plums and sage. The problem is that it not only makes ruffling noises all night, but it wont stay put either! Now I know that we sleep as though there is an olympic match going on.. toss, turn, wrap, flip and flop... but how do you keep that thing from becoming a ball? I went up last night with yarn and hook needle in hand....gonna do battle on the duvet... Walt says, why dont you quilt it? Well, that would defeat the whole fluff purpose now wouldnt it? MAybe some of my quilty pals will throw me a lightbulb moment.

THREE.... I went to sleep with sweet dreams of yet another restoration project on its way to I know! A gluten for punishment! Its Shoo-Fly, not yet established a year on it, and I love it... but I dont want to take apart all of the handquilting, so I am trying to devise an evil plan of applique.... heres a quick pic... I have now influenced my Jappy friend Blim into quilt hunting! (thats so cute I think) She has even expressed a desire to piece herself!!! OMG!! I cannot wait for this I tell you!

So you can see now that I shall be pondering this and so much more you really dont want to know about... (7 more quickly come to mind). I'll be waiting for your insight in these trivial ponderings.. I'll do the big ones with Rudy.. cover all the chat basis you know. Have a good day! I'm putting on another pot! Love yer guts!


Sharon said...

You certainly are a restoration junky aren't you?

Dianah said...

Duvet Problem Solver to the rescue!!!

I sew 1/2" snaps, male side, to my duvet. I sew them in all 4 corners and then a few more to each side. I then sew the female sides in the same spots to my cover. I end up with extra male sides but this works. I have been doing it for years. No more moving duvet.


Terri said...

Yep. Snaps or velcro circles. I had to do this for my sister. It worked fine.

The Sarah Bear said...

One. I personally would like to see more people support their local library as well as their personal savings/checking account. If you truly compare the effort it is no easier to go to a store and BUY am audio tape than it is to drive to the LIBRARY and borrow a book - for free. Saves money, and also saves the frustration when you PURCHASE a book and then find, it wasn't all that good. No harm if you check it out from the LIBRARY. Just sayin'. Support your local Library.

Two. I think that area has been covered (ha! pardon the pun). Snaps and velcro baby (it's equivalent to the man's duct tape fix it all).

Three. Dude. I do not envy you. Pass me my camera please.

Four. It is so hard to walk away from something that once brought you success. I live with a man that when all else fails he goes to his "taco diet". He lost 80lbs over a decade ago and still feels like it is the only way to "gitter done". Sorry your man's way requires so much effort and money. I do envy the willpower to to SOMETHING though. I should start my TaeBo again, I swear by that!

Five (I added it). I miss you.

Ronda Beyer said...

Never mindless, I love your chatter.... You have so much energy, want to share?????? Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Gina...I told you to go to the library a year ago, takes you awhile to... get on it, lol.

LU, B.

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