Monday, November 12, 2007

Poker Mama Is On The MM List!

Well, For as far back as I can recall we have played all kinds of games in this family. From Monopoly to Aggravation and every one in between, but the most fun has always been Poker. Mom especially loves this game. I have made a video for ya , and she is very "sweet" in this, I assure you, she is never sweet playing poker.. it HAD TO BE THE LOLLIPOP!!! Most times she shouting out rules and regulations, the pots light, shuddup and play, don't spill the coffee, turn that TV down... and ALWAYS whines when the deal comes to me and I call Black Jack. ( she really doesn't like that one) But its dealers choice right? Of course right.

This night Mom was just along for the ride, however John dealing Texas hold-em got her riled up quite a Lucy kept her company as they are pretty inseparable these days. She lost all of her chips early in the night so I'm glad I got at least one video. ( shes cute too)

I'm getting this video-ing down well, however I cannot for the life of me find a program to edit it, and I have HP Media player!!! I know , I know, the problem is between the keyboard and the chair(me).. Enjoy!

And I got a new belated Birthday gift from her and sis too! A new IPOD for my audio books woohoo!!! If only I could figure that out too? I am usually on top of my tech toys, but I gotta tell ya.. I'm feelin a bit old..""cough"""er?
And we sure had fun with Heather, Kim & Sarah Bear for the second part of the week! We shopped, chatted, vegged, beached, consumed alot of coffee, Ate good stuff:) killed spiders, learned new terms for hushing spouses ( Less Talking). Had a great time, and I have much to be thankful for this Marvelous Monday! This sarah watching the tube with her new widdo friend the penguin:)
Side note: I just have to tell you how adorable my Walt is shopping for Aviana and Sarah at Costco! He is always "lost" in there, and can be found with large toys/animals under each arm wondering the childrens sections. He is a great Santa/Pappa/Uncle and makes me smile inside and out.> go gina go!


Def59 said...

Loved the video Gina! Game night sounds like a blast! I just loved watching your mom with that lollipop!

Deb said...

You are getting the hang of those videos! Way cool!

Looks like you had a great family time! It's wonderful, isn't it!

I go home to see everyone in a couple weeks..can't wait!

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