Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sea Shells on a Christmas Tree?

Well? I suppose its ok? It's really quite unique, and even I must tell you that I have been a bit of a brat (who me?) giving up control of a tradtional tree. Walt wanted to do this last year, and I just couldnt do it. This year, we have compromised like every good lil couple should. He is in charge of the decor, and tree..... however a few time honored ornaments reside on the branches. Meaning the glass icicles, and family photos in pewter frames. He has carte blanche` on the rest of it. I have enclosed pics however he hasnt made the "garland wrap" as yet. (I was thinking stringed cranberries, but not saying a word) Also the village hasnt been put up, I wonder if there will be sand and water neath it?
He had fun making the ornaments and dressing the little tree. I had fun watching the process. Yes, I did help a little. I got to fit sand dollars together, wire and hot glue them in place:) His tree top is just stunning, albeit, top heavy, but really cool. He tried for a star shaped, and it grew! lol.

I have to admit that all of the years ornaments are still spread out in the studio, and I'm playing with them, remembering. One grown child has her assortment, all of the boys are still with me. I think I should call and give some up. (naaaaa......) Truth is I have kept my word, when they settle and begin a family of thier own, they can take them. Could be they want them to stay with Mom? I dunno.... I'm going to begin collecting "grandchildren" ornaments now.... I also need a few more pics this year dont I? wow.... Change is funny. Change is difficult. Change is good, and change isnt.
<---confuddled arent I?

Enjoy our beach tree blog readers:) I love this tree top!
yes, it's a surfboard...grunt.

Yes, for our Aviana and Sarah, Barbie fun under the tree! ( I like the hermit crab above her)


Sharon said...

Too cute!! Atta boy Walt! Sure beats the heck out of a tumbleweed Christmas tree!

Randi said...

It is cute!

Ronda Beyer said...

What, you giving up control (lol)! I think Walt did a wonderful job, send him up here so he can get Jim trained..... Happy Holidays to you and Walt.... Who did the sand castles in the pool/sand box???? Tooo cute!

DearGina said...

I know huh....wierddddddd
Walt made the sand castles in MOONSAND ( whatever this is) He is a child at heart and aims to please the grandkids, and himself! His office upstairs currently resembles a small toy factory, I should blog THAT!

Jan Thompson said...

This is too funny. I especially love Barbie under the tree. Walt did a good job!

Anonymous said...

sooo strange, sea shells, sand and crabs just go with christmas up here, living in montreal canada and up to our knees in snow right now, I gotta tell u, that is the funniest, wierdest tree I ever saw.But.....I love it. :)
Walt your the best!

Karen Anderson said...

Way to go Walt!!! This is definitely a one of a kind tree! The Barbie in her bikini is perfect.

Good for you for giving up control!

Karen A.

Mary said...

What a fun tree! I have control issues too so I understand how hard this must have been for you.

We can't have a real tree in the apartment so I think I'm just going to get a small table top one for this year. I do miss Christmas at the house in Marietta - it was very festive. My son called the other day and they were decorating my house, with my decorations!

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