Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Cherished Handmade Gift

With Heather and family came this adorable new necklace that she made for me. It of course depicts the likeness of my much loved grand daughter Aviana:) THIS photo is my favorite picture in the world! Its a new H THANG she is doing with tiles and Swarvarski crystals, beads, etc... It will coincide with her photography business and as you can see, its what separates her (1 of many) from others in her field with her own "bonus" line of products. Her calls come in for not only captured moments, but for jeweled cherished memories as well! TY Heather, I have her close to my heart always:)

So all of you California readers, pick up the phone!


Sharon said...

Gorgeous necklace!! Hey Heather, my bday is New Years Eve!!!

Anonymous said...

what a brilliant idea.
Heather I want one please, but,,, I learnt to but from our G woman, can you make this as a key chain? tell me how much, I can sell a million of them for you.
People here email me the photo and I email to you, you snail mail me them in time for Chanukkah.


Carla said...

Wonderful necklace Gina!!!

Dianah said...

I already have mine with Poop on it! Love it!


The Sarah Bear said...

Blima - let's talk! LOL I hook you up! (ha. pardon the pun, "hook". ha.)

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