Friday, November 16, 2007

I Get Knocked Down

OMGoodness where did the week go? I'm feeling better today, swelling down considerably. The Doctor said its tendonitus, and all I can do is baby it until its better. His thoughts are that I injured the injury?Xrays shows screws/rods all still in place... So what did I do? Cortizone shots and pills...pppfffttt
Alllrighty then.... So, a couple days ice, anti inflamitories, Mufasa cheering me on, and I'm still quilting:) SO TGIF!


Sharon said...

Glad you are feeling better my friend.

Yvonne said...

I'll guess you'll just have to take it easy. :) At least you sense of humor is intact and you have many blessings. Do lots of handwork and I'll be praying for a quick recovery.

Ronda Beyer said...

I am cheering you on also, now do what he says! Coming from someone who is hard of hearing when it comes to Doc's orders (lol)..... Sending ya loads of love, ice and wine or is it whine??????

Deb said...

I'm a little behind on my reading...sorry you had a bad knee week, and glad it's improving some.

Take care, I'll drink some vino for ya!

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