Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy To Be Home

Whoever coined the phrase "Gettin Old Aint For Sissies", sure knew what they were talking about!!! WOW! I am spent!!! These fast ~N~ Furious roadtrips are kicking my behind! Lessons learned:

*Stop taking hwy 41 to save time, the construction work is brutal on patience

*When your pup says pull over in the form of whining, DO IT!SHE NEEDS TO RALPH! (like human mommy eh?)

*DO NOT forget your IPOD, it wears out John Mayer

*Add in an extra day to see your buddies cause DAMN it hurts not to see them. (waving, hi girls!!!)

Its on and crackin now.. Hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 10(not bad?) and then more company on the week end. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving as we all have MUCH to be thankful for:) I will leave you with my favorite turkey photo!


Sharon said...

Glad you are home!! Pic is way too cute!

Jan Thompson said...

Too funny, Gina! Welcome home!

Lynn Douglass said...

The picture is priceless! I'm glad your knee is feeling better, you made it home safe and sound, and I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
G...when are you going to take a day off and relax?
Miss u,

Carla said...

Enjoy your day!!! Your photo is too funny, Gina!

Deb said...

Too cute! Hope you had a wonderful turkey day. Maybe next week you can rest!

kayp said...

cute photo. hope you had a great turkey day!

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