Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WHAT A Week!

It;s Wednesday. I think its Wednesday. Is it Wednesday? Oh! Trash day tomorrow.. yep... collection day in the house. I am running like a headless chicken with tooth issues. ( is there such a thing?) I finished up the Quail and onto the next but I'm making ready for the week end too. Karens family, Heathers family, Julie and Emily OH MY! At some point I need a new list for menu.. better late than never right? I have been too busy collecting beach toys and yard toys for the Lovie's! Today, I point to said yard toys so that they may be built. I sent a picture to Avi on the cell phone of the swingset and she called immedietley to squeel like a piglet over it. I told pappa to get on it:).  See I have alterior motives. Keep the LIL girls busy so we Moms can play cards! (unless I'm Maybe we could get the men to BBQ? Hmmmm, PLAN B.

 So far today I have already been to the doctor ( again), I will be getting to "group" sewing after I nurse this MUGGA coffee.. and then........... AND THEN>>>>> Back to the dentist. GRUNT. Did I ever tell you how much I am afraid of them? :::THEM:::: The dentist people. Its like a Thriller video in my head. The good news is that at 50, I dont throw up in the parking lot anymore. The bad news is that it takes a whole lotta self talk and a few zanex to get me through a deep cleaning! We wont discuss what it takes for the rest of the work! Suffice to say it aint easy keeping these chops pretty.
 So whats on for your 4th Plans? Tell me... I need to know:) I  will keep you posted from over here! FOr now... to the clipboard Woman!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Holiday Anticipation!

My Lovie's coming! Alert the media!We have a fun filled holiday approaching. I'll talk about it later, as I have a dentist appt now... GRUNT. BBL
PS: Can you even believe how fast she is growing up? Who'll stop this train??? :::Stomping foot::::

Post DDS:  I should have gone to dentist school. Shoot they make BANK! Or I have funky teeth? Good Grief I need a winning lottery ticket.:::still stomping foot::::

Monday, June 28, 2010

Painting While Quilting! M & M

Kids, dont try this at home! I'm in one corner piecing a quilt, Walt in another painting the last bank of cabinets and VOILA! we matched! Maybe I was thinking about the cabinets while designing the quail? HmmmmI think the yellow is so dang happy, how could anyone work without smiling in here? They couldnt! Whats behind those happy doors is pure textile heaven:)
I'm glad for it to be done so I can load this baby up. I cant wait to garden branch around this Quail! Happy Marvelous Monday DearBlog readers!

Marvelous Mondays include:

Happy yellow fabric housing cabinets!
Batiks.. hand dyes.. OH MY!
The dollar store for beach toys for the grands!
My appointment book.. how would I go on without it???
It bares repeating, those Nestle Pink Lemonade frozen treats!
The times that my machine doesnt scream at me!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Word About Scissors

Scissors are NOT Q-Tips. This is what they tell me, however I havet quite grasped that concept as of yet. They are handy dandy for ear cleaning?
Hello, my name is Gina, and I am a scissor addict. I possess a drawer labeled "Things that Cut".  All who enter here, past, present, and now future KNOW the importance of scissor etiquette, according to Moi`. For years I gave tongue lashings to children regarding the use, misuse, and/or abuse of said scissors. I KNOW that I am not alone, however I do sometimes think that it can become a tad bit of OCD-ism. Not unlike flashlights to old men, (or your hubby).
Now I have favorite scissors,(leopards, and I notice the small ones are m.i.a::eyebrow raised::) and not so favorite.(Nippers). I have very cool rag quilt scissors! Pinking scissors, rolling scissors and every size rotary cutter, because I can!
 I have un use ables, and those marked only for paper usage. I own 2 pair ear marked only for kitchen usage. Even the kitchen has a drawer marked THINGS THAT CUT. There should be NO screwing this up. Period. Why a drawer for things that cut you ask? Well... To keep everyone on the same page? To insure that its the ONLY place you can get hurt? How about, if there is an intruder, you know RIGHT where to go to grab a weapon? Ok... I know! The place to duct tape shut when children are present! There ya go.. thats why...Phew...
 Now I ask you, with this many scissors, having this many uses, WHY do I still fight with everyone to use the correct scissors for the correct project? Why do I find scissors HIDDEN in various places that are not "things that cut" drawers? Is there a specific reason I spy my applique scissors on the desk near post it notes? It may be a conspiracy...lets mess with Mom. I bet Rudy and Ginger are in on it with Walt. Maybe even the guests and grands are in on it too.. Hey wait... whats it called when u get this paranoia thing?
:::sigh:::: I ask for so little, and get even less.

Here are a few samples... I have a favorite knife magnetic  board that hasnt been mounted yet....
They do not include different "stations" where I have strategically placed scissors on magnets. Gammil head, bobbin winder, group bag, guild bag...and then theres the bathroom scissor homes!!!!! u get the picture.. I know, I'm a bit twisted. But hey, it keeps me off the streets right?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summers On The Beach M & M's

It sure is summer here when you see all the RV-ers lining the beach. I like to think they are all gearing up for July 4th events because THIS turns into 10 times as much!! Jamie loved this.... He had a souped up JEEP Cherokee... with its fair share of sand dents. He was also entirely too adventurous in the risk taking department. Its great family fun with the eception of the bad apples who decide to let their beer lead their brains. Its under a good deal of controversy now. Too many accidents are happening. I am really torn between the family fun and the abuse to the environment. Not to mention the loss of home life to the wildlife. I think they all hang out in Morro Bay for the summer. No matter to dwell on any bad stuff... its good to be home. Its good to take this drive. Its just all good.
 Now we patiently wait for fall so that we have our AREA back again:) I want to get a mule to drive up and down to people watch... (add to the list eh). I LOVE people watching! I am grateful however to have an all wheel drive car again to get down here and just, "be". If I wasnt so attached to the shop this week end I would have been here for a nice fire and a cuppa too! Maybe I'll make it out there tonight. Generally Monday and Tuesdays I can come out and safely manuever around the ATV' I cant wait to see just what July 4th holds for us this year!

It's surely a Monday round here! I woke up grumbling a list as I bumped off walls down the hallway! I did make it to the post office with boxes taller than me! ( I dig that too)  I am always excited to send quilts home and birthday gifts too! I am working on my Auntie's birthday quilt now.. along with 3 or 4 others! lol So I'll see ya when I see ya!

Marvelous Mondays include:

* Beach drives, coffee in hand
*Entertaining the thoughts of family home for Sunday Dinner. ( rack of lamb...hmmmm)
*Good Moisturizer, I spy wrinkles! Ack!
*The new TJ Maxx!!
* Finding the smoking hot Ed Hardy outfit for a baby! LOL WHat kinda fun was that!!
*The ability to ride the waves
*My shop. My shop. My shop. Cause it bears repeating.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Just Off TRYING To Heed My Own Words

I know this... I really do:) Somethings are bigger than me and I dont enjoy them at all. Clicking the channels so much sometimes seems moronic... but it works, so I continue. I asked my Bwain how can I get into a better state?

* I snuggled into the cockpit of the new smokin hot ride and firmly planted the feeling for future referance.
*I got a tickle today when I saw the line around the building for Toy Story 3, and I wished that I had been in it.
*I have been fussing with a quilt so I stopped and play Bewjewelled on Facebook for a bit.. and I noticed that I was having fun listening to Rudy say "One Minute! GO!!!"and I was laughing so hard that I scored low.
* I had my lunch on the beach and watched all of the beach goers run to move their cars back from high tide and laughed hysterically when I realized that they must be from East of I-5.
* I played with the New Droid Incredible at the Verizon store and wondered wth they'll think of next...whoa...
*I  had to pick up papers at our local elementary school and while wondering the campus I caught the view and wished I was a kid. Ocean View Ele... Wow.. what a great place to be a kid!!! It was the first time to meet the school secretary, and she is a piecer! What luck!
*Our yard dude came to chat about trimming our tree and when he left, he hugged me... wierd?
* Its 10 pm and I'm back to quilting with raindrops and roses tune in my head.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pieces of Heaven Pics & A Blessing

Hey you peoples still with me? I sure hope so:) I sure have been busy doing a whole buncha things! Not only my own quilts in house, but group quilts, family preparations, and a new ( to me) car!  Heres the back story: You saw the photo from last week with the wreck yes? I witnessed this horrid event and from then on a fear of having a convertable remained. Little did I know, it was also with Walt. Since that day he had been looking for a replacement for me. Now.. this is not an easy task as it is , of course summer, and there is no such thing as summer school in California this year!  Being the mountain mover that he is, he found a way. :::Heather, you sure called it:::  Now, you all know how much I love convertables.. ever since my T-Bird I have a love fest with sportscars, hair flying at Mach one down the highway. BUT, My Solara , poor thing has 2 years of baggage that I tote around. Willingly, and gratfully, tote around. If you recall it was a Valentines gift waiting for my return from Hawaii. We all know how that ended. Needless to discuss.. the gift held bad videos that I battled on a daily basis, now they have just been lifted away. For me, an unexpected blessing. I am hopefully one bad mind video free-er. I sure wish that it was this easy to make all the horrors disappear, :::CLIC::::Wanna see? Its a smoking hot Infiniti FX, with a heavy metal hat. I am over the moon for it! What a ride!

As promised  I snapped a few photos at group today. I really want a group here... who wants in?
Heres some of the quilters and knitters too. We are once again feverishly trying to fill an empty cabinet! It just amazes me how all of these flying fingers together can make the world a better place to be.

Only a small group of 20 we were today, I think everyones on vacation!! Hopefully I'll chat with you tomorrow.. Til then, Keep calm and carry on!!! ( I miss my poster)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Jamie

Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby grand Jamie! My, my, my, how time just keeps flying by! Can you peoples even believe that she is TWO??? I have a yummy quilt cooking for you dear baby grand O mine:) I get to see her in late July and I sure hope that she remembers her Nonni! Happy , Happy birthday sweet baby Jamie:)

Monday, June 14, 2010

M & M's On Tuesday = Summer Vacation For Hubby!

I'm sorry Dear Blog Readers... but did I mention that even after the kids are grown that summer vacations still stink?? With hubby being a teacher, I now entertain a 12 year old trapped in a mans body. There I said it. How will I ever get a routine like this?? I wont. I'm all messed up and its only week 1!!! I have lists all over, throw them under the bus eh? Sheesh... I looked at yesterdays, this morning and NOT ONE thing on it had been accomplished! NOT ONE! This is a first, I should frame it. Ok, let me stop griping. Maybe some fun will happen in spite of myself right? Changing "State".
I find it important to say that I have made a master list on my new clipboard. It holds all non work related studio TO DO's. Everything from my Jamie's restorations and tee shirt quilts, to birthday quilts, strip cutting, and fabric organization, and one last paint application! ( the cabinets are still primer white..UG). I want to make him a list, but I'm afraid he would POO POO it :(
Just in doing this blogabout, I have gotten up to make coffee, read an internet ad, and help with a futon repair! Frustrating!!!
Hang on, what now, BRB to finish up.

Ok, lets see how fast I can list gratitudes for the week... yes.. thats it... attitude of gratitude... coming out.... sheesh

* My new Neon Lime thread TY GLIDE!!!!
* fun with cars... Heather? U are clairvoyant?
* the new gel mats im lusting after at Costco! Wow
 *Pics of my grands at Disneyland, Avi looks thrilled beyond belief!
*a spark about returning to Hawaii, facing my fear. ( not to be confused with the tower of terror)
*Talking to friends on the phone, and feeling my heart beat return to normal.
*Feeling my heart beat!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grace Womens Quilt Group-Pieces From Heaven

I thought that this morning I would make myself feel good , not by playing a positive audio book, but by discussing what our weekly quilt group does. We are collectively, Pieces From Heaven. I love that name. Last months cache of over 100 afghans and quilts went to Hurricane victims who were stranded on cold and thin cots in a refuge camp along the banks of the river.This was a heart wrenching scene and also inspiring to be a part of a room filled with caring women and flying fingers to help out in a small but meaningful way. We are all in hopes that the covers of love, and prayers of better times to come will comfort someone, somewhere. I think I showed you the wheel chair sized quilt I did for that.

Last week we donated 40 plus quilts for the GET ON THE BUS program. Children , some for the first time, nervously visit thier parents who are incarcerated in the State of California. Admittedly I have a few issues with this certain program, in that I'm not convinced that the kids should even be subjected to touring a prison at all, however I have great empathy for these babies and I wish for my quilts to be a blessing to them in their emotional journey.

This month we focus on the County's Womens shelter and thier families. I am working on a simple scrappy quilt with a lonely orphan medallion as its humble beginning. I ponder while piecing of these families. I hope in some goofy way that something about the quilt will help to empower a woman to be stronger, set the bar higher, and achieve more.
This photo is not one of our groups... I borrowed it from a neighbor:)

 I am quickly running out of stash fabrics!!! ( wow.. did I say that?)  Well, I cant shop so yall send me some K? Oh! I think I'll have SIS bring me some from Hawaii!! Omgoodness that reminds me that I am anxiously awaiting my new NEON LIME GLIDE threads arrival!..oh... where the heck was I?
One of my favorite work months is the Neo Natal Departments of all of our county's hospitals!!! I cant wait to knock out a few cuties to welcome new lives.

Next Wednesday I will take a few photos of our group for you. We have such a wonderful community, and I never want to leave. As much as I truly want my very own Stitch Group here, I find great reward in belonging to Pieces From Heaven, at Grace.
Have a great day blog readers... and Heather? DONE:):::seriously need a cuppa witchu::::

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Coffee Chat

Changing the combination of qualities of ones thoughts.

My parrot is convinced that he is an eagle. He thinks that he is the king of the jungle, that we call home and he can whip the tar out of anyone who dares challenge his superiority. He doesn't have a huge ego, he actually believes that he is ALL that and a bag of chips. He IS Super Chicken. He has patience and the ability to never let you see him sweat. If he is afraid, you wont know it. Rudy has the adaptability of a small child. He can also change his mood :::state:::in an instant. He thinks that if he flaps his wings a bit more that he would take flight over the pacific and soar California for the day. However he doesn't care to. He can also say "good morning Mommy", but he doesn't care to do that either.

Now why am I telling you all of this? Well, some things are just as simple as that. What we can learn from a 10 year old or a parrot is just THAT simple.
 If we think we can, we sure as heck can, and vice versa.
 Why cant we live this way daily? By the minute even? Why is access to this part of our brain so far from reach?
I am not JUST a quilter, ( as some family members dare to speak those words), I am an Artist, albeit a starving one. I am given the gift to nurture and serve with the talents I possess.
Walt is not a just a teacher. He is in charge of the lives of many to form the above combination of qualities of THEIR thoughts. The character of their thoughts! What an awesome responsibility! ( in re reading this last sentence it sounds like Walt's isn't any different than mine.) Maybe its everyone. Maybe its just a simple matter of changing the character of our thoughts. I think that I shall get busy quilting while I ponder this. :::Cause I know I've made you scratch things::::

Character= A combination of qualities. hmmmmmmm

LYG!! Good Morning!!!

Guard your thoughts; they become words.

Guard your words; they become actions.

Guard your actions; they become habits.

Guard your habits; they become character.

Guard your character; it becomes your destiny.

A Word About Clipboards

I just dont understand why enjoying the organizational skill is such a FUNNY to all of my BFF's! Its so funny to them , in fact, that they cannot resist teasing me unmercifully about it to the point of sending me so many of them that I now have formed a collection! This is a HUGE TICKLE to me!
I recieved the latest, ( & greatest) ( sorry other BFF's) clipboard (lime Zebra print) in todays mail.. the card simply read.....

love u more, Ronda

Thank you Ronda, I love it and I will use it DAILY!
 Could you all please send Sid Dickens Tiles, Swavarski Crystal, or fabrics to fondle? I know! Kichen gadgets or pin cushins!
ROFLMAO!! I love you guys... thanks for knowing when to make me smile.. I mean belly laugh!

*Traveling magazine scribbler............................................MINI, satchel carrying size

                                                      LMAO! She needs a Job this one!
<---daily She goes where I go!

I didnt snap 2 more which are loaded with lists somewhere in the shop!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Where Do I begin? M & M's

With Disneyland? With Graduations? How about Weigh ins? (NOT) Road trips? Ok, ok... MY ALLERGY ATTACKS!!!???!!! Who knows.. lets just chat. Hang on, let me get a second cuppa.. shoot.
Disney, as you know was an exhausting blast.. so lets move on shall we? Weigh in today should be pretty tough to take. Especially since I ate a cookie already.

The roadtrip was a real eye opener. 6 plus hours turned into 9 when halfway down a very busy I-5 highway I was one car link from my own demise. While the panic of a fast obsticle course dodging cars on all four sides, my life indeed flashed before me and a few more DQL decisions were made.. In a heartbeat these decisions were made! The number one being to SELL my convertible ASAP!
Another, I will look into flying to SIS home in the future because just the law of averages alone may get me.
Lifes really is just too damn short with absolutely NO guarantees so sweating the small stuff will be a thing of the past. Who the heck cares??? SO do you want to see what more poor eyes cannot ever forget?
Yep yep yep... as I said, one car link from me. One second from this being my own convertible top. One heartbeat from only God knows.
All cars around me did the same as I. Dodged each other in order to avoid a pile up. A mini miracle we all danced in step. The truck on the left decided to change lanes... and so did the upside down SUV. I am happy that I personally know how to deal with trucks for the most part. I know their vision obstructions, it is clear this poor lady did not. She was pulled from the wreckage and I do not know of her status. Google has really let me down on that one.
What I know for sure is that I really want  my hundred year old wrinkly, sparkly, mugshot on a jar of Smuckers Jam on NBC one day and I dont want to die til long after that!

My nephew Matts graduation was another fun exhausting time for all. Not sure why my sis decided to SQUEEZE in Disney, graduation, and Hawaii all into a one week period, but we pulled it off and they are four in flight as we speak. Phew! Here is what I found to be the best shot in the preparations for the Grad days events. How many family members does it take to hang the largest Elk head ever caught by my brother in law? ANSWER: More than we have on hand!!! Even Smelly Melly ( dog) tried to help!

It just didnt happen...I especially cracked up about my beautiful little daughter all of  5 foot "STABILIZING" the ladder...ON BOARDS... with a plank!!! All I wanted to know was wheres the duct tape u rednecks!!! When they finally do get that beast hung up I will figure out a way to put sunglasses on him too! Poor damned animal.
 lol I was busy cooking eight, count em 8 pans of lasagna, eight, count em eight pounds of green beans, salad, bread, antipasto trays, garlic pita chips and hummus. I don't know how I got to be the caterer, but... I was flashing back to RV Park days...Bed & Breakfast days.... what was I thinking???? Here's my "Woody" and family after the first leg of his education has ended and the next and most exciting begins! WTG Matt!

It was a pleasure, a pleasure ( because it bears repeating) to be with my daughter, grand, Sissy, kids, cousins, family all over. Some, understandably were missing, and gave me pause more times than I wanted, but all in all I fed my family, and I feel full.

Marvelous Mondays include:

*Safe travel
*Living on the coast, OUT of the valley heat

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Damn The Waves Anyway

Today is one of those rough days. I think allergie issues have taken over and when my body is suffering and a WAVE hits... its so much more difficult to deal with eh? I didnt sleep well at all. Wierd dreams, missing my Munz... just dealing with life while my mind tries to rest...not easy.  I have been trying SO HARD to find stability, new normal, UNchange... and the waves still come. Ya just cant stop them? I also have been consistant about routines and schedules so change doesnt seap in. Im sick of change. Just sick of it. I am way too much a creature of habit for all of these upset apple carts, and I just want to turn back the hands of time today. But alas... never a go back on life:( I want very much to talk to my Mommy , although I know what she would say.. so I guess I am communicating some way or another huh? Hopefully one more cuppa Jo and I can change my "state", cause I dont like THIS one. I think I'll go put on some music while I re-pack:) Sorry some days are down dear blog readers... it happens?


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

M & M's Better Late Than Never?

Does anyone KNOW how hard it is to eat well at Disneyland? I do!It was probobly a good thing that I didnt make it home in time for weigh in yesterday. Scary thought for sure. I'll be on guard today...well... and the rest of the week eh? I will say only this...I tried.
OK, reports... New shoes, OWIEEEE FITFLOPS work! Heres a tip: DO NOT break them in at Disneyland! FOOL AM I! Thank Goodness I took my sneakers! There isnt a muscle on me today that doesnt hurt. Not one. To do the park hopper for 3 days, one must have a boatload of 3 things. Patience, stamina, and money.  BOATLOADS of each!
A few Ponderings:
 I found it odd that Michael Jacksons Captain EO is back after a very long hiatus. Hmmmmm.
I love people watching. With my favorite frozen lemonade in hand while waiting for tower of terror riders... I find it absolutley fascinating to ponder the league of nations in the park. Wow.
I want one of everything in the stores made for lottery winners only.
3 giant pools, 2 made for kiddies all of the KIDDIES were in the grown up pool and hot tub. Hmmm ( pic above JUST hot tub!)
Staying in a park hotel is much better than off property shuttles.
Attending the park with us was the nations dance competition for girls. Why do I find myself singing "Little Girls" from the movie ANNIE?
I missed quilting while I was away. One would think that I needed a break, one would be mistaken.
I really can survive roller coasters.
Small World isnt just for 5 yr old girls:)
My grands would love this, but they need thier Mommys with them!
Theres no place like home, wheres my Ruby reds?

So, feeling like a slugbug owie dishrag today I have coffee next to me, a needy poodle practically inside of me, and my list with a shakey pen in hand. I have two days to re coop and then let the graduations begin!

Marvelous Mondays include:

Sis & Family to play with
 Not losing my Lipstick Queen Lipstick! ( or my hoodie)
 Aladdin Show.. That Genies just hysterical! LOve to laugh:)
Flying on Soaring California!
Home, my studio ( singing my favorite song, in my own little corner in my own little room , I can be whatever I want to be........ ( or is it Raindrops on Roses, I forget?)

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