Monday, June 7, 2010

Where Do I begin? M & M's

With Disneyland? With Graduations? How about Weigh ins? (NOT) Road trips? Ok, ok... MY ALLERGY ATTACKS!!!???!!! Who knows.. lets just chat. Hang on, let me get a second cuppa.. shoot.
Disney, as you know was an exhausting blast.. so lets move on shall we? Weigh in today should be pretty tough to take. Especially since I ate a cookie already.

The roadtrip was a real eye opener. 6 plus hours turned into 9 when halfway down a very busy I-5 highway I was one car link from my own demise. While the panic of a fast obsticle course dodging cars on all four sides, my life indeed flashed before me and a few more DQL decisions were made.. In a heartbeat these decisions were made! The number one being to SELL my convertible ASAP!
Another, I will look into flying to SIS home in the future because just the law of averages alone may get me.
Lifes really is just too damn short with absolutely NO guarantees so sweating the small stuff will be a thing of the past. Who the heck cares??? SO do you want to see what more poor eyes cannot ever forget?
Yep yep yep... as I said, one car link from me. One second from this being my own convertible top. One heartbeat from only God knows.
All cars around me did the same as I. Dodged each other in order to avoid a pile up. A mini miracle we all danced in step. The truck on the left decided to change lanes... and so did the upside down SUV. I am happy that I personally know how to deal with trucks for the most part. I know their vision obstructions, it is clear this poor lady did not. She was pulled from the wreckage and I do not know of her status. Google has really let me down on that one.
What I know for sure is that I really want  my hundred year old wrinkly, sparkly, mugshot on a jar of Smuckers Jam on NBC one day and I dont want to die til long after that!

My nephew Matts graduation was another fun exhausting time for all. Not sure why my sis decided to SQUEEZE in Disney, graduation, and Hawaii all into a one week period, but we pulled it off and they are four in flight as we speak. Phew! Here is what I found to be the best shot in the preparations for the Grad days events. How many family members does it take to hang the largest Elk head ever caught by my brother in law? ANSWER: More than we have on hand!!! Even Smelly Melly ( dog) tried to help!

It just didnt happen...I especially cracked up about my beautiful little daughter all of  5 foot "STABILIZING" the ladder...ON BOARDS... with a plank!!! All I wanted to know was wheres the duct tape u rednecks!!! When they finally do get that beast hung up I will figure out a way to put sunglasses on him too! Poor damned animal.
 lol I was busy cooking eight, count em 8 pans of lasagna, eight, count em eight pounds of green beans, salad, bread, antipasto trays, garlic pita chips and hummus. I don't know how I got to be the caterer, but... I was flashing back to RV Park days...Bed & Breakfast days.... what was I thinking???? Here's my "Woody" and family after the first leg of his education has ended and the next and most exciting begins! WTG Matt!

It was a pleasure, a pleasure ( because it bears repeating) to be with my daughter, grand, Sissy, kids, cousins, family all over. Some, understandably were missing, and gave me pause more times than I wanted, but all in all I fed my family, and I feel full.

Marvelous Mondays include:

*Safe travel
*Living on the coast, OUT of the valley heat


The Sarah Bear said...

The plank balanced on a stoves pipe has me stumped! I can-not believe that you guys attempted that! They make taller ladders! They have PROFESSIONALS that could be hired.

And yes, Karen makes me giggle too... so does the distance in which you are capturing this on film! Smart girl!

Gina said...

Hey Stephanie, I can catch the red eye! Will work for wine! ( so they say)

Heather... u really would have peed your pannies watching this go down!

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