Tuesday, June 1, 2010

M & M's Better Late Than Never?

Does anyone KNOW how hard it is to eat well at Disneyland? I do!It was probobly a good thing that I didnt make it home in time for weigh in yesterday. Scary thought for sure. I'll be on guard today...well... and the rest of the week eh? I will say only this...I tried.
OK, reports... New shoes, OWIEEEE FITFLOPS work! Heres a tip: DO NOT break them in at Disneyland! FOOL AM I! Thank Goodness I took my sneakers! There isnt a muscle on me today that doesnt hurt. Not one. To do the park hopper for 3 days, one must have a boatload of 3 things. Patience, stamina, and money.  BOATLOADS of each!
A few Ponderings:
 I found it odd that Michael Jacksons Captain EO is back after a very long hiatus. Hmmmmm.
I love people watching. With my favorite frozen lemonade in hand while waiting for tower of terror riders... I find it absolutley fascinating to ponder the league of nations in the park. Wow.
I want one of everything in the stores made for lottery winners only.
3 giant pools, 2 made for kiddies all of the KIDDIES were in the grown up pool and hot tub. Hmmm ( pic above JUST hot tub!)
Staying in a park hotel is much better than off property shuttles.
Attending the park with us was the nations dance competition for girls. Why do I find myself singing "Little Girls" from the movie ANNIE?
I missed quilting while I was away. One would think that I needed a break, one would be mistaken.
I really can survive roller coasters.
Small World isnt just for 5 yr old girls:)
My grands would love this, but they need thier Mommys with them!
Theres no place like home, wheres my Ruby reds?

So, feeling like a slugbug owie dishrag today I have coffee next to me, a needy poodle practically inside of me, and my list with a shakey pen in hand. I have two days to re coop and then let the graduations begin!

Marvelous Mondays include:

Sis & Family to play with
 Not losing my Lipstick Queen Lipstick! ( or my hoodie)
 Aladdin Show.. That Genies just hysterical! LOve to laugh:)
Flying on Soaring California!
Home, my studio ( singing my favorite song, in my own little corner in my own little room , I can be whatever I want to be........ ( or is it Raindrops on Roses, I forget?)

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Thearica said...

Well..I am right there with you...Last Friday my house started filling up with quilters and by 10:00 a.m. on Saturday there were 12 creatures walking around my house. 7 stayed the night on Sat., 4 had stayed on Friday night...I cooked biscuits and chocolate gravy Saturday AND Sunday morning for my visitors as well as the usual eggs, sausage and bacon..

And then to top that off some of them stayed Sunday night so more yummy breakfast but no chocolate and biscuit...I had Special K...so did my guest...what??? yes I did...hehe.. .

Of course we had huge lunches and went out for supper...I am finding it hard to get back "ON" the wagon...But I have to...My ankles are swollen from too much darn coke!! ughh

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