Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grace Womens Quilt Group-Pieces From Heaven

I thought that this morning I would make myself feel good , not by playing a positive audio book, but by discussing what our weekly quilt group does. We are collectively, Pieces From Heaven. I love that name. Last months cache of over 100 afghans and quilts went to Hurricane victims who were stranded on cold and thin cots in a refuge camp along the banks of the river.This was a heart wrenching scene and also inspiring to be a part of a room filled with caring women and flying fingers to help out in a small but meaningful way. We are all in hopes that the covers of love, and prayers of better times to come will comfort someone, somewhere. I think I showed you the wheel chair sized quilt I did for that.

Last week we donated 40 plus quilts for the GET ON THE BUS program. Children , some for the first time, nervously visit thier parents who are incarcerated in the State of California. Admittedly I have a few issues with this certain program, in that I'm not convinced that the kids should even be subjected to touring a prison at all, however I have great empathy for these babies and I wish for my quilts to be a blessing to them in their emotional journey.

This month we focus on the County's Womens shelter and thier families. I am working on a simple scrappy quilt with a lonely orphan medallion as its humble beginning. I ponder while piecing of these families. I hope in some goofy way that something about the quilt will help to empower a woman to be stronger, set the bar higher, and achieve more.
This photo is not one of our groups... I borrowed it from a neighbor:)

 I am quickly running out of stash fabrics!!! ( wow.. did I say that?)  Well, I cant shop so yall send me some K? Oh! I think I'll have SIS bring me some from Hawaii!! Omgoodness that reminds me that I am anxiously awaiting my new NEON LIME GLIDE threads arrival!..oh... where the heck was I?
One of my favorite work months is the Neo Natal Departments of all of our county's hospitals!!! I cant wait to knock out a few cuties to welcome new lives.

Next Wednesday I will take a few photos of our group for you. We have such a wonderful community, and I never want to leave. As much as I truly want my very own Stitch Group here, I find great reward in belonging to Pieces From Heaven, at Grace.
Have a great day blog readers... and Heather? DONE:):::seriously need a cuppa witchu::::


Nichol said...
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Nichol said...

I want to make some quilts for our neonatals here as well. What a great thing! Our youngest was in the NeoNatal for 10 days and we got a blanket. I love making little quilts, you've inspired me Gina~! I too can't wait to see your lime green thread! ;)

Sharyn said...

Gina - send me your address - I have fabric for you.

Sharyn Frisbie

Miss Jean said...

Blessings for all you do!

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