Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pieces of Heaven Pics & A Blessing

Hey you peoples still with me? I sure hope so:) I sure have been busy doing a whole buncha things! Not only my own quilts in house, but group quilts, family preparations, and a new ( to me) car!  Heres the back story: You saw the photo from last week with the wreck yes? I witnessed this horrid event and from then on a fear of having a convertable remained. Little did I know, it was also with Walt. Since that day he had been looking for a replacement for me. Now.. this is not an easy task as it is , of course summer, and there is no such thing as summer school in California this year!  Being the mountain mover that he is, he found a way. :::Heather, you sure called it:::  Now, you all know how much I love convertables.. ever since my T-Bird I have a love fest with sportscars, hair flying at Mach one down the highway. BUT, My Solara , poor thing has 2 years of baggage that I tote around. Willingly, and gratfully, tote around. If you recall it was a Valentines gift waiting for my return from Hawaii. We all know how that ended. Needless to discuss.. the gift held bad videos that I battled on a daily basis, now they have just been lifted away. For me, an unexpected blessing. I am hopefully one bad mind video free-er. I sure wish that it was this easy to make all the horrors disappear, :::CLIC::::Wanna see? Its a smoking hot Infiniti FX, with a heavy metal hat. I am over the moon for it! What a ride!

As promised  I snapped a few photos at group today. I really want a group here... who wants in?
Heres some of the quilters and knitters too. We are once again feverishly trying to fill an empty cabinet! It just amazes me how all of these flying fingers together can make the world a better place to be.

Only a small group of 20 we were today, I think everyones on vacation!! Hopefully I'll chat with you tomorrow.. Til then, Keep calm and carry on!!! ( I miss my poster)


Vicki W said...

What a pretty car!

Gina said...

Thanks! It is such a sporty ride too! purrs like a cheetah, NOT a kitten! LOL

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