Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Word About Clipboards

I just dont understand why enjoying the organizational skill is such a FUNNY to all of my BFF's! Its so funny to them , in fact, that they cannot resist teasing me unmercifully about it to the point of sending me so many of them that I now have formed a collection! This is a HUGE TICKLE to me!
I recieved the latest, ( & greatest) ( sorry other BFF's) clipboard (lime Zebra print) in todays mail.. the card simply read.....

love u more, Ronda

Thank you Ronda, I love it and I will use it DAILY!
 Could you all please send Sid Dickens Tiles, Swavarski Crystal, or fabrics to fondle? I know! Kichen gadgets or pin cushins!
ROFLMAO!! I love you guys... thanks for knowing when to make me smile.. I mean belly laugh!

*Traveling magazine scribbler............................................MINI, satchel carrying size

                                                      LMAO! She needs a Job this one!
<---daily driver...lol She goes where I go!

I didnt snap 2 more which are loaded with lists somewhere in the shop!!

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