Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WHAT A Week!

It;s Wednesday. I think its Wednesday. Is it Wednesday? Oh! Trash day tomorrow.. yep... collection day in the house. I am running like a headless chicken with tooth issues. ( is there such a thing?) I finished up the Quail and onto the next but I'm making ready for the week end too. Karens family, Heathers family, Julie and Emily OH MY! At some point I need a new list for menu.. better late than never right? I have been too busy collecting beach toys and yard toys for the Lovie's! Today, I point to said yard toys so that they may be built. I sent a picture to Avi on the cell phone of the swingset and she called immedietley to squeel like a piglet over it. I told pappa to get on it:).  See I have alterior motives. Keep the LIL girls busy so we Moms can play cards! (unless I'm Maybe we could get the men to BBQ? Hmmmm, PLAN B.

 So far today I have already been to the doctor ( again), I will be getting to "group" sewing after I nurse this MUGGA coffee.. and then........... AND THEN>>>>> Back to the dentist. GRUNT. Did I ever tell you how much I am afraid of them? :::THEM:::: The dentist people. Its like a Thriller video in my head. The good news is that at 50, I dont throw up in the parking lot anymore. The bad news is that it takes a whole lotta self talk and a few zanex to get me through a deep cleaning! We wont discuss what it takes for the rest of the work! Suffice to say it aint easy keeping these chops pretty.
 So whats on for your 4th Plans? Tell me... I need to know:) I  will keep you posted from over here! FOr now... to the clipboard Woman!

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Whimsy said...

Good Morning GiGi! Laying low for the fourth on my own this year. Please keep me posted of the smells of the ocean and the spectacular fireworks. Lots of love to you and the whole family!

The clipboard is working well for you! Keep it up woman! LYG

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