Monday, June 14, 2010

M & M's On Tuesday = Summer Vacation For Hubby!

I'm sorry Dear Blog Readers... but did I mention that even after the kids are grown that summer vacations still stink?? With hubby being a teacher, I now entertain a 12 year old trapped in a mans body. There I said it. How will I ever get a routine like this?? I wont. I'm all messed up and its only week 1!!! I have lists all over, throw them under the bus eh? Sheesh... I looked at yesterdays, this morning and NOT ONE thing on it had been accomplished! NOT ONE! This is a first, I should frame it. Ok, let me stop griping. Maybe some fun will happen in spite of myself right? Changing "State".
I find it important to say that I have made a master list on my new clipboard. It holds all non work related studio TO DO's. Everything from my Jamie's restorations and tee shirt quilts, to birthday quilts, strip cutting, and fabric organization, and one last paint application! ( the cabinets are still primer white..UG). I want to make him a list, but I'm afraid he would POO POO it :(
Just in doing this blogabout, I have gotten up to make coffee, read an internet ad, and help with a futon repair! Frustrating!!!
Hang on, what now, BRB to finish up.

Ok, lets see how fast I can list gratitudes for the week... yes.. thats it... attitude of gratitude... coming out.... sheesh

* My new Neon Lime thread TY GLIDE!!!!
* fun with cars... Heather? U are clairvoyant?
* the new gel mats im lusting after at Costco! Wow
 *Pics of my grands at Disneyland, Avi looks thrilled beyond belief!
*a spark about returning to Hawaii, facing my fear. ( not to be confused with the tower of terror)
*Talking to friends on the phone, and feeling my heart beat return to normal.
*Feeling my heart beat!


Judy Whitehead said...

I keep a dry erase board list on the fridge for Mike. I put it on the list and don't mention it again. He gets to choose what he want to work on and when. Boy has THAT been a lifesaver! ;>)

Gina said...

No Suz... we put in cabinets when we made the Studio... he just didnt finish?

Gina said...

perfect idea Judy, I'm on it!

Anonymous said...

OK, I love your studio. Such a nice place to work. Perfect.

My sewing room is the former garage too. A long time ago we added a breezeway and double garage on. The original garage was a playroom and now is my sewing room and exercise room. Suzanne

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