Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Word About Scissors

Scissors are NOT Q-Tips. This is what they tell me, however I havet quite grasped that concept as of yet. They are handy dandy for ear cleaning?
Hello, my name is Gina, and I am a scissor addict. I possess a drawer labeled "Things that Cut".  All who enter here, past, present, and now future KNOW the importance of scissor etiquette, according to Moi`. For years I gave tongue lashings to children regarding the use, misuse, and/or abuse of said scissors. I KNOW that I am not alone, however I do sometimes think that it can become a tad bit of OCD-ism. Not unlike flashlights to old men, (or your hubby).
Now I have favorite scissors,(leopards, and I notice the small ones are m.i.a::eyebrow raised::) and not so favorite.(Nippers). I have very cool rag quilt scissors! Pinking scissors, rolling scissors and every size rotary cutter, because I can!
 I have un use ables, and those marked only for paper usage. I own 2 pair ear marked only for kitchen usage. Even the kitchen has a drawer marked THINGS THAT CUT. There should be NO screwing this up. Period. Why a drawer for things that cut you ask? Well... To keep everyone on the same page? To insure that its the ONLY place you can get hurt? How about, if there is an intruder, you know RIGHT where to go to grab a weapon? Ok... I know! The place to duct tape shut when children are present! There ya go.. thats why...Phew...
 Now I ask you, with this many scissors, having this many uses, WHY do I still fight with everyone to use the correct scissors for the correct project? Why do I find scissors HIDDEN in various places that are not "things that cut" drawers? Is there a specific reason I spy my applique scissors on the desk near post it notes? It may be a conspiracy...lets mess with Mom. I bet Rudy and Ginger are in on it with Walt. Maybe even the guests and grands are in on it too.. Hey wait... whats it called when u get this paranoia thing?
:::sigh:::: I ask for so little, and get even less.

Here are a few samples... I have a favorite knife magnetic  board that hasnt been mounted yet....
They do not include different "stations" where I have strategically placed scissors on magnets. Gammil head, bobbin winder, group bag, guild bag...and then theres the bathroom scissor homes!!!!! u get the picture.. I know, I'm a bit twisted. But hey, it keeps me off the streets right?


The Sarah Bear said...

I bet I know where your little leopards are... have you checked the q-tip box?

Thank God you posted, I was feeling like it was perpetually early Tuesday morning!

Diana said...

My leapard Ginghers are my favorite pair too! :)

Anonymous said...

Get yourself some padlocks. If you put the latch through the two handle holes, no one can use your good scissors until you unlock them!

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