Thursday, June 3, 2010

Damn The Waves Anyway

Today is one of those rough days. I think allergie issues have taken over and when my body is suffering and a WAVE hits... its so much more difficult to deal with eh? I didnt sleep well at all. Wierd dreams, missing my Munz... just dealing with life while my mind tries to rest...not easy.  I have been trying SO HARD to find stability, new normal, UNchange... and the waves still come. Ya just cant stop them? I also have been consistant about routines and schedules so change doesnt seap in. Im sick of change. Just sick of it. I am way too much a creature of habit for all of these upset apple carts, and I just want to turn back the hands of time today. But alas... never a go back on life:( I want very much to talk to my Mommy , although I know what she would say.. so I guess I am communicating some way or another huh? Hopefully one more cuppa Jo and I can change my "state", cause I dont like THIS one. I think I'll go put on some music while I re-pack:) Sorry some days are down dear blog readers... it happens?



marilyn said...

Your right about that , Gina. It does happen. I'm
not one for change either, seems the older I get
the more things change. Hope that the second cup
and the tunes helped, I'm sure they did.

Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

G - Mom died 4 years ago. To this day, something good happens, I think - "I need to call Mom." Something stressful - "I need to call Mom." Just to talk with someone besides Tom, my beloved - "I need to call Mom."
At least I can still ask for her prayers.
Loves from Colorado, and another day may look brighter again.

Thearica said...

Wishing you a brighter day today with the birds singing a song just for you. :)

Miss Jean said...

Yes, it happens. After we lost my nephew, once in a while it felt like someone poured a bucket of water all over me. I felt like I was drowning. You can give yourself permission to feel bad and down and depressed. Accept it and it will subside. Sending you warm friendship and many hugs.


The Sarah Bear said...

And the waves rush in... but soon they will recede, and there you will stand... soaking up the sunshine. Big breaths, lots of faith, and knowing you are loved.

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