Friday, June 18, 2010

Just Off TRYING To Heed My Own Words

I know this... I really do:) Somethings are bigger than me and I dont enjoy them at all. Clicking the channels so much sometimes seems moronic... but it works, so I continue. I asked my Bwain how can I get into a better state?

* I snuggled into the cockpit of the new smokin hot ride and firmly planted the feeling for future referance.
*I got a tickle today when I saw the line around the building for Toy Story 3, and I wished that I had been in it.
*I have been fussing with a quilt so I stopped and play Bewjewelled on Facebook for a bit.. and I noticed that I was having fun listening to Rudy say "One Minute! GO!!!"and I was laughing so hard that I scored low.
* I had my lunch on the beach and watched all of the beach goers run to move their cars back from high tide and laughed hysterically when I realized that they must be from East of I-5.
* I played with the New Droid Incredible at the Verizon store and wondered wth they'll think of next...whoa...
*I  had to pick up papers at our local elementary school and while wondering the campus I caught the view and wished I was a kid. Ocean View Ele... Wow.. what a great place to be a kid!!! It was the first time to meet the school secretary, and she is a piecer! What luck!
*Our yard dude came to chat about trimming our tree and when he left, he hugged me... wierd?
* Its 10 pm and I'm back to quilting with raindrops and roses tune in my head.


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