Monday, April 30, 2007

Impromptu roadtrip and not ONE picture to show for it!

HEY!!!! I have to tell you this amazing lil story!!!
Ok, so a friend came from the valley for a lil stitchin n bitchin, and a roadtrip to Long Beach for her daughters dance show. Little did I know it would be such a fast, furious, and fabulous week end!! I am Sooooo kicking myself for not bringing a camera! We crammed so much into 2 days I'm still reeling! We first decided to hit a salon, got a manicure, pedicure, and waxed things:)We then shopped on Second Street where I found some scrumptious slippers.

We damn near missed the recital due to wine and bruscetta at Utopia. We had verbal arguments with the GPS system in the car, had dinner at midnight on second street watching all the club scene watch us! We got picked up at Starbucks in a limosine at which time the driver asked us where do wish to go? Of course we said a quilt shop! He laughed a belly laugh and said in all my years not once have I ever been asked to drive to one of those! He took us to Piecemakers in Costa Mesa. We enjoyed champagne and arrived quite happy!Heres my cute note card find there!They have little saysing like, "I'd rather listen to dirt than sweep it!

We then drove PCH to Newport Beach where we did brunch on the water, more champagne, and some really good chats. Then off to Laguna Beach, and back down to Starbucks, dropped off and off we go to travel home! We were in a daze by then,wondering... wtf just went on here?
We laughed and recounted the hours(not the days) that had just passed. We both agreed to do it again REAL SOON! Thanks BA and Stacey for such a fun, unexpected week end!
Oh man I love roadtrips... but Ive NEVER forgotten the camera:(
Who's next? Come on, lets go! well, let me work awhile first, then lets go!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Mamy's Birthday A Decade Later

I looked around the walls of my home tonight. I saw My grandmother(in law) here. Theres the mirror she bought in her early twenties and thought that she had spent the most outrageous money on frivolity. Its so beautiful and grand I thought. A little tarnished now, but sparkles earned no doubt. I turned into the next room and spied a cherished plate of hers. I remember what she told me when she gave it to me. She said that when I become old, I will reap the seeds that I have sown..and may it be a bountiful harvest such as the one depicted on this plate. She was truly the kindest person I have known to date. I have spent many a year picking up this and that from people I’ve admired. None can compare to the kindness skills she has given me for lifes journey.
Her eyes were like cotton candy to me, soft, shiny and blue. Her hair now was as white as the driven snow. Her aged body had all but given up on life the last year that we were together, but still she had enough spunk in her to joke around with me. She teased that I was a speed demon with her walker and that the other old folks were jealous. I think that the only thing that they were jealous of was the granddaughter that spent so much time there. Since her health was waning, I knew that I had precious little time left. I remember hating the fact that she was put in a retirement home at all. The choice was not mine, of coarse, but I understand the need for constant care. I did the gratuitous thing and took the children to her on occasion but the best times were spent with her and me alone. We really got the place going singing to all the old folks around…lol Mamy said we could be heard downtown! She even played a mean game of Rummy , and I think remains the family champion. I thank God that I had the good sense to sponge up every drop of wisdom I could from this old woman. I am grateful for time spent with her, and the cherished material items as well. These to me are merely tokens of a memory of love.Much fonder memories than the ones of her death. I will always be grateful to have had her in my life, as I had not had the priveledge of having my bio grandmother with me.

I stayed with mamy until the end of her life. It had been decided that cremation was in order. Not my choice,I wasn’t in charge. This was a pivotal moment in my 40 year old life. One that helped to change my surroundings forever. I was terrified when asked to dress my beloved Mamy for her memorial services. She was dead afterall, and I was in mourning. No matter, I completed the task. I spoke with her even then, only she could not respond. I chose her favorite blue dress that she had worn to my wedding.I remembered how excited she was to shop for it. It had to be baby blue to match her eyes, and her grandsons. Her photograph could not have her eyewear in them. She had made her wishes known. As I dressed her stiffening body, I couldn’t help but think of my own passing. Was I doomed for the sad ending she had had? Who would be dressing me and feeling so much pain? Could I say that I had lived a rich and full happy life? Or will be full of regrets and mistakes? I wrestled the last of her clothes on and I was moved to tears yet again. I wondered if Mamy thought it would end this way. In a nursing home with a limited social life, and not enough love to fill a tea cup. Is that what we get for giving so much of ourselves for the happiness of others?
Soon I was dragged off to assist in choosing which porcelain pot Mamy would spend eternity in. Horrified I listened as my mother in law made the choice. I wanted to stand and yell “ You aren’t putting her in that pot!” I chose silence instead.
I wanted so badly to have God himself tell me how she was. I became numb from that point on, and I don’t think I really awakened for a year or so. I did however make some changes in my life. For I learned from her one of the most valuable lessons, that we only do this once, so I‘d better make it count.
Tonight, I look in this mirror of hers…………and I see the face of lifes lessons learned, with an abundance of Mamy’s kindness. Cotton candy for me please.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Doodle Thoughts

My husband is a genius! Ok, I just needed to yell that. I feel like a goofball in a way, because as much as I love new tech toys, I am enjoying the heck out of a child's toy when I could have put on my big girl panties and bought one of these!

I have been playing with the primitive version since Aviana introduced me to this wonderful toy! I showed it to Walt with great enthusiasms. He was quietly interested. I then paraded my new doodle patterns off to him thinking he would be tickled. He still smiled politely and said that's really cool Babe. But he did in fact have a peculiar look on his face each time I "showed off". Last evening, I doodled an entire page of my original design and took a picture of it. Now I was sooo pleased with myself you see... I saved my drawing so that I can now put it on my desktop to quilt with it! I guess he could no longer stand it and went to the computer rolling his eyes in the back of his head. He hollered at me to come see and choose. I thought he found a cool birthday gift for Karen or something. I looked at the screen and to my surprise was a beautiful laptop with a stylus on board and a dismounting screen! I squealed like a pig and said Bill Gates makes doodle pros too? He laughed and said, " yeh Babe, and I bet we could get a remote control for it too!" Well..... WRAP THAT UP! I had already been wrestling with whether or not to go marching off to my machine quilters conference with my trusty Fisher Price Doodle pro in hand! Forget about getting eyeballed with tragic shoes on,(read crocs) I would be eyeballed for my toy! I had it all figured out you know.... I was going to say if asked, that I was taking it home to my grand daughter but testing it for her here. Uhuh, Did I mention that I was blond til I was six? (no offense oh blond bloggers)
Anyway... I DO feel goofy, but Walt saved the day. I am now shopping for either the recordable pen, or the laptop above.. I would kinda like the pen alone, but really trying to decide. BTW, I won't be giving up my little girls toy anytime soon. Whatever keeps ya young right?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Proof of the Parrot destruction finally!

So ya wanna see what happens when Mama isn't home? You guessed it! I knew that little stinker was going on walkabout while we were away! I KNEW IT! I spied lil spots in places that I had never seen SPOTS before? Yet I'm still scrubbing said spots? Most of you know my "need to know" nature, this was no exception. I was bound and determined to find out exactly what Rudy has been up to! One day, i found a lil chip in the blind on the window. Another day, a green spot in the bathroom. Walt about went postal one day when he saw a green spot on our new dining room chair. I whined back at him that Rudy couldn't possibly have done that! I don't allow him to go there! This has been driving me insane I tell ya!
Well, now the truth is out. The jig is up. He has been having the time of his life while we are out of the house! THE LITTLE STINKER!!! Oh yeah... parrot Olympics off my beautiful gold lamps! And God only knows what else he has been into without my knowledge! And what if he ate something and killed himself??? ACK!!!
Hey, all you young Moms out there! Turn the camera on your kids, after of course you adequately prepare yourself for what your are about to find out. I recommend wine, of course. I'm gonna go clean up, hide the evidence, repair Mufasa's chair.. and throw Rudy in the cook pot!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hi Honey I'm Home!

You know you missed me! Admit it! I went on yet another Roller Coaster Run to the valley! Yep yep yep... roller coaster of emotions. Happy, sad, mad, elated, disgusted, thrilled, Fatigued beyond belief,and about a dozen others thrown in there too! Leaving me , well, just whipped today. I wasnt sure what to do first this morning when I came downstairs. I slept like a log for 9 hours, woke up squinting my puffy eyes and scratching my bed head. Whispering to myself, "Lord I am getting too old for this". As I checked in the quilts I picked up I thought about how fun the quilt shop was. I met a new friend, gained some new customers, and just plain had a ball for a few hours there. I hope all who are close enough can go on the QUILT RUSH 2007 this week, from Wed-Sat, hitting 14 shops and spending more money than legally allowed! The best part of the shop of course being Sarah Mompeans debut in Modeling advertisements!
As I unpacked my bag I smiled about coffee night times 2 with Heather and considered myself lucky. I am happy to have chatted with lil Kymn again, cause I know I can make her belly laugh at least twice:) It does a soul good you know? I also luncheoend again with my Gal Pal BA, who I convinced to come over for a stitch n bitch the end of this week! I will be one happy camper!
I had Great time with my daughter and her family. Aviana I gotta tell is the sparkle in my eyes, the spring in my step, the song in my heart, ok, I'll shut up ... but u get it right? She introduced me to a new toy, doodle pro, which I HAD TO HAVE ONE OF MY OWN ASAP! Talk about quilt doodling! Woohoo! I made a mad Walmart dash early this morning for one!
My grandson has grown so much in one month its hard to believe! He smiled at his Nonni, and then cried...go figure. His eyes are the bluest I've seen since my James was born!I spent precious little time with My parents, sis, and niece and nephew. We had a funfilled lunch,a short visit, and I was off again! Oh! I did manage to squeeze in a haircut for my moms Poo, Lucy! (that was fun?)
This was the first trip to the valley that I actually had no real desire to go to any of the places that I had frequented before. I didnt even hit Podestos.. I know.. A first eh? I'm so done, and happy about that too. One of the 3 "F's" have vanished. Do you remember? Friends-Family-Familiarity, were the items I was pining for. The last one being gone now. It was a wierd good feeling. I had 4 non quilting days off, but oh man was I flying... I need to recooperate! And then get back to work cause I missed quilting...LOL
Pain throws your heart to the ground,
love turns the whole thing around,
no it wont always go as it should,
but I know the heart of life is good.
John Mayer

Monday, April 16, 2007

Menopause- Six Steps to Sanity-Its a start?

Day two and it finally dawns on me that I am simply suffering yet another episode of NOT ENOUGH ESTROGEN! What takes me so long to figure this out each time it occurs? I have aches, I have pains, I'm whining, needy, confused, and walk around trying to figure it all out, when its right here in front of me! I began early you know, so I feel so young most times.. that it doesnt compute. I find myself aimlessly wandering the house pondering my predicament. I personally have been Colombo-ing a cure for three years now! Yep yep yep. I'm going to save all of womankind from this misery! Who else will? Doctors cannot help us! Books you say? PPffftt... lies, all lies.I say.... Give me estrogen? I'll hand over the chefs knife! I battled my doctors for at least a year to do just that. They contend that I was strong enough to go it alone. Patted my naked knee and told me that it was better on the other side. Knee deep in manure I say! I have since squeezed from them the lowest dose possible of HRT and I can tell you that while it has helped to rid a few symptoms, all of the above pictured symtoms still apply. Oh and by the way? Feel free to add about a dozen more. Of course you can sum it all up with the last one, PSYCHO.
So, I am on a mission. Pave the way for the younger than I friends by finding solutions to above symtoms of Menopause. The list is far from complete, but here's what I know for sure ...... Lets begin today!
Step one: (and possibly your best move)............ PHONE A FRIEND! (make it 3, for good measure)
Step two: Write about it! Blog about it! You will find that whats no longer inside you, can no longer pain you quite so much.
Step three: Wine consumption in moderation, because frankly, if you over do it, you will increase above symtoms.
Step four: Furry companions. You can tell them, what you REALLY feel, and thier unconditional love mode kicks in.
Step Five: Menopause does not mean Pause from men! Dont believe it! Guilt free Cabana Boy can save the day! Let him!
Step Six: Give God a break and use an attitude of gratitude instead of shaking your fist in the air like a dork. He did, afterall, have a plan, to bad it wont be revealed until we die!
Yes, they are all tried and true. Lets hope the list is done before you need it!
Can ya tell is menopausal Monday round here???

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Aviana Turns Two!

Happy Birthday sweet Granddaughter of mine:)

Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present and future. We make discoveries about ourselves.

Two years ago, we were expecting our Granddaughter. Not just ANY granddaughter, but my only daughters daughter. For those of you who haven’t experienced this yet, I want to tell you to hold onto your heart, because never in your lifetime will you experience such a love. For those of you who have already gone through this.... Why didn’t you tell me? I need to know stuff!!! I have spent the last 2 years(and expect many more) in such awe of her. Her face tells the story of my heritage, of my life! So much so that for about a year now I have the most eerie feelings of wanting to tell her things she NEEDS to know!
Truly, I could babble on for hours about this, when in reality all that I really need to say is... She looks like her Nonni, and I want to talk to her as if I were talking to myself as a little girl. What to do, say, think, feel, not do,What not to settle for, but I cant, because it simply isn’t reality. All that I CAN do is love her. Be there for her. Advise her and you betcha, indulge her. She needs a Tee shirt that says, if Mommy says no, call Nonni!
At least a month has passed pondering her birthday gift. It has to be meaningful, timeless, and treasured. Last year this pondering process took 3 months. I decided that my daughter never got to travel and I love to travel. So Aviana will travel. So I bought tickets for great America, short family trip. That really didnt work out so well now did it? Back to the thinking board we go. Now, money of course is always a consideration.. or is lack of money is always a consideration? Ok.... How about a hope chest? How about finishing one of 3 quilts hanging for her? I cant decide on the style of chest, and if I quilt these quilts, they wont be with me everyday to say, “THESE are for Aviana”. ( Just bein honest?) Well, one things for sure, I wont buy clothes. They come, they go, Mom buys tons too... not happening.
Ok, moving on... A yorkie. Her Mother will kill me, and have you seen the price tag on Yorkies? A bedroom set... I’m so not a Kennedy eh?
Alright... how about outdoor stuff for her yard? She loves to be out playing while her daddy gardens. So off I go to Costco to check out the pools, patio furniture and toys. Of course, Ross and Marshalls is on the way, I’ll pop in for maybe a doll er somepin. Now ya know the clothes isles call right? Who on earth can resist those pretty little girl clothes? I justified the little mermaid nighties.. they are going to Disneyland and NEED them. I justified the lemon capris... I love lemons!! Shoot, I even justified the Ralph Lauren dress, look at the discount!!! Well, you get the point. 2 stores, and 2 bags later.. I didn’t really buy her any clothes.
By the time I arrived at Costco, I could barely push the monster cart.
(Side note: WTF were they thinking making carts bigger than a little brown round woman like me?)
I saw the pool. Kidney shaped, nice size, good price. Since there’s no lawn in yet, I decided that there might be some cussing going on with all the dirt tracked into the house. Pass. Then I saw it. The most fun looking sailboat sandbox I've ever seen before! How I know Avi would dig this! (literally). It has a storage box on the point for toys, and a canopy above for sun shelter! I love it! Wrap it up! Do you think I could find help to load up this monster box? Nooooooooooo. Oh I forgot, this is the do it your damnself warehouse. I decided that I would come back with Walt this week end. Thats very very dangerous, as he tries to buy the whole store when shopping for Aviana. However, I have no choice.
Is a sandbox timeless? Meaningful? This I pondered on the way home, tired, in need of the sofa, (and wine). Maybe its a good thing I cant go to her birthday today, I’m not ready? So i will spend the week working and trying to decide. I hope she has fun today, even though she wont even know what today is. For me, its a look into the past, and future, and pure pleasure in the present.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Can I get a WOOHOO! YEEWHO!!!! (sorry, me and Gwen Stephani quilted this quilt) Done, ready to go home, ready to be tearfully presented to a lucky bride! My fingers hurt! Hey, Is it me or does this quilt just say I"M SO HAPPY???? Just such a happy colored quilt, I love it, Hope you do too:)

Now... onward! I'm backed up! ( again)

Monday, April 9, 2007

Finally New Dishes!

So if a person is a dish freak, a collector of dishes..........WHY on earth would it take so long to decide on a new set of dishes? I have spent the last 3 years at least hunting down just the right pattern! I grew tired of looking at the old one.. Garden Harvest, by Mikasa. One day as I watched the trials and tribulations of All My Children soap... I spied a set of dishes being used by Phoebe, (the ole gal) that I couldnt live without! Not that I wanted to imulate an ole gal mind u, but I loved the fruit design, so it had to be mine. It took me a few years to collect service for 10 because of course 8 isnt enough and 12 are too many right? And then there are those pesky serving dishes you have to have a bake sale to afford to buy! grunt. But I did it, and by the time I had them all neatly placed in cupboards, on little divider shelves and nested nicely, I was finished. No more challenge eh? Off to find a new quest I say! Now 3 trips to visit Blima in Montreal and a few trips that she made here, still, no dishes for me. UNTIL..........I turned 50. YEP YEP YEP... that magic number sparked alot of things changing round here I tell ya... and one of them were those darn dishes. We had more fun than legally allowed and I'm sure I'll get round to blogging about it, but for now suffice to say that after shopping for 2 weeks straight, on the last leg of our outlet hunting, 2 hours drive away from home... there they were... staring right at me in a window, screaming pick me! PIck me! We ran inside and perused the store, but the window dressing was all that I had eyes for. The store clerk was approaching, and I didnt want to ask how much.. she must have known this as she greeted us with a lovely english accent. (How befitting for a store named Royal Doulton eh?) She opened her sales pitch by telling us what a great bargain this set is, and more importantly, how durable they are! AS SHE TOSSED A DINNER PLATE TO THE FLOOR! Much to our horror I might add. Guess what? It didnt break, and thats all I needed to know. Wrap it up, I'll take them.I have grandchildren, and a very large child for a husband.( ok, and a merciless tile floor) I gave an order of 10 of each, and had fun pointing at serving pieces too. ( notice I didnt remember the bake sale I would need to own these lovely dishes) I told the clerk we would be back in awhile to pick them all up.By this time Blima had found some unbreakables of her own across the isle. She was smitten , I know, by not only the price, but the heartiness of the china. She too made an order, but only of coffee and desserts. Her design is much more geometric than mine, but very yummy as well! Upon our return to collect our goodies I was given a bill, and damn near passed out. However, I didnt let them see me sweat and paid the tab:) We drove home with a Starbucks in one hand, and a plate or a mug in the other. Utterly delighted with ourselves. Walt greeted us at the door and cheerfully came to help unload, but the more he unloaded, the less cheerful he was becoming. I reassured him that it didnt break the bank, (insert cool lie) so he also unpacked.I could tell he loved the set too, but he kept telling us both that he wouldnt use them, they were too nice, to go and buy some corelle for him. Which I later obligued, and he doesnt use, altho he does scream for paper plates so there arent alot of dishes to wash. I hope this set hangs around for a good long time, but you never know with me and dishes.

By the way... Blima DID in fact send for the COMPLETE set for her once arriving home and pining away for the others! LOL

Friday, April 6, 2007

Crank Calls Can Be Fun?

Okay, so I’m probably not the first one to have had this happen to her, but it feels like it!
I was hard at work this afternoon when the phone rang. I could hear my daughter in the distance. Then I heard a yell! HI AUNTIE!!
It was indeed Aviana calling! So of course I thought that her Mom had dialed and gave her the cell. I said hi, got excited and began a 2 year old conversation beginning with THIS IS NONNI!!!. Aviana continued to yell into the phone, Hi! bla bla bla bla... then she must have heard Walt laughing cause she shouted BYE DADDY and then hung up on me! I was sure that Karen would call right back, so I chatted with Walt and waited. Sure enough.. Rrrrring... There she was again, laughing and yelling something gooberish? CLIC, she hung up again. I am now howling with laughter because I have figured out that she must have stolen Mommys cell phone and was calling her Nonni!!! WHAT a good granddaughter!!! I waited again, but no other calls came in. So I phoned her, no answer... hmmmm, I phoned the house line.. busy. (hence Mommy talking in the background while Aviana parrots her mom eh?) So I poured a glass of wine and pondered about how much I miss her. Who can continue working now? Ah but I did.
Slow going on the DWR quilt. Its very labor intense and I’m sure I’m in for a few long days and nights. It really is looking great though.
I finally spoke to my daughter who informed me that yes, Aviana did sneak behind the sofa and empty out her purse, and crank called her Nonni.
I told her to make sure she does it again tomorrow.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ahhh The little woman...DWR by day, and Dresden by night!

Sounds like a good book eh? I'm kinda busy, so I wont be chatty, just wanted to post an update for those who are following in utter disbelief:) LOL

I loaded the DWR(double wedding ring) last evening and thought how happy this quilt looks:) Its for a wedding, naturally, so it will be feathered up and hearts everywhere! I am quite pleased with my design on paper, now to execute said plan of attack! Its going to be stunning!

The Dresden saga continues.... I tried to get around by JUST replacing blades underneath the plate, but no such luck. The entire thing must come apart. Walt walks by now and again shaking his head reminding me that its easier to build a house than it is to remodel one. NO CHIT CHERLOCK... can ya pour me some coffee? He is very "into" this one with me. Made templates from plastic for me last night. I confused him some by asking if he could make a template, right after having asked him if he could make arcs for me for the dwr... I heard some rattling going on outside and saw things flying out of the patio shed with only his bottom hanging out of the door. Next thing I know he has wood and hammers and things that go BUZZ all over the cutting table in the studio. He asked me for heavy string. Okkkaayyyy. I found some. Now what u doing? Well, it would seem that he was about to construct an ARC for the DWR when I needed a little teeny template for the dresden... lol He of course, whipped this out in nothing flat with a Cheshire grin on his face. ( I love that grin). We agreed that ordering an acrilic arc would be best, and settled in for a long evening of cutting into the beloved feed sack. Well, I did anyway? Walt watched TV and kept me hydrated! Its good to be cared for:) Onward!!!

*Idol was sad. I didnt want to see Gina leave the show yet. She didnt deserve that. Sanjaya did. Ms Legs did. Not Gina. And thats all I have to say about that.

* Lastly, I have to report that yet another parrot prayer has been answered! Yep yep yep... Our Heather got the job she has been trying for, and she will now be a new marketing executive!Congratulations!!! God is indeed good, and parrot wailing beaks are good too:) Blima? Did I ever tell you how much I love this prayer parrot of mine? I bet you had NO IDEA that it would become such a wonderful chachka eh? 50 cents, well spent my Dear, thanks again.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

How to Roast a Campfire Marshmellow

Decide to go to the beach in one small truck with jump seats for the back of the cab with 3 adults one 6 yr old and a baby .
Pack tent for baby, along with everything in the house for the baby.
Load 4 chairs, wood, matches, rocket, rocket launchers, kite, and everything to make margaritas.
Pack 4 skewers and one bag of marshmallows.
Heat thermos, make coffee.
Ask who has the Grand Mariner?
Load 2 adults into the back jumpseats, one baby in the front seat, one child center console.. and squeeze the driver in.
Check to be sure 4 wheel drive has been engaged.
Ask if anyone remembered the Grand Mariner.
Arrive safely onto beach in front of the bathrooms, in the sand, with only a few minor head injuries.
Unload truck.
Set up the babies tent, swing, rocker, chair, and clean bottle station.
Poor margaritas, build a kite.
Kites are no fun, ask where the rockets went.
Fire off rocket # 1, lose in ocean. Marvel at the oceans vastness.
Fire off rocket # 2. Ask who brought the first aid kit.
Build a bonfire without kindling... no one thought of it. BLOW ALOT.
Make another batch of margaritas... ask about the whereabouts of the Grand Mariner. Take a HIKE to the bathrooms in the sand.
Begin the lesson on proper campfire marshmallow roasting.
Stand 4 skewers with 3 marshmallows on each end, diagonally close to the bonfire. Wait. (ever ask a 6 yr old to wait?)
Ask if anyone brought potholders for said skewers. Check on the baby in the tent.
Take a picture.
Tell stupid story about evolution while marshmallows cook. Someone found the Grand mariner.. thank God!
Poor coffee, into grand mariner. ( notice the equivalency)
Begin closing arguments on theory of evolution. Use one skewer to injure said story teller. ( now I don’t have to eat the damn marshmallow anyway)
Break out into laughter when 6 year old refuses to wait any longer for HIS marshmallow and sets them alllll on fire.
Get into the tent with the baby and make someone take a picture.
Decide to go home because its too windy and there is now sand in the crack of your behind.
Load truck in reverse, see above instructions.
Decide upon new driver because of too many margaritas and reload said truck.
Drive off the beach hoping against hope that your grandson now knows how to roast a marshmallow, that evolution is not a shared opinion of his Nonni’s, that Papa is a fun loving sort of man,that JOKES alot, and that the sand really will come out of the crack of your behind eventually.
Arrive safely at home, where u have to UNDO all that you have done, kiss the baby goodnight, wag your finger at margarita man, tell your daughter to Kill the rest of the bottle of Grand Mariner, sleep peacefully knowing that every family is dysfunctional to a certain degree.

Hold A True Friend With Both Hands

"A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails." -
Donna Roberts

One of the many sayings I got from my wonderful Mother goes something like this. (Told in Spanish is quite musical)
 "If you have made one true friend in your lifetime you have accomplished more than most."

 Through the first half of my life I couldn’t have disagreed more. I just knew that she was mistaken and that I would never be "without" these women. I always thought a woman has friends for different areas of her life. In all different stages as well. One to shop with, and justify every penny spent. One to gossip with, and not think badly of the sport. One she can share secrets with, and never tell another living soul. One who is a cooking friend…and another a sewing friend. Friends to brainstorm with, friends to vent to. Just a whole assortment of friends to suit my every mood. I called them all “ life long friends”. As I became older, and much wiser, I learned that Mom is usually right about many things. These endearing friendships one makes come and go for various reasons, always to my shock and disbelief. You can call it compatibility, common life stages, or sometimes even disagreements. Rest assured they all serve a purpose on this road that we travel. Each of them, touching our lives in a very special way. I truly believe that they help to mold who we are to become, and sent to us just when we need them most of all. I have been blessed, with many of these souls. I am grateful for each and every one of them. I am no longer foolish enough to believe that our friends are friends for life. However I am wise enough to hold a true friend with both hands, and Thank God for the time that we have.

For all the Ethel’s in this Lucy’s life:

Denise Kicher, Tracy Wyatt Valdez, Blima Posluns, Jane Sandercock,
Deana White, Heather Moompean, Audrey Castellanos,
Erica Levin, Betty Anne Urbick, Pam Vierra,
Lora Copher, Kathy Horner, Mary Anne Hastings,Linda Yamamoto, Ronda Beyer,Linda Benchman

Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who
want you in theirs.
The ones who accept you for who you are.
The ones who would do anything to see you smile,
and who love you no matter what.

No One Told Me

"I had hints, I had advice, I had cautions, but no one told me how owning a bird would completely enrich my life.
No one told me I'd become a bird store junky, standing among all the birds and their stuff, in sheer bliss, for an hour.
No one told me that I would be up at 6:00am in the morning peeling yams and apples and other assorted veggies to containerize and freeze for his meals while I’m away on vacation.
No one told me I wouldn't mind when feeding this bird he would shake his head with my concoctions flying in every direction, on to my carpet, on to my clothes, on to my face.
No one told me I would be on the computer at all hours talking and reading about birds care.
No one told me every morning I would put a sheet over my covers, litter my bed with weird wooden things, stuffed animals, leather pieces, apple slices and nuts.
No one told me just how much he would squawk. Or even how much he would talk! No one told me I would come to hear differences in the tone and shrillness. In fact, each of his different emotions. No one told me I not only could tell the difference but would learn when to respond.
No one told me I could play with him like I do. That he would chase me and I would chase him. That we could have fun or argue, and still be best friends.
No one told me that he and I can carry on a better conversation than some people I know.
No one told me that my husband would make an extra half a bagel to share with the bird.
No one could have convinced me that this same husband would agree to shower with the bird and then without urging, could be heard to play peek-a-boo while drying off.
No one told me how we would sing the day away together, off key or not.
No one told me how my heart would tighten when I am away from him too long.
No one told me how it would feel to have a bird body across your neck, I was not told how soft his kisses would be or how warm his face was as he fell asleep on my cheek cooing softly, and calling my name. No one told me how long I would lay there awake so he could sleep.
Everyone told me I would love him.
No one told me how much."

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